A couple of weeks ago I put a little (come back!) next to the link to Rachel's site and guess what, she's back!


OK, no political, current event analysis from me today. Kind went off on a tangent yesterday but I am still p.o'd about the whole damn thing. I know one thing for sure, I have seen a ton more pictures of the abused Iraqis than I ever did of the burned and mutilated servicemen and contractors. Go figure.

Anyhow, today was busy, the weather cooled off but the sun cam blazing out this evening on the way home. Sage is full of beans as usual and we ran around the yard for a bit when I got home and then chased each other up and down the stairs to the loft. Also, I discovered a simple joy last night: watching Sage slip off to sleep as I lightly stroked her head, listening to her breathing change, watching her try to stay awake, eyelids dropping slowly, slowly, then popping back open then slowly closing again. Ah, the simple things!

Not much else to report, need to drop the grandparents an email and take care of some chores around here and eat some dinner.


Monday, ahhh yeah.

Good day at work, we were so busy today that it just flew by. It was pretty warm again here today, but it has cooled off a bit this evening.

So, I need to talk about something here and I am surprised I haven't seen it discussed anywhere yet and I may get some angry emails about this.

I am appalled, just as everyone else is, by the photos of the Iraqi prisoners being mistreated. I think those prisoners are scum of the earth and who knows how much blood is on their hands, how many women and children they have shot or gassed or tortured or fed into paper shredders? - but they are prisoners of war and there are rules for how they are treated. And this picture thing happened months and months ago! Is this just being brought out now as a political tool against Bush?

I saw all the photos online and in the newspapers and on TV and the thing that jumped out at me that no one has mentioned yet, is the involvement of the female soldiers and the fact that the whole prisoner-of-war system in Iraq is/was managed by a woman. Did you see the woman soldier giving the "thumbs up" sign in the picture? Did you see the other gal bent over the pile of soldiers with the jackass behind her with the rubber gloves and his birth-control glasses on, mugging for the camera?

So here is the deal - Just about anyone who is being truly honest will tell you that any time you get a bunch of young guys together and mix in women, trouble soon follows. It is probably magnified a thousand fold by the pressures of war and battle and by the simmering cruel feelings of revenge. Who is the freaking genius who came up with the idea of mixing the troops like this in a prison situation during an active war? Well, we all know who that was.

And this Karpinski woman - what the hell? Was she not even doing her job? Were any of her underlings doing their jobs?

Bah, it just pisses me off and I am starting to ramble. The thing that went wrong is simply lack of leadership and it doesn't matter if it was a woman in charge of that or if it was a man. Good leadership means earning the respect of the people that work for you. Good leadership means imparting and communicating your values and morals to those that work for you so much so that your staff becomes you - they see the same things you see, act the same way you would act in these situations, and they feel shame and embarrassment when they do something that they know you disprove of. All we are going to hear again and again is how Karpinski is appalled and embarrassed and can't believe what happened - it will be a cold day in Hell when she actually takes responsibility for this and even now, as usual, she is trying to foist blame for this on other staff from "military intelligence."

Ok, that is enough.


Favorite of the Week on the Quent Cordair Gallery site - Autumn's Vantage by Damon-A.H. Denys. Make sure to check out the framed version. I can't pick just one of these as The Favorite, but this one is especially appealing and is especially affordable!