Blogging will be a little light over the next week or so.  I had to triage my bills, so power, water, gas and food came out higher on the list than Internet access and cable TV!  Everything should be back to normal next week.  Remembered that I can submit posts via email so that is what I am doing this morning while the server gets backed up and virus definitions are loaded.
Took advantage of my cable-less living room and watched the entire Band of Brothers series over the last two evenings. There were parts in that series that were hard to watch the first time around and that made it even harder this time because right from the get-go you know what is going to happen to those young men.  A fantastic show though and I will have to read through the two or three Ambrose books again once I finish reading The River Why for the umpteenth time!
The weather has been spectacular the past few days and the days are getting noticably longer.  All of which are very good things.
Well, tapes are done loading, virus definitions updated, I need to get rolling.  Hope everyone is fine and dandy out there.

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