Looks like I might have a job come tomorrow. 'bout fricking time, eh? Indeed.

September 11, 2003

Spent a lot of time today reading some heart-wrenching, heart-breaking, soul-lifting, inspirational stories and reflected a bit on what it has all meant to me. Yeah, just like many folks, I am still f'ing pissed off about all of it. I am pissed off at the way the moonbats have misinterpretted the ways we are protecting our nation, I am pissed off at the way the media is dealing with it, although I appreciated what FoxNews had on its morning shows today and my heart took a big gulp everytime I saw an American flag today. I saw bumper stickers - "Never Forget" - old crusty ones that have been on those truck bumpers since 9-12-2001 and fresh, brand new ones on other vehicles. I saw the pictures people had posted on their web sites, of the burning WTC, of people falling to the ground and I read Rachel and Instapundit and Michele and Patriette and Bill Whittle and I hope everyone took some time to read the words and thoughts of these amazing people. Yeah, I am still pissed off and everytime I see a small child without a mother or father as a result of that act of war, every time I see a fire truck driving through Tumwater or Olympia, I remember and I will never forget and it just makes my resolve even stronger and it makes me feel proud, lucky and blessed to be an American.

UPDATE: VodkaPundit has links to some amazing stuff too. And, of course, read Mr. Lileks.


Got some catching up to do.

Made two trips to Portland in the past two days, helping a friend move an antique 100 + year old armoire he and his wife bought. It was quite the fiasco. We towed a trailer behind my truck, planning on putting the main body of the cabinet in the trailer along with the base and the crown and put the two doors in the bed of my truck, wrapped and padded in blankets. Ah, the plans of mice and men....

The armoire is about 8 feet tall with all of its parts and pieces on - the cabinet itself is 6 and a half feet tall, 5 and a half feet wide and about 24 inches deep. The trailer was a 6 foot by 12 foot box trailer rented from UHaul. Of course, the sliding door to the trailer was 5 feet 5 inches wide and about 5 feet 4 inches tall. Too small to get the armoire cabinet through. Crap.

So, we decided to take the shell off of my truck and place the shell in the trailer along with the doors, the top and the base. Guess what doesn't fit in the trailer either? Of course, we discover this after scratching the crap out of the canopy and it will require a trip to the auto-body place to have the gouges filled in, sanded and re-painted - my friend says he will pay for that, no problem. So now, we have the body of the armoire loaded in my truck, wrapped like a gigantic 12 layer burrito with almost a complete roll of duct tape and twine holding 10 blankets around the cabinet. Red Green would have been proud of us! The canopy to the truck would stay in one of the loading bays of the antique store and we would just head back on Sunday to get it, no problem!

We get the armoire back to Olympia, manage to get it in the entry-way of their house and that is as far as it is gonna go. We decide that it will take a few more people to get it lifted up above our heads, over the stair railing and up the stairs. No problem, they just call a few friends and they will meet us on Sunday after we get back from Portland.

Back to Portland Sunday. We recruit a guy from the antique store to help us place the canopy back on my truck, and while holding one side of the canopy while lifting it on to my truck, it slips and places two deep, nasty gouges on the side on my truck! Great! Of course, my friend says he will pay for it and I don't doubt that at all. He feels worse about it than I do actually, so I will get an estimate and let him know in a day or two.

Anyhow, back to the trip - on the way back, we stop in Longview, a few miles off the highway, to get some gas - it took $53 bucks to fill it up there at $1.99 a gallon, sheesh. After grabbing a soda at the station, my friend notices something sticking out of my tire and it is the head of a huge carriage bolt of some kind. Fan-freaking-tastic. I have a spare, but the tire isn't loosing any air and we try to find a Les Schwab place, but being a Sunday, nothing is open so we have to make a run for it and see if we can make it home.

We do make it home with no problems. That was a big relief. I had it fixed this morning at the tire place and the guy said that if it had come out while driving, the tire would have gone immediately flat. Thank goodness it stayed in.

So, back to the armoire. When we got back yesterday, a few of their friends were there to help us move the armoire upstairs. They needed to purchase this in the first place because the old house they bought has maybe 2 closets altogether, so the armoire was going to be put to some good use. Remember how big that thing is? Well, after about 30 minutes of bashing walls and ceilings and lots of cursing and sweating like field hands, the armoire now sits in the living room. The stairs were too small by about 1 inch on the diagonal to get that thing up the stairs and no, it can't come apart. I suggested that they just cut that sucker in half, get some dowels or something to put the top half on the bottom half and everything would be hunky-dory. That idea didn't go over very well, can't imagine why they wouldn't want to cut a 100 year old, $2000, antique armoire in half!!

It is an amazing piece of furniture though. As old as it is, someone must have hauled that thing "around the Horn" or something to get it in Portland! Solid oak, all through-out, dove-tailed joints, one door holds a mirror that covers almost the entire panel and the mirror itself is at least a half-inch thick and weighs about 200 pounds. It will make a fantastic entertainment center but truthfully I think they will sell it and get something else. Bummer.

Not much else going on. The Chiefs won, which is fantastic and the Seahawks won also, so things are good. Mariners aren't doing too hot but they have a few games left, it will at least be exciting, hopefully.