Don't you just hate it when your car or truck acts up for a bit and then you feel that you can't trust it anymore? Sheesh.

This morning I was running errands and stopped for a coffee. Coffee secured, I started, rather, tried to start my truck and it turned over a few times and that was that. Nothing. The battery didn't have enough juice to turn it over at all. One of my coffee gals ran over to the hardware store and got a couple of guys to come help me push it out of the way. As I was standing in the parking lot staring at my engine and wiggling wires, another fellow walked up with a pair of jumper cables and asked if I needed help. Gotta like living in a small town! That sure makes me feel a whole lot better about human-kind. (Every time I type "battery" I want to type "battry" - that is the way a good friend of my Dad always said it and it still makes me smile when I think about ol' Gary Short.)

Well, we hooked the truck up, let the "battry" charge for a bit and tried to start it. Still dead. We sat there for a bit and let the battery charge some more and it finally started but I had to keep my foot on the gas to keep it running or it would die. Great - I had all kinds of thoughts running through my head - Fuel Pump, Fuel Injection System, electronic problems, ugh and of course, everything would cost about $800 smackers.

About this time, another fellow wanders over, he was waiting for his gal to come out the hardware store and he asks what the problem was. I explained and he said, oh, it is probably just the fuel pump relay in the fuse box! We popped open the fuse box under the hood, swapped a good one from the high-beams relay and put it in the fuel pump relay spot and wah-laa, everything was working fine!

I went to a local parts store to get a replacement relay, but they didn't have one and suggest I check down the road at the scatologically named Cut Rate Auto Parts (CRAP) and they could have one there in an hour. No matter how much they change the look of the store, change the facade, change the uniforms, switch to new corporate colors, the place will be called CRAP. It must suck to work there. It's a job though, even if they work at CRAP. Anyhow.....

I was still afraid to turn off the truck so I finished my errands without ever switching it off - two hours worth - into the bank, the post office, grocery store, gas station, Costco - always leaving the truck running - and yes, I locked it up when I had to go inside.

Swung past CRAP to pick up the part, made it home, turned off the truck, plugged in the new part and everything "seems" fine. You know what I mean. I just keep waiting for other things to start happening now and man-oh-man that sucks. I reckon I will get over it in time, but it sure makes me wish I had a 66 Chevy - a truck that if and when it broke, it could be fixed with a minimum of fuss and worry.


LOTS of rain here today, blustery rain showers, blowing sheets of rain across the road, pounding sideways. The skies are crystal clear blue at this moment, but that will change very quickly. The rain has blown leaves off of the trees and there are already some great colors from the maple trees down the road by the ballfield. Are you still reading Lileks? Hope so. The stuff he has posted this week about his trip to New York is absolutely priceless. Make sure you read it!!

Ok, I am off, outta here, see ya later, bye.



This guy STILL can't sell his girlfriend's Kimber but now the deal is sweetened!!

The gun AND nekked pictures for $800!!!

Helluva deal.

Update: Well, apparently due to high traffic, (not from my site though) they require folks to log in to the forum now. I will keep an eye on this for everyone and will update as things change. It is my duty!


How about those Chiefs!! Damn, that was great. I couldn't watch the game on TV or even listen to it on the streaming internet radio station out of KC, so I watched and refreshed the Yahoo sports-update thingy about 800 times. I watched the little graphic football move back and forth, left to right on a little graphic football field for three hours. It reminded me of watching the kid in front of me on the school bus play that electronic / cheesy football game in the late 70's - early 80's - except it was for THREE HOURS. I dug around TV listings for next Sunday and the Packers-Chiefs game is on out here and then there is a Monday night game and an evening game on ESPN in there somewhere, so I will get a good helpin' of Chiefs football. I can't even imagine what it must have been like to be in Arrowhead when Dante ran that kick back for a TD!!

Got lots of things to write about, most of them are still bouncing around in my head but at the same time, I think that I am just about done with this blog stuff. I am not sure though. It is a great way to let the folks and grandparents back home know what is going on out here, but for many months it has been the same ol' same ol' and things are getting ready to change for me with the job starting, so maybe I will hang in there a bit longer. Hopefully I will have more interesting topics to write about after things improve around here.

Spent the day yesterday at an Evil Gun Show with the Bro at the fairgrounds. It was a HUGE show that included the Washington Knife Collectors show as well as about 15 or so WWII-era vehicles parked in the fairgrounds as well. Saw some great stuff by local knife makers and have more than a few business cards in my pocket, saw the usual crippity-crap at the gun show, the obligatory f'ing nazi flag, didn't see any Smith Model 25's, saw one Marlin Camp Carbine but it had been snatched up already. (not like I could do anything about it yet, but hey, I can dream!). I was surprised at the amount of stuff that was not gun show related - tables with hundreds of pounds of beef jerkey, a huge section of stuffed animals (fer godsake), toys, etc. I reckon that some folks like to see that stuff at gun shows, maybe it gives the li'l women and kids something to look at, whatever. I did notice a larger than usual amount of old Garands, Springfield 03's, and other WWII stuff, that was really great.

Yes, I was able to spend 4 hours at the show and not buy anything except for a couple of 3 dollar sodas. Soon though, very soon....got to take care of some old debts first though and get my bills squared away.

Ok, that is enough rambling for now. I feel a big change coming soon in my life, not quite sure what it is, but it is coming. No, not my birthday or the job but something else, can't quite get it nailed down yet, but I feel it coming. I will keep you posted.