Matrix III trailer. Kick. Ass.
Fall is coming, I can feel it today. Leaves are starting to fall and there is that certain smell to the air. I mentioned the other day that I had a ton of apples - when I mowed I had to pick up about two bushel baskets of them or my side yard would have looked and smelled like an applesauce factory. I tossed the apples over the back fence into the pasture and they were gone the next morning. Lots of happy cows out there and I am sure that they will be back for more.

Blogger is out of whack at the moment, when I enter my blog URL, it takes me to Hawken Blog, which is a damn good blog! Check it out. (like you can even see this entry at the moment anyhow......)

UPDATE: Ok, things are back to normal.....probably just needed to publish.


Via Alphecca, a story on Cold Fury that I missed regarding "Bitches with Guns." Heh.
Here is a great satellite photo of the Northeast Blackout that a buddy from NASA has been passing around, pretty amazing...

UPDATE: Apparently this photo has been faked, it did seem a little too dramatic. Well, at least I wasn't the only one, here is a link to JunkYardBlog's site with more images of what it really looked like. Thanks to intrepid reader "Mom" for pointing that out to me! Indeed! LOL.


Forgot to mention that I saw Open Range yesterday. Without getting into any detail, it was just fantastic. It contained all of the elements of every great Western you might have ever seen: Silverado, Unforgiven, Tombstone, High Noon, The Wild Bunch, Outlaw Josey Wales, Lonesome Dove and on and on.

It is a definite "must see" and I think I will go see it again tomorrow!

Mowed the weeds today, that is the only damn thing that is growing in my yard at the moment. The grass is gone, gone, gone so I had to follow the wheel trails made by the mower to make sure I mowed the entire area. Should have just busted out the weed eater. We haven't had rain here in quite a while and I am sure as hell not gonna water the grass, I still think I have issues from mowing left over from when I was a teenager. Just going to let that grass sit there, all nice and tan and crunchy.

I have a ton of apples already, looks like a bumper crop this year and the deer and cattle that inhabit the field behind my house are going to get lots of apples to eat. Good stuff. Sage even tried a bite of one, but spat it out pretty quickly. I will have to wait and see if she likes ripe apples better than the little green one she tried. And yep, she still hits me up for a couple of blueberries every night. I also have quite a few blackberries this year too, she won't get any of those though, I don't need any blackberry sprouts coming up in and around her favorite spot, if you know what I mean.

Learned a valuable lesson yesterday: Don't try to strip your Ruger 22/45 all the way down for cleaning. Sheesh. I have a little pile of parts now and I will have to surely go hat-in-hand to a gunsmith to have it all put back together.

More later......

Been reading this site for a while and this entry is especially good.

Alphecca's Weekly Gun Bias for August 20th. It's a long one but contains some info we all know about and have known about for years but it helps to brush up on it when you might have to deal with asshats like I do here in Olympia.

It's all for The Children.
Hah, I should have done this with Sage!

Steady's Spaghetti: a dog's blog

Link found on Rachel's site

Finally made contact with the HR gal at a very interesting company in Seattle and might have an interview there in a few days. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
If you don't check Bill Whittle's site twice a day like I do, you need to go check it out because he has a new essay up -- Responsibility.

Once again, out-freaking-standing. I can't wait to buy a case of his books.



Second time this has happened with the same company. I miss a call from the HR person, I call back and of course, they aren't there and I leave a message. It has happened twice now. Crap. Maybe tomorrow I will get lucky.


While walking up the steps to the loft/office last night, my foot kicked something on the floor that was metal. I looked down and it was Sage's rabies tag from her collar. Some how, somewhere, she had apparently gotten the key-ring-doo-hickey that the tag attaches to the collar with snagged on something and it was stretched all the way out. Looked like a capital "C". She must have snagged it on something serious because the key ring-like attachment was pretty heavy duty. I looked around the yard to see if there was a piece of fence that she tried to crawl under or anything that she could have snagged her tag on but couldn't find anything. I am guessing that it happened Saturday day/night while I was in Seattle.


Speaking of which - an old friend of my brother, the old friend's mom, brother and sister-in-law were in Seattle for a couple of days after taking a week long sailing vacation in the San Juans. They had a great time up there and the weather was perfect. The friend's brother is a fellow that I graduated from HS with and it was good catching up with him for a bit, but he had been fighting a virus for a few weeks so he went back to the hotel to rest up. The rest of us walked about 500 miles through Seattle - the Market, all along the Pier, Pioneer Square to see the bums and panhandlers, back to the Pier, then up to Bell Town for some meatloaf at the 5 Point Cafe. The mom and the sister-in-law took off after that so it was just the three of us. It seems like we hit every bar from Bell Town to the Market area and damn, we had a good time. Lots of good stories were rehashed over meatloaf and the mom heard a few of them that she hadn't heard before. The Bro and his friend were a little worried about revealing some of their capers, but the Mom told them that she had stories that they would probably never hear either!

Okie dokie, enough for tonight. If anything happens job wise, you will be the first to know. Wish me luck.
There is just not enough time in the day!

Found this on Clayton Cramer's site:

The Everett, Washington City Council has decided to support keeping a Ten Commandments monument at the old city hall:

After hearing repeated history lessons and a call to turn back the tide of intolerance, the Snohomish County Council unanimously adopted a resolution supporting the city of Everett's controversial Ten Commandments monument.

The monument, located outside Everett's old city hall, is the subject of a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Seattle.

Last month, Everett atheist Jesse Card filed suit in hopes that the court would order the removal of the 6-foot-tall granite slab, something Card says is a sectarian religious display that violates the U.S. and state constitutions.

On a 5-0 vote Wednesday morning, county council members passed a resolution supporting Everett's efforts to keep the monument.

"I have seen the other side of the coin so to speak," said County Councilman Kirke Sievers, recalling a recent trade trip to China. "And I wouldn't want to live there."

"There's no religion in China. I didn't see one cross, one church," Sievers said.

And at his hotel, "I didn't see Bibles in the drawers."

When I worked in Everett, we were reviewing data conversion proposals for a big GIS project and one consulting firm proposed using offshore facilities in India to convert the data for about 1/3 the cost of the other proposals. Councilman Sievers stood up at the end of the presentation and said that the county would not send this work offshore, there was no way in hell that was going to happen. Gotta like that.