Another late day for me. Starting to get used to the drive and it isn't too bad. I complained about the talk radio choices I have the other night, but a bonus of driving at 7 PM out here is that I get to hear Paul Harvey and The. Rest. Of. The. Story. Tonight was an especially good one about the Australian opera singer that Melba Toast and Peach Melba were named after. I have lots of great memories of Mr. Harvey and his radio shows - I used to listen to him during lunch breaks on the farm, sitting in my truck eating my sack lunch. The farm reports would come on first and then Paul Harvey and his news and it was always great stuff. Even the commercials were damn good. Then, in the evening as I fed and watered the horses in the barn, I would chuckle and laugh and shake my head to his amazing paradoxical stories. Some of them were so damn good that I would laugh until I cried. For some other reason, besides listening to Paul Harvey in that barn, I clearly remember listening to Eddie Rabbit singing that "Windshield wipers, beating out a tempo, keeping perfect rhythm with the song on the radi-ooo-oooo-ooooooo" song as the thunder and lightning crashed and flashed and the rain came down outside the barn. Good stuff. Not just the songs and the memories, but the whole damn thing - the smell of the wood chips and the hay and the sweet grain that I fed the horses, little barn cats running around and happy dogs and cheap pickup trucks and tractors and fixing fence. I made a couple bucks an hour doing that stuff, 25 times less than what I make now, but that sure was a whole lot more interesting and apparently, memorable. I don't think I will ever have fine, crystal clear memories of writing sub-routines or DLL's or XML, but it helps pay the bills and that is what I gotta do now. When I am filthy rich, I can get my own barn and horses and sawdust and a cheesy AM radio and hang out in the barn all I want.

I need to shuffle off to bed - it sure does feel good to work again, just need to fend off the bill collectors for another week or so until I get that first paycheck!


Started work this week and made it through Day 2. The drive isn't too bad, gives me a ton of time to catch up on the news and talk radio - I wasn't missing much, talk radio is the same old crap, over and over and over.

The job is good, working with some interesting folks on a cool project. Having to stretch my abilities at the moment until I get the programmer mentality going again.

Still very cold here and for some damn reason, the heater in my truck is wimping out - I think the electronic gizmo that controls the valve on the hot water hoses that feed the heater in the truck isn't working. If it isn't one thing, it is another. Also, discovered a huge slice on the side of one of my tires today - going to take it to the tire place in the morning and have them look at it. It looks to me like a manufacturing defect, not a slice caused by a knife, bottle, or rock.

Anyhow, I need to do some laundry, dishes, take out the trash and some other chores around here before I hit the hay. I just don't understand how folks that have regular jobs keep up with all of their chores and still have time to have a life!!! How am I supposed to surf 35 blogs a day, download every Eagles and Portishead album off of Kazaa and read every news and goofy web site out there, leisurely do the dishes, grocery shop, play with the dog, play computer games and read until 2 AM every night and then get up at 5:30 AM every morning to shower and shave my bald head (re-thinking that choice now, gotta save time) and iron my clothes?

Ok, gotta go and get some things done!!!


It snowed and it is still snowing! About 3 inches or so on the ground right now but it is warming up and will melt off soon. Had a lot of fun late last night with Sage out in the snow - she loves the stuff and runs and slides and rolls in it like a pig in the mud.

Finally updated the link to the Patriette's blog, and have added Aimless which I found via Insta Glenn in reference to the Suppository Bullets. Aimless is another one of those blogs that I need to be reading and this gal writes some good stuff.