Chilly here today with the possibility of snow tonight!! Earliest ever!!

Had some trick-or-treaters last night, not too many though so now I am left with a huge bowl of candy that I need to dispose of. Had a great evening, spent it with a friend drinking martinis while she drank rum and margaritas, watched the Hulk and kept an eye on the road for ghouls and goblins.

I even turned the heat on here at the house. Recently, I had only turned the baseboard heater on in the bathroom and dealt with the coolness in the rest of the house by dressing warm. I can't quite handle any large electricity bills at the moment and no, it really hasn't been that cold here yet. Funny thing about the baseboard heater in the bathroom, it is adjacent to the toilet so it always warms the toilet and the toilet seat up. Yes, kind of crude, but boy-oh-boy that is nice in the mornings!!

Not quite sure what to do about my Sunday Chiefs football watching, they have a bye this week so I might have to watch the Greenbay game again (luckily I recorded that incredible game).

Went out with the bro and two-thirds of his daughters and his wife to do a little target shooting yesterday. The oldest girl goes to high school while the other two are homeschooled. The day was perfect - blue skies, about 50 degrees, sunny and we had the pit to ourselves for most of the 3 or so hours we were there. Ran about 250 rounds through my Combat Elite and another 200 rounds through the Ruger 22/45, so now I need to stock back up on Ammo Day, which is quickly approaching. I noticed the front sight on the Colt is loose so I am going to try and get that fixed today.


Beautiful, crisp Fall day here today. Finished up the last of the birthday dinners last night and saw Scary Movie 3 at the theater. The movie was fun but I wish I would have waited for the DVD. Soon though, the new Matrix will be coming out as well as The Missing, that looks like a good one. Good stuff.

Started reading a book a few nights ago that I wish I had read years ago - Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Wow, what a fan-freaking-tastic book, I can't believe no one told me about this years ago and made me sit down and read it! Actually, they probably did but I wasn't paying attention. It might have meant something totally different to me though 10 years ago, it hits a little closer to home now in my advanced age and having been through a couple of business start-ups and all of that rigamarole. I am really enjoying it.

All set for Halloween, got a bunch of candy, couple of good movies to watch, a friend is coming over and we will torment the kids that make their way here. Only had a few last year if I remember right, but I will be ready if they show. Hopefully the weather will stay clear and cool, it usually rains on Halloween out here.

Sage is passed out in a rawhide-chew-bone induced coma, snoring away - I need to get some new pictures of her up here.

Ok, now I am just reaching for stuff to talk about, so that is a sign I should sign off. Talk to ya soon.


Howdy -
One more birthday dinner tonight and my week-long birth-fest will be over! Yes, I am a damn lucky. I have some great friends and a great family and they are making the transition to 140 years old easy for me.

Had tacos and tequila last night with my friends Tom, Sharon and Michelle and T and S's daughter Sophie. These are the folks that have the 1892 Victorian that they are fixing up and the house is coming along great except for the fire Tom started in the closet. Next time he will definitely remember to flip the breaker!

Tonight, its up to Ramblin' Jacks in Oly and maybe a movie later with a friend of mine. She knows that Ramblin' Jacks is one of my favorite places and I will probably get the pork shoulder with a side of sweet potato fries - mmmm mmmm mmmmmmmm.

Spent about 20 bucks at the store today on Halloween candy for the kids on Friday. I usually get quite a few trick-or-treaters that come through here, I just need to put a sign on the steps so the kids don't fall and bust their butts on my rain-slick front deck.

Ok, I need to get in the shower, shave and get cleaned up for dinner, more later maybe.


Woo Weee!

What a great day! I had a nice little Tony Pierce BusBlog-olanche - thanks for the link Tony and again, Happy Birthday young man.

Today was my birthday and I was once again reminded how damn lucky I am. I have an awesome family, both here and back home in Missouri and I am blessed with awesome friends scattered all over the country who sent me little notes and e-cards wishing me a Happy Birthday. Yes, it was hard turning 140, but I spent most of the day with the kids from the band at David and Martha's home and my heart and my mind and my soul are all about 24 years old right now. I just need to get the old body in shape and I can live another 140 years!! D & M worked up a fantastic pot roast with onions, carrots, potatoes, a salad and it was all topped off with a home-made apple pie - my belly is still full and wil be for a few days! However, I do miss my mom's pumpkin pie, I have never had one as good as she can make it.

The Chiefs looked great tonight on ESPN, what an awesome display they put on for any doubting fans or pseudo-fans. I have been a fan of the KC team for as long as I can remember - I was a member of the Wolfpack - a fan club for kids and I still have a KC Chiefs pennant from 1971 that I cherish. I have seen some bad times and I have seen some good times and I hope this is the year that they can make it all the way. I can hardly wait until December 20th when the Chiefs and Vikings play, talk about a great game!! My buddy David is a Vikings fan so we will have to make a wager or two when that one rolls around.

On the way home, I heard some snippets from the Democrat Party Debate in Detroit - it would be nice if one of those ding-dongs could emerge from the pack and bring up some valid issues instead of the usual tin-foil-hat-wearing, trash-can-banging, annoying rhetoric they are continually spouting off about. YES - it was fantastic that we went into Iraq and freed those people from the terrible things that Saddam and his sons wrought over the past 10 years, how can you forget that already? THE WMD don't matter to us: providing fertile ground for freedom and economy and business and schools and beauty pageants matters to us. YES, our economy is getting better and better, despite your attempts at derailing it. Find some real issues to discuss, not the same old clap-trap I hear from Dean and Clarke and Lieberman and Sharpton and those other non-performers. How about better Homeland Security? How about getting over yourselves and embracing the Bill of Rights and every single amendment with the same amount of gusto and enthusiasm? Never mind - you won't do it, you can't do it, it's not in your DNA. You think Choice is a great thing except when it comes to making the choice of protecting ourselves - choosing between a semi-auto or a revolver. Just keep beating on those trash cans and thinking up crazy conspiracy theories, continue to let the Clintons act as your guiding light.

Ok, enough of that for now, I am just getting sick and tired of this crap already and we still have one more year to go.

Take care and talk to ya soon and thanks again for the birthday wishes, emails, phone calls, cards, birthday dinners and gifts!!


I missed mentioning Jeff of Alphecca's birthday too. I sent an email but typed the damn address wrong, sorry Jeff!! Happy Belated Birthday!