Warming up here and all of the snow is melting. Has created many other problems, but at least folks can get out and about! The road by my house is still pretty much covered with snow and slush and I have to put the damn truck in 4 wheel drive just to get out of the driveway and down to the stop sign - from there on the road is fine.

Busy filling out job apps and applying for every kind of job you can imagine. Made a contact with a gal I know at a consulting firm in Seattle that is looking to hire, so I might have an inside track on that one. Also, made lots of follow-up calls today and everyone is moving forward with their hiring but haven't made any decisions yet. Things are getting better, just hope I have the luck to out-last all of this and get a job before I have to move into a wall tent in someone's backyard!


Freezing rain now - right on top of the 10 or so inches of snow we have. It makes everything look and feel like it has been sprayed with insta-hardening styrofoam! The snow piled up so perfectly on things, it is very beautiful and surreal. My Weber grill has a great styrofoam hat and my truck looks like it is totally encased in the stuff. Sage didn't like the areas I stomped down for her and instead, used one of my big footprints. I walked out to the mailbox (yes, the mail made it) and she followed me the whole way, hopping from one big footprint to another. We chased each other around and she seemed to forget there was a big hump of yard underneath the snow in the front yard and took a serious header right into it, she must have been thinking she could just dive right into it. Much fun was had by all.

Watched "The Longest Day" this afternoon - outstanding movie and too many actors to mention, including a goofy young Sean Connery.

Totally revamping my resume today also. Looks and sounds a whole lot better, more representative of what I have done and can do.

Ok, enough for now.
Boy oh boy, LOTS of snow today. We must have had at least 10 inches where I live, some more or some less in other areas. The local news stations are having a great time with all of this, cameras and bundled-up reporters at all the major intersections and big hills in Seattle. The locals have turned Queen Anne (which is a major north-south road over Queen Anne Hill) into a snow boarding and sledding hill and there are even a few people on skis. The news dudes even proved themselves valuable this morning as they caught a hit-and-run on tape when a dude in a VW Passat side-swiped a parked car and kept on going right next to where they were broadcasting from.

It has started to warm up a little and the snow is turning into freezing rain, there is already a nice crust over the snow on the ground, makes quite the crunchy sound when walking on it. I even stomped down an area for Sage in the snow where she could do her thing. Nothing is quite as funny as the look on a dog's face while they are doing their business on a normal day, but the look on her face doing her thing in 10 inches of snow is hilarious. I think she really appreciated the area I prepared for her. So, there is your dog-doing-her-business reference from me for this week, not sure why I find that so damn funny. It makes me feel like I am in a Far Side cartoon every damn time.

Finished off the chili today with some Fritos thrown in for good measure. Still craving oatmeal cookies, but otherwise I have plenty of supplies, cable TV and an internet connection, so I am all set for whatever comes next.


Thawed the truck today, simply dumped about 5 or 6 pitchers of water over the doors, widows and windshield to thaw everything out and then let the truck warm up for about 30 minutes. Headed into town to pick up a few things at the store and it was like driving on a skating rink until I hit I-5 and it was still iced over in areas, but you could hardly tell from the way these ding-dongs in the Suburbans, Subarus and other sport utilities drive around here. When I was heading out of the little lake neighborhood I live in, I had some ding-bat in a Honda right on my tail the whole way. As soon as we came to the stop sign by the little store, she was too close and had to hit the brakes and slid off to the shoulder of the road to avoid hitting me. Idiot.

Supposed to get possibly 10 more inches of snow tonight, that will be exciting. I am all stocked up on necessities although I am having a HUGE craving for oatmeal cookies for some damn reason. That is what I get for eyeballing the Quaker Oats in the cupboard!

Got a couple more of the Amazon Gift Certificate purchases today in the mail - an old John Lee Hooker recording from 1959 and a Mugsy Spanier CD. Good stuff!!

(Looking around) - there isn't too much else to report on out here other than it is still damn cold (for out here) but Sage really enjoys playing in the snow so we go out as much as possible. Got the new Cabelas Fly Fishing catalog in the mail, that is always good news. I still need to replace my fly rod that was stolen a while back, so I have lots of great things in that catalog to drool over while I am snowed in.

Alrighty then (do these balloons blow up into funny shapes? Only if'n round is funny.) Off to catch the news and see what else is going on out there.
Coooooold here, very cold. Never got above 24 or so here today and is supposed to be colder and snow more tomorrow. Good thing I don't need to go anywhere because the doors to my truck are frozen shut!! I went out earlier to start the truck and get the ice melted off but couldn't even pry the doors open so I will have to wait on that. While I was growing up in the Midwest, 24 degrees wasn't that bad, but out here, that is damn cold!

Good football today, especially the Denver butt-whupping. Good riddance. The Sugar Bowl OU vs LSU game was interesting - seemed to me that OU's biggest screw-up and liability in the game was the Heisman winning quaterback. The OU defense did all they could to help out there towards the end but the offense just couldn't get it going unless they ran the ball - the passing game was very lame and it is a shame because they had such a great season. They probably never got over the KSU Big 12 game.

Ok, off to bed and a little reading.