Brrrrrr, it turned cold here today! It's about 37 out right now and rainy, seems like winter has returned.

Work has been pretty standard, nothing really exciting to report other than my contract job was extended, I got a small bump in pay and I am putting in a couple more hours a week for them. All in all, it was a good day.

Not much else to report here, which I reckon is a good thing. Off to bed for me.


Internet is back. Actually, it wasn't that bad not having it, but I am relieved it is back.

Nice day out here, Spring is really trying hard to gain a foothold here. Work at the shop today was interesting - worked on a couple of gun searches for some clients but came up empty today, going to give it another try tomorrow. I have discovered that certain firearms are really hard to locate, especially the newest ones. Apparently, when a new rifle comes out, the manufacturer hand-builds about 6 of them, sends them to all the gun magazines for review, then releases the actual rifle about 6 months later after everyone is all worked up and in a frenzy for the newest, coolest thing. Good marketing I guess, but it sure is frustrating. We are in line to become a dealer for a new Italian shotgun, which is very exciting for me. I have been working all the details out with the US distributor and I just need to keep the ball rolling on this one. It is based on the tried and true Boss action with a little bit of Perazzi tossed in for good measure. Great gun at an amazingly low price.

Another thing I have discovered is that it isn't cheap for a dealer to carry certain lines of firearms, especially shotguns. Typically the manufacturer will require a dealer to "buy in" to the program for anywhere from $10k to $50k, depending on the make. That gets the store a representative sample of the line, and it doesn't matter if you can sell them or not, you have to buy the package. We have been able to handle the lower cost packages, but a couple of them are just too expensive for us to get into at the moment. It's a shame because we could have sold several somewhat-famous Italian mass-manufactured shotguns over the past week, but we just can't get them onesy-twosey.

Was able to lay my hands on a Les Baer Commanche Monolith the other day. Very nice gun and put together tighter than any 1911-style handgun I have ever seen. Not sure that I would spend that kind of money, but it is truly a work of art. You don't really "need" a Porsche to get to work or to get groceries in, but it sure would be fun! I was also impressed with the Springfield Armory Rob Leatham pistol that a customer bought last week. I am just not comfortable with the blued frame and stainless slide arrangement - I like the blued slide, stainless grip-frame arrangement much better.

Not much else going on out here. Mowed the yard yesterday and that was a real chore. The grass was thick and lusher than I have ever seen it - the weed-n-feed worked pretty damn good. Some unused muscles in my lower back are a little peeved at me today, but I will get by.

Big rodeo in Grays Harbor next weekend, that ought to be fun. The store is a sponsor for the shin-dig, so we get some good seats ring-side to watch the festivities.

Ok, I need to go and get some dinner whipped up.


In the office for a little bit checking on the server that went down yesterday. It appears that the power was shut off for a bit to the office server and the power supply software brought the machine down, but the web and backup boxes weren't affected - looks fishy to me.

Things are good here, beautiful sunny day out, mowing the yard today after the morning dew gets cooked off the grass. That will give me time to get the mower blade sharpened and check the plug and oil and all of that.

Slept in a little bit this morning after hitting the hay early last night and that was nice. I am kind of enjoying not having TV at the moment but really miss the internet connection at home, I seem to get a lot more stuff done around the house without having the boob tube going all the damn time.

Ok, I need to get rolling here, I am burning daylight. Oh, discovered yesterday that one of our customers at the shop is a fellow I worked with in Texas last year on the Columbia Shuttle Recovery project - it is a small world out there!