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Vehwy intewesting......

I replaced the shocks on my truck a couple of weeks ago. With the larger tires I was getting a serious rhythmic bounce in the front end and it was making me insane in the membrane when I drove any distance over 25 miles. Hell, it was so bad that when I sang in the truck, I sounded like Ed-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-ie Ved-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-er, no mater what song I was singing along with. The new shocks smoothed that out but in the past week or so, I noticed a strange, fast squeak-pop up front and sometimes, driving down the highway, it felt like I had run over a team of little leaguers and they were beating the floorboard under my truck with their baseball bats. Very disconcerting.

So, I swung by the tire/shock place yesterday - Les Schwabb - and what a great place it is. When you buy tires there, you can get them rotated every week if you want - FOR FREE and when you pull into the parking lot, a cheerful Tire Technician always runs out to meet you and asks what they can help with. There is free popcorn inside and that lovely, wonderful smell of New Tires, ahhhhhh! This time, I told the fellow that I had purchased these new shocks and I explained the squeak-pop and the thumping under the floorboard and they said that they would take a look at it and see what the problem was.

The Tire Technician took the truck out for a test drive, returned to the store and pulled it into one of the bays, kept it there for a while, then took it for another drive and out onto the highway. I didn't see what they did while it was parked in the repair bay, but when he pulled back around, he said they couldn't find anything wrong other than the rattle in the exhaust (another story for another day).

I told him that as long as everything was tight in the suspension and with the new shocks and where it should be, I was fine with that and that maybe I just wasn't used to the new shocks yet because they do have a different feel.

Well, as soon as I pulled out, the truck felt different, handled different and there was no squeak-pop and the trapped-little-league-team sound was gone too. I drove it about 90 miles today and it rides like a luxury car, nice and smooth - no - it was actually smooooove. I reckon they found something up in there that they overlooked the first time and due to liability or whatever, they just fixed it and acted like nothing was wrong.


The weather here today is absolutely perfect. You should all be envious because it is going to be like this allllllll week and then it will get even better! HAH!!


HULK movie GOOD!

HULK movie dark and intense.

HULK movie graphics jaw-dropping.

HULK movie better than reviews say - HULK SMASH reviews!!!!

Jason not blink for 2 hours 20 minutes.

Nick Nolte - Oscar nomination

Jennifer Connely - YOWSA!!!! Jason say HUBBA HUBBA.

HULK movie - see again!!