Haven't posted anything to the blog for a few days so I thought I better throw something up here.

It is a beautiful day here in Olympia, the house is clean, the dog is happy and I am going stir crazy. I chuckled at my friends who, after returning home after working on the Shuttle Project, said they were impatient at work, were frustrated with their jobs and wished they were back in Texas working. Now I know what they meant.

Being back home is hard. On the job in Texas, things were simple and straight-forward, someone made my bed every day for me while I was at work, meals were easy, our days were uncomplicated and our tasks were cleanly delineated. I find myself frustrated at all of the crap that I have, my possessions - there is just stuff everywhere. It was nice that everything I needed in Texas just fit in a couple of bags!!

At home I have racks of clothing I don't wear. I have shelves and a refrigerator full of stuff I will never eat. Of course, there are the books, the artwork, the music, the firearms and other things here that I couldn't just pitch aside.

I do know that I am going to start putting a pile together of things I can either donate to some charity or sell at a garage sale. I have started back at the gym and once and for all, I am going to throw out all of these damn clothes that I have been packing around for years and years - if I put more weight on, I will have to pay for new stuff and that will keep me on track with the diet and exercise. Yes, I know that I won't probably work on another job like the Shuttle Recovery (let's pray that never happens again) but I am finding that I enjoyed the simplicity of fitting what I needed into the trunk of that rented Taurus.

Another thing I have noticed over the past few days is that it is dark here. Not dark outside - the days are getting longer and longer, soon we will have at least 17 or so hours of daylight every day - but it is too damn dark in my house. It is like a cave in here sometimes and I need more lamps or brighter colors or something! I will have to be creative with the house, there aren't too many options.

Stopped at the hardware store this morning and picked up a bag of "weed and feed" for the yard and a couple of new flags for the house. One of the things I noticed in Texas that I really liked was that almost every house had an American flag and the state flag flying. Some were small and were hanging by the end of the drive-way or on the front of the house but others had fantastic displays by the front gates to their property. Several small towns I passed through had hundreds of flags flying, every store front, every light pole. That was very refreshing and contrasted heavily with the area I live in where people still proudly display their "No War in Iraq" posters.

Ok, gonna zap this out to the page and check some other sites that I have missed reading for some time., have a great day!