Home late - awesome show at the Backstage tonight. A couple of bands came down from Seattle to play before The Crossing played - TheMyriad and China Town. All the bands were fantastic (hell of a deal for $5) and there was a great crowd there tonight as well. Got a CD of TheMyriad - kind of Radiohead-ish at first listen but their version of Rush's Tom Sawyer is incredible and took me back 500 years. I have a clear memory of being on Bruce's pontoon boat fishing one summer and listening to that song and dig it as much as the few old guys at the show did. It was fun to watch 14 and 15 year old kids get into that song. The two bands from Seattle almost didn't make it in time due to a 70 car wreck on I-5 by Fort Lewis! 70 freaking cars!! Heavy rains immediately followed by blinding, bright sunlight, 70 freaking cars! Can't find any news stories on the local sites with any pics, so you will just have to imagine it. Update: Found some.

Windy as hell last night, I was sure I would end up with a tree in my bedroom by morning. Not sure if you saw this on the news, but a truck was almost blown off the Deception Pass Bridge!!

Ok, off to bed, got lots of guns and knives and bullets and scopes to sell tomorrow, I hope everyone is well.


Nice lazy day off, well, I had a burst of activity for about 4 hours or so with laundry and the grocery store and other chores, but I spent 6 hours glued to the set tonight watching "Traffic, the Mini-series" on the USA Network.

Very good show - awesome overlapping, intertwined story lines, great characters and awesome camera work. About half the movie was set in Seattle but most of the outside camera work was Vancouver, Canada - very different architecture up there, influenced by urban architecture of Japan and China. It looked like the little port area where the fishing boats were tied up (and where the "floaters" were found" was shot in La Conner, Washington - and it was referred to as "Port Conner" in the movie. That is a great little town, full of fantastic artisans - painters, wood workers, etc. and is worth the drive up there to visit - and it is on the way to the Gun Pimp.

Weather is mild here, around 48 - 50 degrees during the day, still having light rain showers and it will continue on like this for a few more months. More and more frogs out and about, they think Spring is here, but I don't think we are done with the cold weather yet and they will probably freeze their little green butts off here in a week or two. Saw a couple of deer munching away in the trees directly across from my house today. They didn't give a hoot that I was standing right there, I was only about 15 feet from them.

Ok, off to bed, do a little reading - maybe some Harrison or I might work on a version of the Lewis and Clark journals. G'night.


Home from work, off tomorrow, the dog is happy to see me. All good things. Talked to a fellow today at the store who was calling from Iraq on a satellite phone - he was inquiring about some tactical lights that we sell at ridiculously low prices. Technology still amazes me. Just sit back and think about that - standing in the middle of Iraq, a guy can make a phone call - have the signal bounce off a couple of satellites- the call signal is translated, routed through a bunch of gizmos and sent to a cordless phone sitting on my desk at work. Pretty damn cool. It sounded like he was calling from across the street. And it gets even cooler because we can ship that stuff to him and have it at his tent or where ever he is staying in a matter of days.

Going to catch up on some chores around here tomorrow, work a little on the site because my machine at home is about 5 million times faster and capable than the machine I use at work. Also brought home gun, knife and tactical flashlight catalogs so I can at least hold a decent conversation with our customers. I thought I knew quite a bit about firearms but sheesh, there is a lot of great new firearms out there that I need to brush up on.

Oh, one last thing, there are a couple of pages in the latest National Geographic about the mapping technology used to assist in the Columbia Shuttle Recovery project I worked on last Spring. Good article and some smaller representations of some of the maps that were used. Most of those maps that showed the debris field were posted along the walls of the hallways at the Command Center and were anywhere from 10 - 50 feet long.

Ok, gotta go and do some dishes, laundry, make some dinner, play with the dog and other fun things. Talk at ya later.


Ah, another great thing has happened! Mrs. du Toit is back to blogging. Things are getting better all the damn time! Thank goodness.

On my way home Saturday evening through the little lake neighborhood I live in, there were about a half dozen police cars, light bars flashing, parked around a small trailer house. I have always thought that the kids that lived there "looked" like trouble, and well, it seems that either they are or the kids they hang around are. Ahhhh, young love........ "4 Arrested After Report of Gunfire" Yowsa!! That place is about a good 3 iron away from my place.

Other things are good, looks like I might be getting another part-time job if things work out. The part-time job would only be 10 - 16 hours a week but the pay would equal or surpass what I make during 40 hours spent at the shop. I could work the part-time job during my days off and in the evenings as needed. Hopefully I will have more info on that tomorrow. Also had a call from another company today and will be calling them back tomorrow morning. Things are looking up!

The band is playing again on Friday at the Backstage, should be a great show and a chance to catch up with my friend David.

The car is still running like a top, still getting good mileage, I still feel like a giant bear inside of a circus car when I drive around, but it works for me!

Ok, need to finish up cruising around the internet and catch up on my blog reading.



Hectic week at work, getting an e-commerce site set up, tracking down software, doing all that fun stuff and at the same time, helping folks out who are interested in a new rifle or pistol! Very fun stuff and damn, it sure is nice to be working again.

The little car is great, getting a solid 30 miles per gallon, it runs good, no apparent problems.

I have a day off tomorrow, working on the truck and there may be someone interested in buying it already - that would be a HUGE relief. Get rid of that damn payment, the expense of having two vehicles on my insurance and would just generally be a very good thing.

Haven't had any time to look over any blogs lately, I have a lot of catching up to do tomorrow. I am totally out of touch with what is going on out there other than what is discussed on radio news programs and the little bit of talk radio I get to listen to. You don't realize how much better blogs are at getting the news out that really matters until you go a day or two without them. I think I last read a blog, any blog, a few days ago and the TV newscasts are just now (days later) reporting on items and about issues that I read 2 days ago.

Well, I need to sign off and read a couple of sites before I hit the hay. I hope everyone is doing great out there and that the folks and grandparents back in KC are surviving the winter weather ok!