Beautiful snowfall this afternoon and evening. About 3 or 4 inches have accumulated so far and it is still coming down but the cool thing is that it is so cold that the snow is very light and fluffy. Sage had a big time a little while ago, she just loves the snow and we made a few paths around the yard chasing each other. Just about ready to have some of that chili I mentioned, it has been cooking slowly on the stove for about 3 hours now and man oh man it smells good!!

Went out earlier for a quick run into town right when the snow started and it was pretty treacherous out there. Not too many folks around here understand the dynamics of applying brakes on snow and ice-slicked roads so you have to keep an eye on them at stop signs and stop lights.

Not much else to write home about so I reckon I should post this and find something productive to do. Hope everyone is safe and sound out there.


Never left the house today, kind of nice. Finished watching a couple of movies I picked up at the rental place during "bargain" day and I am really glad I waited to watch Seabiscuit at home. Sheesh, I had to drink about a gallon of water during the movie so I wouldn't dehydrate - it was just a wonderful, spectacular movie and if you haven't seen it, you are really missing out. Yeah, yeah, I know the story in the book is different from the movie, but sometimes I don't care about that.

Also watched S.W.A.T., which was fairly good too, although it had an obvious, transparent plot, but lots of cool tactical maneuvering, guns, fun stuff like that.

Got a couple of packages in the mail today as a result of using my Amazon gift certificate from the grandparents, one of which was the latest book from Tom Peters. I have just flipped through it a little, but it looks like another good one.

Wintry weather here for the weekend, more snow on the way and ohmygosh, windchill down to 0 on Sunday! I might have to break out the Cabelas down jackets I brought with me on my move out here from the midwest. They have been in a storage closet in various garages over the past 12 years and it has never been cold enough to warrant dragging those out. It might be a good day to just stay inside too - put a pot of chili on and watch some football. Luckily I picked up some crackers and some cheese the other day so I can really enjoy the chili AND I discovered my stash of Williams chili powder that my mom sent out a long time ago, so I can make a really good batch. And no, the chili powder wasn't in the pockets of the gigantic Cabelas down jacket, although that is a great idea.

Alrighty, gonna catch some news, pop in some music and do a little reading before bed. Take care and more blogging tomorrow probably.


So what's up with Blogger? Eh, I guess it is the same ol' same ol', I am sure it will be working soon enough.

Anyhow, home tonight, decided that a sour stomach doesn't go too well with the New Year celebration and yes, I know I am missing out on Li'l Smokies and meatballs and all the beer I could drink but I am staying close to home. The usual suspects in the neighborhood have dug out their leftover fireworks and have them snapping and popping and sparkling up and down the streets. Sage is terrified of that crap and is acting strange so that is another good reason to stay home.

A good way to judge the economy and the recovery is how many jobs I apply to each week. I found 8 just today to apply for so that indicates that things are getting better and that is a damn good thing. There were weeks in there where I was lucky to find 3 jobs to apply to, so 8 in one day is awesome. All of them are fantastic jobs too, I just need to stay patient, it will happen soon (pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease).

Started reading the new Harrison books, outstanding stuff.

Well, gonna post this, and I hope that everyone out there is having a wonderful time tonight and that you are making plans for a great 2004! Happy New Year!
Beautiful here today, about 2 or three inches of new snow. Played with Sage in the snow last night and it was so much fun, she just loves the stuff. I spent a lot of time just wandering around last night up and down the road, listening to the snow crunch under my feet, walking around the yard and snow was sticking to everything and the lights from the street were made that much brighter due to the snow in the air and on the ground.

Caught Sage a few times underneath the big elm tree up by the road and a carefully thrown snowball into the branches would bring a shower of snow down upon her. We did the usual figure-8 laps around the yard and I actually caught her trying to hide from me once by the apple tree. We had been chasing each other and I noticed that she was nowhere to be found so I walked towards the back of the yard, eyes straining to pick out her white and black speckled body against the snow and then I spotted her hunkered down by the railroad ties by the tree, it was hilarious.

I was going to travel to Seattle today with the Bro and his brood to check out the Lewis and Clark show at the Pacific Science Center, but those plans have been scrapped due to the weather. I will venture into town later this morning to hit the bank and pick up a few things for tonight - heading over to the home of some friends later to ring in the New Year.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Year celebration tonight!


With all of the BS out there in the world, it is nice to see some good news every now and then. Two new Eagle Scouts.


Just returned from a little trip to town to pick up a few things at the store. My main goal today was to get a box of Saltines but I hit the jackpot at Safeway and picked up several packages of low fat hamburger at $2 off per package! The Mad Cow thing doesn't have me spooked at all and I find it silly that everyone is having a hissy fit over it. If I was going to eat some cow brain or spinal column matter, I might be worried, but come on - 143 people died in Britain from the last batch - yes, that is just horrible, but more people die from the flu, more people die from lightning strikes, more kids die in swimming pool accidents. Myself, I like to eat cows because they are made of meat!!