Alrighty then.

So, it looks like I have a contract job, good news. Hopefully it will actually start fairly quickly and the pay is good but the drive will be tedious. Just like folks have to work until May 17th or whatever it is nowadays before they start "clearing" money after government taxes and such are accounted for, the first half day each week will be working towards covering the cost of gas money and the parking. I have no problem with that, just get me working!

Weather has been absolutely perfect up here this week and it is supposed to continue on until this coming Monday. 75 degrees, blue skies, light breeze and my grass has recovered, so I need to mow it today or tomorrow.

Chiefs are doing good (kicking some serious booty), the Seahawks are doing good, but the Mariners are a game or two away from being out of the playoffs. I am glad that football has started up and that my teams are doing well, it is a good distraction from the walking-talking-swinging-catching frustration that is the Mariners.

Folks in Missouri now have the ability to carry a concealed weapon, congratulations! The KC Star has had a few articles about it and they just wail and moan and complain, waiting for the streets to flow with blood. It's the same ol' same ol': the liberals in KC and St. Louis have their knickers in a knot, the public safety agencies in the big cities were totally against it, as usual, but what I think it really comes down to is that anti-gun dimwits are racist. Always have been, always will be, just a modern application of the Jim Crow laws. Carry a handgun to protect yourself? Not if you are black. Buy an affordable, concealable revolver? Nope, those are illegal, not for you! Live in HUD or government housing? Nope, can't have any guns to protect yourself Mr. and Mrs. Low Income, just give us a call when the criminals down the hall get crazy on crack or whatever it is they are smoking or shooting up these days. So, of course these dingbat liberals are going to be against this, the ability to protect your family and yourself is something the government should be doing! Yeah, right.

The part I thought was funny was the story about the different groups, including librarians, who are getting all bent out of shape over this. I think that people should be encouraged to take concealed weapons into libraries! The only damn reason I don't spend more time at the library is that there are too many damn weirdos hanging out there, you know what I am talking about. Maybe the implied presence of a firearm in the library will keep Snedrick, the greasy, clammy-looking, still-living-at-home pervert away from the kids section. The best part of the concealed carry law in Missouri is the privacy aspect and that disclosing the fact that someone has a concealed carry permit is a crime that will get you a year in jail and a $1000 fine. Heh.

Found another article on the KC Star site about the city of Gladstone and how it is going to deal with the new law, in particular, the comments of the mayor:

Mayor Les Smith, who owns a bowling center in Gladstone, said he was troubled by the provision that allows citations to be issued only when a person carrying a weapon refuses to leave.

"I can post a `no guns allowed' sign, but I would be the one who would have to ask someone to leave and possibly aggravate a person with a gun," he said.

Smith said that what bothered him the most about the new law was that the General Assembly passed it -- four years after Missouri voters rejected such a proposal.

"I consider what they did to be a full assault on our democracy," he said.

Huh, a democratically elected, representative branch of the government conducted a "full assault on our democracy". Whatever Les. Get a freaking grip you self-centered, gun fearing wussy. Gladstone, by the way, is 91.1% White. Go figure. St. Louis and Kansas City, for your information, is 42.9 % and 57.6 % white, respectively.

Ok, I was all ready to move on and look at some sites with some cool tactical knives, but I had to go look at the KC Star site one more time and I saw this:

Police caution residents after armed robberies

First quote:

"These are extremely menacing crimes, with gunmen invading homes and people feeling really violated," he said. "We are trying to make people aware so they will call us if they see cars or people who are strange to their neighborhoods."


In the five crimes that police think are linked, the armed robbers barged through open or unlocked front doors, or ambushed residents on their front porches. The robbers then terrorized the residents and stole cash, jewelry and home electronics equipment.

And then there is this one:

"They need to be careful when they step outside to smoke or get their morning newspaper," Foster said

.....in my world, sometime in the future.....

October 15th, Brookside area, Kansas City, MO

A 27 year old single mother, home with her sick child, shot and killed two masked men who forced their way into her home early this morning.

"I was outside having a quick smoke and two men in a beat-up T-bird pulled into the alley" she said. "I knew they were trouble when I saw that they had on ski masks, because it was already 85 degrees this morning."

The mother went back into her house, placed her sick daughter into the hall closet, and retrieved her Ruger GP100 revolver from her purse. At that very moment, the back door burst off of the hinges and the two masked men entered her home.

"They must have thought I was helpless in here" she said, "because they came right at me, and one of them had a gun, the other had a pry bar."

4 quick shots from her revolver stopped what could have been a terrible tragedy. Then she dialed 911 from a neighboring house.

The two masked men were found dead at the scene, both men have long arrest records.

"The police have been through the neighborhood, telling us to phone in if we saw an old T-Bird or a beat up Tempo," she said, "but the police weren't here when I needed them and anyhow, I don't have a phone and there wasn't enough time."

Thanks to the veto override of Gov. Holden, residents of Missouri have flocked in droves to get their concealed carry permit for firearms this fall. This young mother could not afford to take the class, but a state-sponsored program allows low-income residents to take a free certified course at the Jackson County Firearms Range and the $100 fee is waived after they pass the background check. Gun manufacturers such as Ruger, Colt, and Smith and Wesson offer payment plans for resident of Missouri who qualify.

She commented, "If they had gotten in here, got past me and hurt me, Lord knows what would have happened to my daughter, I don't even want to think about it."


Well, we subsidize all kinds of crap, why not something worthwhile?

That is the kind of story I want to read. Congratulations Missouri!

(footnote: why am I writing about Missouri? I was born there and lived there for 27 years before moving to Washington state. My folks live in Missouri, just outside of KC and my grandparents live in the Brookside neighborhood.)