Yay, Happy 2 Year Anniversary!!

Not much to comment on though, kind of on a compressed evening schedule, so I need to get a few things done around here before I hit the hay. Thanks again for checking in with me every day and it is hard to believe that any of this stuff is worth reading, but I appreciate it.


Ok, I wasn't actually speechless when it came to that article yesterday. Damn I was pissed off and wanted to just rip the guts out of that guy. I still feel that way and have been simmering over that for a day or so now. You have no idea how much that angers me.

Anywho, had a great day today. The weather was freaking spectacular this afternoon and evening, the flowers are all blooming and it smells so damn good outside!

Just noticed that tomorrow is my 2 Year Blog Anniversary! Hard to believe I have been doing this thing for that long and it is kind of fun to go back and read some of the old stuff. I was sure working though a ton of crap back then: had been laid off from work, broke up with a girlfriend, moved in with my brother, decided to re-hash all kinds of personal crap out in the open in the blog....ah yes, good times, good times.....

This has been an interesting medium and I have always really looked forward to jotting down all kinds of crap, stuff that I will look back on years from now and wonder "What the hell was I thinking?" Most importantly though, I have found tons of great writers, discovered interesting topics and threads of discussion, have exchanged emails with people all over the country and all around the world, had my mind opened to some new ideas and had some ideas and thoughts I already possessed thoroughly cemented in place. So, to all 15 of you that happen across my site everyday, thanks for reading and hanging in there with me!


Speechless. Some people just need to die.


Kinda digging Daylight Savings time out here! Still nice and bright when I get home now and the days are just going to get longer and longer.

Not much happening, had a really busy day at the store. Had a good time yesterday out at the shooting club. One of the managers of a big tire store out here put together a trapshoot and invited all the staff of the stores in his area and I believe there were about 50 shooters involved. Everyone was assigned to a squad, shot 3 rounds of trap for a total of 75 targets, then names were drawn and groups of five shooters were teamed up, scores added together and prizes awarded. The boss took home a First Place trophy and I took home a Second Place prize - a really nice shell bag that is worn on the hip while shooting. All kinds of pockets and pouches, it will come in handy. I did shoot pretty damn good again, if I don't say so myself! I even tried a little Continental Trap with a pump shotgun and I think I missed only one or two birds and only because I tried pulling the trigger on the second shot before working another shell into the gun. The old pump trap gun I used really smokes those birds though.

Missed the concert Saturday night - was ready to head up town and the day and the past week caught up with me quickly so I vegged and went to bed early. Pretty lame, I know, but I was dog tired.

Had one of my brother's stepdaughters mow the yard yesterday. I had time to do it (finally), but she is saving money for a trip to Hawaii so I figured I would let her mow and I took care of some other yard work and pruning. Everything worked out well. Speaking of Hawaii - I sold a gun a couple of weeks ago to a fellow in Hawaii and he was so pleased with the rifle and the scope that he sent us three bags of fresh Kona coffee grown and roasted on his own coffee plantation! That is some of the smoothest coffee I have ever had! MMMmmmmmm. It is also some of the most potent coffee I have ever had too, yowsa, I think I had a coffee buzz on for about 4 hours after a couple cups of that stuff.

I have some chores to do around the house, so I need to get them done while it is still light out. Take care and thanks for reading.