Signed papers today regarding the contract job, hopefully it will actually get started soon, waiting on some software before they have me start.

Weather was gorgeous today, that wonderful 'fall' smell in the air, perfect for the first day of October. That's about it!
Look like some WMD have turned up.


Good piece on National Review by Dave Koppel regarding Ahhhnold and his views on the 2nd Amendment. I say again, California will get exactly what it deserves.

Last night before bed I was cruising GunBroker, as I occasionally do and found a nice Kimber Ultra CDP Elite for sale, bought for a girlfriend who didn't like it. But what is really not fair is the series of pictures the guy put up. Talk about great marketing! Keep those fingers off those triggers ladies.

Mentioned that I mowed the yard yesterday and that was a good thing because it rained a little last night. Still nice and cool here, but still wearing shorts, so I can't complain. Watched the football game last night broadcast from Chicago and all of those folks had on sweatshirts and coats, so fall is definitely here. Hard to believe that tomorrow is the first day of October.

Alrighty, I have a few things I need to do today regarding the contract job so I need to get hopping.

Also, glad to see that the Patriette is back from her vacation.


Found this on Rob's Gut Rumbles site - this is great!

Mammoth Hunting: A Guide for the Modern Man
Just finished up mowing the yard, glad I waited until today to do it - it was almost hot here yesterday. Today it is nice and cool and overcast, good mowing weather.

Not too much else happening. Chiefs won but it wasn't too pretty. The real test will be next weekend against the Broncos, but the game is at Arrowhead, so that gives the Chiefs an advantage.

Had a phone conversation with a buddy a bit ago, got the update on the Old House fix-it-up project. He also got me involved with a big game hunting/conservation group last year and we had our first meeting for the banquet and auction last week. Everyone had some good hunting stories to tell but the best was the tree-stand one. One of the guys was scouting for elk somewhere here in Washington and had sat in his tree stand for most of the day, trying to get a handle on the habits of the local elk. He saw a movement in the bushes below his stand and saw some brown-ish fur and disregarded the movement because it was obviously a deer browsing through the berries or what-not. After another hour or so of sitting in the stand, he prepared to hop down and saw that the deer was still there so he decided he would jump down and scare the jeebus out of the hapless critter. He hopped down out of the stand, and hopped forward to scare the deer in the brush but the brown-ish looking critter wasn't a deer, it was a cougar!! Apparently, both human and cat were both pretty startled! The cat shot back into the woods and this fellow got back to his truck as soon as he could.


Checking in before the football game starts. The internet is just fantastic - I am sitting here listening to pre-game talk on 101 The Fox out of Kansas City and I discovered I can fire up the online, multi-player version of Medal of Honor and listen to the game at the same time! If I could just have some KC BBQ delivered via my cable modem, things would be just about perfect.

Cruising some blogs this morning and stopped by Jeff's Alphecca site and he brought to my attention a couple blogs out there that I need to link to, thanks for the heads-up Jeff. The first is Hell in a Handbasket, by James Rummel. As Jeff mentioned, Hell in a Handbasket is a pro 2A blog, which is always good in my book. I am gonna link to the interesting rail gun story too, nothing better than home-brewed technology! Thanks to the US Government, there won't ever be anymore folks like John Moses Browning or Samuel Colt, but Jason Rollette is building a rail gun at home and has posted his work and efforts on his Railgun Blog. This will be a daily read! I love this stuff. If you follow the link to the message boards, there is some serious supa-dupa-gun-geek stuff going on there, when I started looking at all the math jeebo-jabbo, my eyes went all whacky and crossed up and I had to hit the back button before I passed out. While folks like me think that loading a 45 LC to shoot a 300 gr bullet at 1500 feet per second is really cool, this guy is shooting a projectile traveling at 4km a second, (that's Mach 14) heh heh.

And another thing - I agree with Jeff regarding the Pro 2A linkage and I will do my best to find and link to good firearms blogs out there, including a link to Shooters Carnival. Lots of interesting reading and good input there for folks new to the gun culture and even old gun nuts like me.

Also, looks like the folks in Kansas are a little jealous of Missouri and now they want their own concealed carry permit but have their work cut out for them.