Just thought I would check in here. Things are going pretty good, the job is still fun and exciting and I am learning more and more about the retail business every day. Hopefully I can turn this into a real job that can pay the bills and turn into something long term. The other job will hopefully be finalized tomorrow and I am really looking forward to meeting with the staff of this other organization. Between my love of firearms, books and art, I will now have jobs that deal with 2 out of the three and that isn't too damn shabby! I will have to see if I can squeeze a third job in there at a book store somewhere.

Weather has been in typical spring/late winter mode here - cool and sometimes frosty at night , sprinkles and showers during the day with the sun popping out every now and then - makes everyone dive for their sunglasses. Cliff Claven from Cheers moment - it's a little known fact that the Seattle area leads the nation in sunglass sales.

Realized I never weighed in on the Super Bowl fiasco - in fact, I was so busy with hot and spicy chicken legs that I didn't even notice what happened with Janet. I watched the game with several teenagers and all I remember of the half-time show was them commenting on how lame it was, mostly has-been performers singing songs from 5 - 10 years ago. I think one of the songs Janet Jackson lip-synched (almost typed nip-synched) to was popular in the late 80's, early 90's and Kid Rock? Sheesh. I was very impressed with the opening ceremony with the tribute to the Columbia Shuttle, but wondered how hard it was going to be for the teams to get excited about playing after they were all teary-eyed for the first 5 minutes. The game was fantastic though, one of the best I have ever seen, very exciting and thrilling, not one of the standard one-sided blowouts we are used to seeing. Can you imagine how bad the kicker for Carolina feels after slicing the kickoff out of bounds and spotting the Patriots at the 40 yard line and getting them that much closer for their game-winning field goal?

Ok, gotta post this, finish laundry, do some ironing and hit the hay. Hope everyone is doing great out there and that everyone is staying warm.


What is the deal with infomercials? I don't watch much TV on Sunday mornings, but it sure seems like there used to be some decent news programming on in the mornings and now all there seems to be are 30 minute commercials for knives and exercise crap and real estate schemes - didn't they used to show old Abbot and Costello movies or something? Maybe I just haven't been paying attention over the past few years, but what happened to that show "Sunday Morning"? Maybe it is on earlier out here and I am just missing it. I remember growing up at home and watching Charles Kuralt and I remember Mom calling me in to watch the last few minutes with the wonderful camera work at some wildlife refuge in Montana or a nice, long shot of the Tetons or a prairie in Nebraska - wind blowing, birds calling, streams, bears working their way down a hill. That was some damn good stuff and always made me feel so damn good, it was visual therapy and just thinking about it relaxes the muscles in my body and makes me sit back with a nice long sigh. I always thought that what they were showing was actually a live feed from Glacier National Park or the middle of Nebraska! Well, when I was a kid I thought that rock bands actually played live at the radio station too.

Today is the Super Bowl and I am off to David and Martha's place in a couple of hours. Beautiful day here today, it is nice to see the sun! After so many days of rain and gloomy skies it sure is nice.

Oh, had my first chance to check out the new Smith and Wesson 500 yesterday. We had one in that someone had ordered so we all looked it over and it is just fantastic. The cartridges for it are massive and very expensive, but this is not something you go out and shoot cans with - I mean, you could, but there wouldn't be much can left, although it would be fun to hit Costco and pick up some super-sized cans of ketchup and blast those....