*cough* *ack* *gak* Cow Brain Sandwiches


Getting some action from IT recruiters today, that is a good sign and might be doing some minor web dev work for a buddy. I will let you know more when I know more.

Off to my committee meeting here in a little while.
Saw this link on InstaPundit and wanted to make sure I kept track of this article - Barbarians and Wimps. This is a great article on the state of men and manhood in this country, ranks right up there with Kim du Toit's essay from a while back on the Pussification of the Western Male.


Gonna be flipping burgers one of these days! It is an interesting process to apply for VP and Director of Technology positions at the same time I am applying for jobs at home improvement and other Big Box-type stores. I have to go all the way back to 1987 for relevant experience for those positions - cart fetcher, shelf stocker, cashier, forklift driver, gas station attendant, etc. Fun stuff. I have also applied at every auto parts store in the area but it sounds like they aren't hiring. A hardware store I applied to just wanted a copy of my current resume, but I attached a cover letter that went over my relevant experience in home improvement, deck building, patio building, paint, window glazing, landscaping, plumbing, etc. so I hope that helps.

Most of the snow has melted off now, although there is still quite a bit along the roads out in this neck of the woods. There are a couple of frogs creeking and croaking out back along the fenceline, so hopefully they know that the weather is going to get milder and warm up a little.

Bummer about the Chiefs losing, but the Colts are a damn good team this year and the Chiefs' defense just really, really stunk up the joint. Hopefully they can pull it together next year and give it another run. I don't think anyone can stop the Colts and that damn Payton Manning, sheesh.

Ok, back to work, catch y'all later.


Just checking in real quick. Not much new here to report - the weather has warmed up and most of the snow has melted off so now it is just wet and cool out, lots of fog at night.

Had a really funny thing happen the other night - took Sage out and we both discovered two sets of deer tracks across the front yard at about the same time. She immediately sunk her entire face in the hole in the snow the deer hoof had left, right up to her ears. She then went from one deer hoof print-hole to another, sticking her entire face down into every single one. I was laughing so hard I am sure the neighbors heard.

Job Hunt 2004 continues at full throttle. Wish I had something good to say about that, but nothing yet.

Checked the value of my truck today (Blue Book and all those other auto value guides) and realized I am totally screwed when it comes to trading it in on something else. I was eyeballing a couple of efficient, smaller cars but when it came time to talk money, the amount of moola I am responsible for if I decided to trade my truck in is more than the cheap cars are worth in the first damn place - value of the truck vs what I owe. I just need one of those supa-dupa high-end Director jobs with a 30k signing bonus.....yeah, right.

Ok, gonna catch the end of SNL. Go Chiefs!!!!!!