Got a job and started working today! Cool job too, doing a combination of things I enjoy: working at a gun store + designing web sites. So far so good and it looks like it will be a fun job. I was so busy with the web site stuff today that I haven't even had a chance to look over anything though!

If you have broadband access or even if you have dial-up and can wait a few minutes for it to load, you HAVE to check out the Howie Dean Remixes on the MTV web site. James Lileks has his posted there as well as a couple of other great ones - Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train (Dean's Aboard)", the Guns 'n Roses "Welcome to the Jungle Mix" - both of them had me laughing so hard, hitting the rewind and replay button again and again, good Lord that is funny. Thanks to InstaPundit for posting the link.

Ok, have to watch Open Range tonight before I hit the hay and time is a wastin'


Took the new car out for a drive today, a '97 Saturn SL2, it is a nice little car and gets darn good gas mileage. I stopped to put some gas in at Safeway because it was down to about a quarter tank and I was quite surprised when the pump clicked off after about 7 gallons had been put in. I thought something must be wrong so I tried to get more in, thinking that it had shut off prematurely, but I was only able to get a little more in. Gotta like that. Quite different from the truck where filling up with a quarter tank usually costs anywhere from 35 - 40 bucks. I am gonna have to do something about the stereo, it has the stock one in it with AM/FM and that's it. I think I have one of those old car CD adapters around here somewhere that broadcasts on 87.5 FM, so I will have to dig that out.

Open Range is out on DVD today, might have to rent that tomorrow, that is really damn good movie. I heard somewhere that they are considering making a sequel and that would be great.

Ok, back to the search.


Figured I should write something in here, but there isn't much going on. I have been doing some car shopping over the past few days, looking for something affordable that gets decent gas mileage. I was eyeballing a used Toyota pickup but it is more expensive than I want to pay at the moment so I am considering a used Saturn that is in great shape. It can get me around, gets about 4 times better gas mileage than the truck and is very affordable. I can drive a truck again someday when I am in a better position and can afford it!

The weather has been fairly decent around here lately, just on and off showers, the sun breaks through every now and then and the smell of spring is in the air. More and more frogs are out and about which is supposed to be a good sign that things are warming up.

Sage is stretched out with her right leg kicked out, very comfortable for her I reckon, but cute as all get-out.

Regarding the committee meeting the other night, we had some new folks show up which is a good thing. Seems that everyone in the group has two or three major things to do and the big wheels that were really involved last year are not, or cannot contribute as much as they did which is understandable. The dinner in April will attract about 300 or so folks and we will raise around 40k for a really good cause at the dinner and the auction. They call it a Big Game dinner, but the menu is fish, pork and steak - the only Big Game involved are the great creatures the auction and dinner are a benefit for. I have some really funny stories about conservation/hunting auctions and dinners involving my dad, but I will give him a break on that and not go into details, Dad and Mom know what I am talking about!

Still reading a couple of wonderful books on Jim Harrison that I received as Christmas gifts from my mom. He is truly an amazing writer and even more interesting than I ever knew.

Another friend of mine was laid off from her job a couple of weeks ago and I have spent some time talking to her about not giving up and dealing with the feelings of rejection and getting back on the horse. Maybe I should write a book about being laid off and all of the damnable, curse-ed lessons I have learned, it would probably be a best seller. It just gets really damn hard after a while to even give a flying flip about anything, but you have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep on going - something that I have to tell myself about 20 or 30 times a day. It sure makes you appreciate the little things though, I can guarantee that.

(scratching my head, trying to think of anything else interesting going here that I need to report on) Sold a rifle a couple of weeks ago and the guy who bought it is just beside himself with happiness. I sold it for about a hundred bucks more than I paid for it, so it worked out well. Going to list a couple more things this week and sell a couple of books I bought when the gettings were good - I can replace them later on when I need to and I should also be able to make a little money back on them too. They always say not to sell your guns or your books, but when it comes to paying electricity and water bills, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Well, I should post this and try to get some reading in before I hit the hay. Take care and I hope everyone is doing great out there!