Happy Thanksgiving!

Just returned from the grocery store. It is always enjoyable to hang out in the grocery store during the morning of Thanksgiving, wandering the aisles, watching people with that "look" on their face as they try to find that can of water chestnuts or pick up that can of mushroom soup that they forgot to get yesterday. I picked up the usual fixings for greenbean casserole, which has become the traditional request from friends and family out here. I think it all started about 10 or 11 years ago out here when I was invited to a Thanksgiving dinner and I volunteered to make that, so just about every year since, that is what I bring. I am an old hand at finding the ingredients for the casserole and I even remembered exactly where they put the damn water chestnuts so I don't have to wander through the nut section or the canned vegetable section - they put them on a separate display back by the meat section for some damn reason, they were there last year and the year before that and the year before that, and so on. It took me about 3.5 minutes to find everything I needed and I will be tossing it all in the oven in about 20 minutes or so.

I will be heading out to the brother's place for an early Thanksgiving dinner with his wife and the girls and then later in the afternoon, the girls head off to their father's place for another dinner. Seems that just about everyone I know has multiple dinners to attend, stop by the dad's place then head over to the mom's place or kids to drop off one place or the other, sharing the kids for the holidays, trading Halloween for Thanksgiving, meeting up at the video store parking lot to hand the kids off. It makes me really appreciate the life I have had and my wonderful family. My memories of Thanksgiving are full of happy times and full bellies and pumpkin pies and turkey and brisket and mince-meat pies and Waldorf Salad - (have never found this made by anyone else who makes it better than my Granny) and hearing great stories from my parents and grandparents. I am so very thankful for that, words cannot ever express my feelings.

Taking Sage along for the trip today as well. There is a new dog in the family and her name is Fiona and her and Sage will get to run around the Bro's yard while we enjoy the dinner. Yes, the same family that has 7 cats and a boa constrictor and a couple of white mice living on borrowed time just got a dog so it will be a real hoot to see how that all works out. She sounds like a real sweet dog and apparently was brought up with cats so that isn't a big deal to her, but it might be a big deal to the cats. I am sure there will be a couple of good stories to come out of this.

Ok, I need to get the casserole in the oven and get in the shower. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Eve. Good thing I didn't put the "cool, rainy day" statement in my blog template because today is absolutely gorgeous.

Did you see the story on MSNBC regarding Black Widow spiders showing up in grapes bought at a supermarket in Massachusetts? That would scare the jeebus out of me but these two paragraphs just make me shake my head and make me think - no wonder things are so messed up:

"THE UNFORTUNATE shoppers included a Boylston woman, who found a black widow spider in some red seedless grapes she was feeding to her one-year-old daughter.
Heide Waite didn’t panic. She put the deadly spider into her children’s bug jar and has kept it there since. “I couldn’t come to terms with killing it,” she said on Wednesday." (my emphasis)



Close one today with the Chiefs - Raiders game. No matter what the records are, those two always play each other tough.

Cool, rainy day here today. I think I could just add "cool, rainy day here" to my blog template so it shows up for every single post I put up for the next several months!! It has been rainy and cool enough that I have really been eyeballing jobs in Texas, Utah, New Mexico and Nevada. I need to have some serious sun rays blast my eyeballs for a while or get one of those hats with the anti-seasonal-affective-disorder lights built into the brim of the cap. On Northern Exposure years ago there was an episode where Ed gets addicted to his anti-SAD hat and the folks in the town have to perform an intervention!

Well, not much else to report so I will sign off. Have a great day and I will write more tomorrow. Sage is giving me the "look" and sighing every few minutes so I need to get her out before she has an accident.