I haven't had too much time to read blogs over the past couple of weeks, but took a little time this morning to read Lileks.
Some people want to grow up and be firemen, pilots, astronauts, cowboys, policemen, computer geeks, bull riders, actors, singers, artists, or sports stars.
When I grow up, I want to be James Lileks. 

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Another day, just like the last one - deja vu all over again.
It seriously seems like every day is the same as the last one.  Ever seen that movie "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray?  That is what it is like.  We all have a hard time remembering what day it is or what the date is, and during the work day the time flies by and all of a sudden it is 8 PM!!
Yesterday did have a few interesting things happen - one of the crews found some personal items from the shuttle.  After a while, you kind of get used to handling carbon fiber composite and miscellaneous metals so when you see this stuff, it really makes you remember that it wasn't just a machine that burned up and crashed. 
I think there is another astronaut that is going to coming around today or tomorrow.  They are very appreciative of the work that is being done here and they come around to tell every single person "thank you."
Not too much else to report today - I may or may not be staying at this site after Saturday, I have yet to hear about that.  The folks in the main office are happy with what I have been doing, so maybe if the manager I relieved comes back, they will send me somewhere else to help out. 
Ok, need to get back to it, more later hopefully.

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Nice and cool...

Very cool morning here in East Texas, a nice break from the warm, humid weather we have had for the past few days.  The temperature is only supposed to get up into the 50's today and the 60's tomorrow, very nice.
Just got my reports sent off to all of the respective big wheels, now I need to repackage some items before they are shipped off to the airbase. Will write more later.....

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Important Update

After more than a week, I finally got my watch set correctly.  For more than a week, I have simply been adding two hours to the displayed time but after Daylight Savings Time, I had to add 3 hours and doing that and using military time at the same time requires spare brain cells that I don't have available at the moment.  It figures that the company that makes this kick-ass watch has their own freaking website with downloadable PDF files showing how to set the watch.  The manual it came with is about 3/4 of an inch thick!  It still does about 45 other things that I haven't figured out yet though, maybe I will print out these instructions and study them tonight.
Not sure what I would do without the internet.......

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Didn't get a chance to write anymore last night, but did end up working until about 9 PM which is an early evening for this bunch.  Got a good night's sleep and woke up 3 mionutes before the wake-up call at 6 AM, I think I am getting the hang of this.
Late lunch break out here, we just cleaned up the bay because there is supposed to be some big wheel from NASA stoping by later today, so things had to be straightened up, hauled out, sweeped, etc. 
I am collecting a pretty good sized pile of great NASA photos, badges, pins and posters and at the Incident Command Post Commissary, they are selling some amazing hats, t-shirts, jackets, fleece vests and other things which I am sure I will have at least one of before this is over.
Seeing this whole operation work is just an amazing thing.  I know I have mentioned this before, but the effort this is taking and manpower behind all of this is just astounding.  There have been some snafus in procedure during the time I have been here, but overall, problems are dealt with immediately and issues are addressed.  Pretty sweet.
Ok, I need to get ready for a meeting, but I will try and write more later.

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A Nice changfe of pace..

Remember when I mentioned the rain earlier?  That brought all of the teams in early, all the data is checked, downloaded, transferred, transcribed, etc.  It is actually almost 5 in the evening here and it looks like I may be able to go home and actually enjoy a quiet evening and get a regular, full night of sleep.  Not too shabby.
I am going to finish up some paper-work, but I will write some more later. 



We are having a true "frog choker" out here at the moment and it is incredible.  HUGE rolling thunder and flashes of lightning, we can hear the rain pounding on the roof of the balloon hangar we are in.  Hopefully all of the computers are on surge protectors!  This is one thing I miss about weather in the Midwest, we never get anything like this in Western Washington.
I saw on the news this morning that someplace north of here had 3" hail - I bet there are some cars without windshields and the rest of the car looks like a golf ball.