Forgot to mention this, something funny I saw last night.

have you seen the cat food commercial with the cat stalking water buffalo in Africa? The cat stealthily hiding behind rocks, slooooowly sneaking up on the big buffalo? Well, last night, as I drove into the neighborhood, and I swear this really happened, I saw a deer run across the road with a yellow tomcat hot on the heels of the deer. Now, I don't know if that was just a unique circumstance or if the cat really was chasing the deer, but it just about made me drive off the road I was laughing so damn hard!
Damn!! Beautiful day here today, clear skies, nice and cool out, it is going to be a good one.

Ok, I need to weigh in on a couple of things:

First, right after I checked my email this morning, I flipped over to Drudge and then MSNBC to check the news and what do I see splashed across the front of MSNBC? BLACK HAWK DOWN. You just know that those asshats are trying to associate this story with Somalia, jackasses.

Next thing I see is that protestors are gathering in Washington D.C. and San Francisco to protest the war in Iraq and the whole bit has been organized by A.N.S.W.E.R. Now look, I am all for dissent and differing opinions, marches and obnoxious signs, I think that is what makes our country special and unique, stronger and better than any other. Yes, the Dixie Chicks pissed me off and every now and then Tony says something that I don't quite agree with but when you align yourself with an organization that supports and is supported by communists, I don't listen, pay attention or give a big flying F about you, I have no compassion or understanding to give you. In fact, I totally encourage the police in their stormtrooper outfits to shoot rubber bullets into your chest, lob tear gas in your general direction, step on your fingers and smash you f'ing faces. Good luck asshats.

Ok, got that out and yes, I feel better.

I am such a lucky man. My birthday started a few days ago when I received the little box from my dad (still unopened, it has required great amounts of control not to tear into it), got another box from my Mom (same thing), a great email and homemade e-card from my grandparents and I mentioned the battry (heh, good ol Short) from my brother but I don't think I mentioned the book and autographed picture I received a couple of weeks ago from my brother.

The book is called Triggernometry and covers the gun fighters, gun slingers, good guys and seriously bad hombres of the Old West. It was a great book, covered the back story of these folks, how and where they grew up and how they came to their ultimate ends. There is even a chapter on slapping leather and what kinds of rigs these folks carried and how they did what they did. The book was published in 1934 and it took a little while to get the rhythm of the writing style, but it was a fun read.

The other gift from the Bro was an autographed promotional picture of Clint Eastwood and it looks like it was taken during High Plains Drifter or Hang 'Em High and will look good hanging on the wall!! Excellent.

The Crossing played last night at a coffee shop in Chehalis (not Centralia like I thought) and for the first time, they played an acoustic set. Their drummer decided he didn't want to be in the band anymore and this gig was set already, so they made the best of it and it was a great show. The lead singer has such a great voice, he could probably get up there and sing this stuff solo. A whole new crowd of folks got to see and hear the band and there wasn't any heavy stuff to move around!

Ok, I need to get the day going here, have a good one and see ya soon.


Late Happy Birthday wishes to Tony Pierce! He turned 110 on the 22nd but he is still about 40 years younger than me. If you aren't reading Tony, you should. Yes, he leans towards the left when it comes to political views, but he is still one of the best damn writers out there.


Beautiful, cool Fall day here today. Got another early present from my Bro and his wife today. He suggested that I get my battery tested at a local auto parts store and if I needed a battery, he and his wife would hook me up with a new battry (heh). Well, the battry was going bad according to the test (I am lucky that it wasn't the alternator) so he got me a new battry and it works fine. I am a lucky man all the way around.

FINALLY - looks like the contract work will start on Monday. All the pieces are in place, the Moon and the stars are aligned in some perfect manner and the software is there, the hardware will be there tomorrow and finally, I will get to earn my keep. I am formally classified as a Senior Software Engineer on this one, so it should be fun and will beef up the resume that has leaned more towards the management-type positions.

Found out today that a housemate I had back when I lived in Tumwater is engaged, and I will get to see her sometime next week while I am in Seattle. She always liked to party and have a really good time, so it is especially interesting that she is getting hitched to a minister! It will be good for the both of them!

Big show tomorrow night with the band playing an acoustic set at a coffee shop in Centralia. Ought to be a good time, plus no big amps, speaker cabinets or monitors to haul, just get to sit back and enjoy the music. The Bro and his wife are coming too, so it should be fun.


Just checking in -

Good ballgame tonight, I think it is going to be back-and-forth all the way to game 7.

More rain here today, lots of flooded areas but nothing close to me, so I am sitting high and dry.

My birthday is looming and I am really starting to feel old this time. Remember all of those times when you are asked or you ask a friend on their birthday "do you feel older?" - well, this time I do and it is starting early. Got a little square box from my dad in the mail the other day - I haven't shaken it too hard but I will wait until Sunday to open it!!

Here is some good news - even though I haven't started work on the contract job, my start date was set at September 29th and there is a month delay before health care kicks in, so I will be covered next week - good thing since I am going to instantly turn into a bald-goateed-geezer - just a few more years and I can be classified as a "coot". I think I have already started repeating stories all the time to my friends, I get the "rolling eyeballs" every time I start one of my knee-slappers and I am truly an expert at the run-on story-telling - "There was that time hunting ducks in Mound City with Keller and Keller was a World Champion Duck Caller, won the championship in Arkansas while we were in college and that guy could hit a softball harder and further than anyone I have ever known. I remember there was that one time that Chris was playing outfield during that one softball game and a he fielded a grounder on one hop in right field and threw out the runner at first, he had an amazing arm and did I tell you about that time I hit my funny bone on the corner of the boat when I fell out while fishing on the Yakima? - well, you get the idea.

Ok, I need to sign off and let the dog out before she pees her pants - and did I tell you about that one time Steve peed his pants? I was laughing so hard at a joke that he told that he laughed even harder and man oh man, when I hit my elbow on the corner of that boat that one time, that was hard......


Well, that was a whole lot closer than I thought it would be, but the Chiefs pulled it out, whew. They are going to have to play better next weekend against Buffalo, but I also think that if the Raiders were better that the Chiefs would have played better. It always seems harder to play bad teams than good teams.

Rain, rain, rain rain here. Non-freaking-stop. I heard that we have had around 8 inches in the past day or so - that is a lot! Just about all the rivers in the western part of the state are at flood level, some are 10 - 15 feet above flood level. The yard is a swamp right now - I should have mowed the other day when I had the chance.

The Bro got a new truck. This is an interesting story - traded his Ford truck more-or-less straight across for a newer Dodge Caravan at a Ford dealership, then handed the van over to his wife then hit the Dodge dealership and found a used Dodge Ram quad cab 2 wheel drive in great shape that they bought together. The truck is great - a 318, 5 speed, red, dual exhaust (sweet sounding too), spray-in bed liner, with a retractable toneau (sp?) cover. It has the 4 doors like mine - the two main doors open normal and the extra-cab doors open like suicide doors to provide access to the back. It is in great shape - a 99 with 62k miles on it. (Yes, things are getting better.)

Have avoided political news and radio for the past day or two, so I am not sure what is going on out there - the only thing I know for sure is that any former US Government official that travels to France and pops off about the current administration should just have the rest of their damn belongings sent over via freighter and they can just f'ing stay in France. F'ing F'heads.


Big game tomorrow night - Chiefs and Raiders! Those two teams, no matter how bad or good the other team is, play like it is the last game they ever play. Can't wait to see it, it should be a good one.

Having truck problems again, not what I need right now. It appears that my battery is not holding a charge either due to a bad battry (heh) or something else is wrong and it is not getting recharged properly. I had it jumped earlier today and it started and ran fine and the battery has been on the charger for about 10 hours so far, so I will try it again tomorrow. Hopefully, it is something simple and easy to fix.

Should have mowed the damn yard yesterday when I had the chance but today it is raining and the grass is greener and thicker than it has been all year! Just gonna have to raise the mower up to give it a once-over and then hit it again.

Not too much else exciting happening, looking forward to the show this coming Friday in Centralia at the coffee shop. My Bro is bringing his wife and their girls to see the band so that will be fun.

Alrighty, I need to get to bed. Hope everyone is doing great out there!