Crazy weather out here - had a tornado touch down in a small town close to Olympia.

Have had a busy week and not enough time to take care of the things that I need to take care of. An old friend of mine that I have lost touch with found me through my blog and I am looking forward to talking to him this weekend. In fact, he spent some time reading through my site and has started his own - Kevin's Blog - and I really look forward to reading his site and hearing what is going on in his life back in Omaha!

Good Lileks today, but isn't that redundant?

Ok, I need to get rolling here and head off to the state office for a little bit then on to the store, I will write more later.


Wanted to drop in quickly and link to something that I initially saw on Instapundit in reference to the confirmation of the sarin gas and Dan Rather's lame-ass deflection as noted on Andrew Sullivan's site - then I followed the link to - Hard Rock vs. Chomsky and you should all go read this interview with Jon Schaffer, the lead for the heavy metal band Iced Earth on the Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles web site. Not a web site I frequent too often, but I think I will go pick up the new Iced Earth cd tonight. I laughed out loud at this exchange:

Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles: "So you don't see the Bush regime as being cultural imperialists? You don't see them as trying to force the American way of life on to a nation that maybe doesn't want it?"

Jon Schaffer: "No. If you think that's true, then why are 70 or 80 percent of the people are thrilled to have us there. Have you not seen that? And it's not a regime, by the way. You keep up that kind of language I'm going to end the interview right now."

BW&BK: "Ok. I understand."

JS: "I'm serious."

BW&BK: "I'm sorry. It's just my Canadian bias I guess."

JS: "Yeah, it is your Canadian bias. I'm sure it is."

BW&BK: "Do you think Americans are as free as they think they are?"

JS: "Um... yeah, I do. In most ways. If you're saying you should be able to drink when you're 16 years old like you can in Germany, is that the kind of freedoms you're talking about?"

BW&BK: "Well, sometimes Americans believe they're very free, when they're sometimes not. There are a lot of authors, especially a guy like Noam Chomsky, who believes a lot of consent in the US is manufactured by politicians and corporations --"

JS: "Talk about one of the fuckin' ultra leftist spin doctors of the world, Noam Chomsky. You buy into that crap?"

BW&BK: "Well, I read a lot of his stuff."

JS: "But do you believe it all?"

BW&BK: "I have a degree in political science, so I believe some of it."

JS: "Hmm. Yeah. Well. And how old are you?"

BW&BK: "I'm 22."

Go check it out.


Jumping in real quick to post before I lose my internet connection again. Not sure what is going on with it and have checked everything I can check from my end and need to call the sonsabitches at Comcast tomorrow.

Before I go, make sure to check out Serenity's Journal, one the new additions to the blogroll on the left. I have added a few new ones that I really enjoy and Serenity's is a great one.


I tell you what, the HBO series "Deadwood" has got be just about the best show on TV right now. When it first started, I questioned the authenticity of the setting, the people and the language but still really enjoyed the show - but after doing some research, I am very impressed and even enjoy the show more. I realized from the get-go that things were condensed and stylized for our viewing pleasure but virtually all of the main characters in the show are based on historical figures from the mid-1870's real city of Deadwood. Some historical license has been taken with the story lines, of course, but damn it is good. I have learned to revel in the mixture of proper Victorian and the language of the miners, bar keeps and other hoopleheads and have learned that I need to watch what I say - if you have seen the show, you know what I mean! The show is only gonna get better too, because sometime in the 1870's Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday made their way through Deadwood and possibly met there for the first time.

Beautiful day here today, got some much-needed yard work taken care of as well as some other chores. I need to head off to bed now and get a little reading in. My damn internet connection has all of a sudden become supa-dupa flaky, requiring a reset about every 20 minutes or so, grrrrrr.