Up late (early?), Mars must be emitting powerful waves or something tonight. I was plenty tired when I hit the sack at 11:30 or so, read a little bit, started drifting off and then my bed got uncomfortable, the pillow got to lumpy and I started thinking about some options I have now regarding work and that pretty much put an end to the sleep possibilities.

This does give me a chance to catch up on some blog reading and get an early start on Lileks for the day. I had been cheating and reading his next days post before I went to bed but I have tried to control myself and wait until the morning to read the Bleat. So, since I am up and the sky is slowly getting brighter, I sneaked (snooked, snanked?) (er....snuck) over to the Bleat and it is another good one.

Ok, I need to go get caught up on the reading, see what news is burning up the blogosphere and then I will try to get some sleep.


Some more programming notes, I added a few other blogs to the links to the left and I encourage you to check them out. The first is Roger L. Simon, mystery novelist, screenwriter, photographer and fellow Lilek's fan.

Next is Jim Miller, a Seattlite with a great perspective on things. He attended the Bush demonstrations in Bellevue and then followed that up with a great piece on salmon and breaching dams in Washington. As a side note, I had a discussion with some liberals at a BBQ the other night and they were commenting on the salmon and dam situation and bagging on Bush and Republicans in general. I pummeled them with some facts about the matter (picked up on Jim Miller's blog) and then asked them if they liked Washington apples and Washington wine and grapes and hops and mint and all the other agricultural products that the state would not be able to produce after the dams and the benefits of irrigation were gone. Then I asked them what energy alternatives they would like to propose, they pretty much shut their traps and wandered off. Yes, we can breach those dams, but it is going to put who-knows-how-many workers out of work in the agricultural areas of the state and the anti-Bush-pro-Dean ding-dongs didn't like the idea of putting up a couple of nuclear power plants. This is also a big difference between the liberal west side of the state versus the conservative east side of the state. It makes for some very interesting politics here in Olympia. BTW - we had grilled salmon for dinner.....

Sugarmama has been a daily read for a long time, I would access her site through Acidman's Gut Rumbles site and decided I needed to put a direct link on my site, maybe she will notice me and want to marry me, lord knows I need a sugarmama!! When I read her essays and entries, I can almost hear her accent, thanks to an mpeg sound file she has on her site, not sure where it is now or I would link it. Fantastic. Plus, she lets her dog write entries every now and then, good stuff.

Next up is the Patriette, another great Texas blogger who just got started doing this on the 16th of this month. She has some great stuff already, go read it all.

I think that's it for new links on the left there. I know I am overlooking something, it will come back to me later. Take care and enjoy the good reading material!!

As others might say, light blogging for the past couple of days.

Still rather warm here, today we set a record for having 50 days in a row where the temperature was above 70. Kind of funny that is a record. Supposed to be in the high 70's and low 80's the rest of the week and through the weekend.

Helping a buddy move this weekend into an old Victorian house that they recently bought. Everyone is buying new homes: the du Toit's, Rachel Lucas, and four of my closest friends in this area. Just heard from another friend that they are expecting their first child in March, which is fantastic. He might be coming up in a week or two to do a little shooting out at the range.

Speaking of guns, after seeing Open Range the other day, my Bro is totally fixated on Old West guns now, he knows the history of every Winchester ever made and has read the reviews on every single action pistol available. He has also scoured the web for all of the Cowboy Action shooting events in this area. I think the movie has created a monster!!

Programming Note: If you haven't been there yet, Rachel sacrificed herself for us and watched the Michael Moore movie and has a review.

Got a nice message on Alphecca regarding my linking to that site last week. Jeff's Weekly Check on the Bias is a "must read" and I know a lot of us are very grateful that he provides that service. And yes, Jeff, I will post some more pics of the pup soon!

I mentioned a few days ago that Blogger was messed up and took me to Hawken Blog when I entered my URL. I spent a little time reading that site and mentioned that it was a damn good blog and anyhow, I got a note from one of the contributors there thanking me for the comment, I think that is pretty damn nice. Hawken Blog is now included on the left, so go check it out and Nitin, thanks again for the note.