Ok, here ya go! More Spirit of America updates on Joanie's site and make sure to check out the links to the Wall Street Journal article as well as the updates on the Spirit of America blog. These folks have done a truly wonderful thing for the Marines, the people of Iraq and for humanity.


A real humdinger of a day out here, an honest to goodness Zippity doo dah Day! One of those days when the temperature is perfect, the sky is that perfect robin egg blue, very light breeze and the sun feels warm against your skin. It doesn't get much better!

Have met some interesting folks over the past couple of days. One fellow recounted his 26 years, 5 months and three days in the Army to me - heard some absolutely great stories. Another fellow brought in his great-grandfather's Colt SAA, purchased new in 1901. His great grand-dad carried it while he working in some local coal mines around the turn of the century and one day some lazy workers pulled a knife on him and attacked him. They seemed to have forgotten Rule Number One - never bring a knife to a gun fight. Anyhow, the three obstinate miners ended up perforated and the local law enforcement recommended closing down that particular mine shaft by dynamiting it closed (with the ex-miners still inside) then suggested that the great grandfather/miner head out of town for a few months while things "cooled down". Ahh, the good ol' days!! Those were the days when the mining companies would order up a crate full of Colt's and a few Colt Maxims to help "keep the peace".

Haven't had much of a chance to read or listen to much news today so no comments on that from me. Joanie and her crew went to Pendleton today and helped with the Spirit of America delivery. She has already posted photos from the mission on her photos page - you can see them all right here. (Update: these are photos from last January - that would explain the jackets and coats) Medical gear, supplies, TV equipment - all of it on it's way to Iraq on Saturday. Outstanding. I only wish I could do more and I am glad there are great people like Joanie and Aaron and the other participants involved in the Spirit of America project.

And here is another account of the Spirit of America project today from American Digest - out-freaking-standing!!
Gonna be a great day.

Thanks to participation in the Spirit of America Challenge by Aaron over at his RantBlog, I tracked down Joanie over at her DaGoddess site and I actually won the auction for her, er, "item". How could I resist?

These folks have raised over $44,000 for this great cause and I am glad that I was able to donate. And Joanie, thanks for all the linking!


I had to walk to the bathroom a little bit ago so the gals here at the state job wouldn't see me balling like a little baby. My eyes are still brimming over and my nose is running but I wanted to post this, so please go read: Taking Chance Home - posted by Blackfive and found on Instapundit a little bit ago.


Big storm out here today, power flickered for a bit at work but a lot of folks in the Puget Sound area are still without power. Everything is fine and dandy here at home and I had a relaxing evening, with a little reading and my weekly dose of "24" on Fox.

Looks like the hypocrite had a "par for the course" day, funny that folks are talking about John Edwards now. Seems like the people that handle the hypocrite would tell him to just shut his mouth, but hey, I ain't complaining.

Tomorrow is my day at the state, lots of work to do there preparing for the big move, so I will be busy.

Need to shuffle off to bed now, I hope everyone is doing great out there.


I received a couple of very nice emails from the Director of the Quent Cordair Gallery, thanking me for my comments in this blog and that was a very nice and unexpected surprise. I have had more time to look through their offerings and I must say, these folks know exactly what they are doing - collecting the very best of Romantic Realism all in one place - and they are doing a fantastic job. The artwork and the bronzes have inspired me to re-read "Atlas Shrugged." (I have a HUGE crush on a woman in the book - Ms. Taggert, yowsa)

In my wanderings through the online gallery I realized a couple of things and had a couple of questions pop in my head as a result. First off, it is probably a good thing I can't afford any of these fine pieces yet, because my little house would look kind of funny with every available wall covered in artwork. The next thing that would be a problem is explaining the life-size nude bronze women in my home in the kitchen, the living room, the office and the bedroom. Hubba hubba. Absolutely stunning, inspirational, motivational and reverent.

I knew I should have had a career in art......

Wooo weeee, hot here today! 85 degrees here right now. I still get a kick out of everyone swooning because of the heat but I reckon I am just as bad as a native Washingtonian anymore. Growing up in the Midwest, I was very conditioned to 100 degree days, but after being out here for 10 + years, when it gets above 75, it feels pretty damn hot and everyone starts complaining.

Had the little car in for some work today. I had tracked down the problem with the Temp Gauge and had purchased the part but I didn't have the right tools to change it out. I took it to a local oil and lube place down the street from work and had the radiator flushed and the owner of the shop put the part in for me for $5, can't beat that.

Alrighty, Sage is pestering me to go outside and play, so I need to go do that for a bit and enjoy the evening as it cools down. Need to make a mental note to pick up a little grill sometime soon as the big Weber kettle grill is too much. Take care.