Another great show last night at the Backstage. The bands (4 altogether plus a guy on acoustic guitar between sets) got a later start than they had planned on, so The Crossing didn't go on until about 11:30 or so but still had enough energy to blow the doors off the place. Luckily, I didn't have to provide "security" last night as the show as produced by another local guy and David and I got to sit back and watch the festivities which required a call to the police and the hauling off of a couple of kids that must have split their allowance money on a case of PBR.

There was a little bad news last night regarding the band - their drummer is quitting the group - but there are several other local drummers who are lining up to try-out for the band. This group of kids are pretty serious about this and the drummer just decided he didn't want to spend that much time on it plus he has other responsibilities with school and his church. He will be missed though - he was about 80 pounds of pure energy beating those skins and was always a lot of fun to watch.

Another show next week at a coffee shop of all places, down in Centralia. The kids are talking about doing an acoustic set which would probably more appropriate for that size of a space.


Kind of a lazy Saturday morning here, slept in a bit after getting home at 2 AM last night and I still have the yawns. Might head out to the range later today with the .22's - kind of depends on the weather. It has been pretty chilly and rainy for a few days but a new system blew in yesterday and the weather is much warmer. Threw me off yesterday when I dressed for 50 degree weather, walked outside and found it to be almost 70!

Looking forward to the World Series, should be some good games. Still can't believe the Yankees won that game the other night, what a great series that was. I was really hoping for a BoSox - Cubbies series, but this will do.

Ok, I need to get some coffee and run a couple of errands.


Ted Kennedy is a f'ing moron. He is so g'damn embarrassing. Just wanted to get that out of my system.

Wiiiiindy and rainy up here - whoooooooosh! Made for some great sleeping last night though, house creaking, wind blowing, rain coming down. Was awesome to be all warm and toasty under the covers and listen to the storm.

The Bro and a buddy are coming over later to watch the BoSox and Yankees play. Too bad about the Cubbies, but I think they will be back. Baker is too good of a manager to give up. I can't imagine what it must feel like to be that fellow that went for the foul ball - yes, it was just one little thing, but it seemed to turn the tide in the game. Heard a joke on the radio this morning that the guy from the Cubbies game is going to be moving to France with the NY Ferry boat captain.

Have expanded my job search. I am starting the contract job next week but have expanded my search to Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas, Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. Some of you may detect a pattern or something that these states have in common, I will just leave it at that.

The Crossing plays tomorrow at the Backstage in Olympia, should be a good show. Gonna be a roadie again, freshly shave the head, get out the black t-shirt and my leather bag of quarters. Actually, no bags of quarters are needed - just razor sharp wits, cat-like reflexes and a little kung-fu grip action. heh.

ohhh, what else. Need to get a new book or two to read, have gone through a bunch of stuff for the second or third time, saw that Ollie North has a new one out, will have to pick that one up after the first paycheck.

The tide is up higher than I have seen in a long time. Makes everything look all fresh and clean along the boardwalk and the docks - hides all the shell beds and crip-crap that builds up over time along the shore.

Well, that is about all there is right now, wish there was something more exciting to write about. Bye.


Ok, I know, it's late, but it still Monday so I can get my band blogging in before I hit the hay.

The big news about the band is that my friend, the father of the lead guitarist, has started a recording label with his brother. The label is called Rainbow Trout Records and The Crossing will be the first band to sign with them. The bands web site is located here: WWW.THECROSSINGMUSIC.COM and you can read all about them and their upcoming shows and recordings. They have a couple of their live shows from the Backstage online and they can be found on this page.

A neat deal about the Backstage: Nirvana played there many years ago and one of my favorites, Mike Watt, always plays there when he comes through town. The old theater is used for the Olympia Film Society but when bands set up there, they set up an old riser and the band faces the back of the stage when they play. It holds about 125 people or so and has a great sound system. There is even a cool story about the old riser that they use: it was purchased at a school district auction a couple of years ago for about $40. When it is fully open, it is 25 feet by 25 feet and the deck is made out of solid maple boards, true 1" x 12" X 25', solid maple boards - worth who-knows-how-much.

I have been very impressed with this group: the band is made up of 2 14 year olds, 2 15 year olds, and the oldest guy in the group is 17! Matt, the lead guitarist, is so damn good on the guitar it would make anyone shake their head in disbelief - he just started playing 2 years ago. This group has it all: pure talent, desire, a great look, tons of charisma, a great sound and all of their music is original. Their music kicks some serious ass.

They have been approached by a couple of local labels and producers, one was even involved with a very young rock group several years ago (remember "MM Bop"?) who made a big splash worldwide but these guys are going to be much bigger than any one- or two-hit-wonder. My friend knows this too and doesn't want any slick record producer setting these kids up and raking them over the coals. Something I didn't know is that with some standard record deals, the band gets 15% and the record label gets 85%. All costs for advertisement, travel, promotion, etc. would come out of the 15%! Reminds me of the Blues Brothers when they end up having to pay the bar they just finished playing at!! Of course, these kids will get a much better deal. No, not 20% or something like that, more like 80%.

It has been kind of fun watching all of this happen over the past few months. I first saw them at a high school Battle of the Bands, thought they were pretty damn good even then, but the best part has been watching the parents of the kids watch the band play. At first, there was a member of the group whose parents approached the whole deal the same way a fanatic little league parent would and the rest of the group saw this and booted the kid out of the group, losing a drummer in the process. They immediately recruited a new lead singer and a new drummer and the chemistry in the group has gotten so much better. Watching the parents now, it is great to see the looks on their faces as the come to realize how much talent their sons have.

Anyhow, I will keep posting any new info as I get it. Believe me when I say that these kids will be a BIG DEAL in the next year or so, maybe even sooner.


Another great game by the Chiefs today, damn! Watching that just about wore me out! Glad they pulled it off though, it will make the Monday Night game next week all that much better - they are playing the Raiders (booooo hissssss booooo). It should be a real whupping.

Cool and rainy up here, kind of a nice change. Had to break out the heavy sweatshirts - as opposed to the 'normal' sweatshirts that can be worn for the rest of the year up here.

No more problems with the truck (knock on wood).

Oh, here is some good news: I was asked to be the best man at a wedding that will be taking place next July for my friends from the internet start-up I was involved with a few years back. We have become great friends over the years and it is a real honor to be asked to stand next to my friend at the altar. I am not sure if I have blogged about these folks before, I probably have. There is some HUGE news that I can blog about tomorrow regarding my buddy and the band that his son is in. I have been a 'roadie' for them for the past 8 months or so, that role kind of defaulted to me because I have a truck and have had lots of time on my hands! But it has been a real hoot and I will blog about the big news tomorrow and tell you more about the band.

Sage is doing great - supa dupa happy since I brought home the big bag of rawhide chews - regular shaed 'bones', rawhide rolls and a huge donut-looking thing. I don't know how she does it or where she puts them but she can gnaw her way through one of those pretty damn quick. The current one though has put a bit of a crimp on the whole deal because it is about as big as her head and it will take her at least a few days to get through it. I know that she wishes she could take it outside and bury it for a few days to let it soften up, but that ain't gonna happen. Last time, she dug one of those nasty things up and brought it in the house, catching me off guard and sheesh, there is nothing nastier than a sopping wet, slimy, nasty, floppy, slick, dirty rawhide bone that has been buried in wet dirt for a week or so. Ugh.

Ok, that is about it - trying to think if there is anything else, but nothing comes to mind. Take care and talk to you again soon.