Had an interesting night last night, I was shocked awake at about 3:30 AM by a serious raccoon tussle right outside my window. I had to get up and knock on the window to scare those suckers off. The masked avengers have been AWOL for a while, my yard must have been off of their routine for a month or so. I think the cat next door has staked his claim to his yard during the early morning hours and has kept them away for a while. They showed up with a vengeance last week when they knocked over a full garbage can and drug all of the trash into the ditch. That was fun cleaning that up at 2 in the morning.

Oooh, forgot to mention, Rachel is back!! Amen.



First Rachel, now Mrs. du Toit.

I will not remove my link to her site as she requested because the essays and articles on her site are great reading and I have learned a great deal from her and I will return often. Connie, you will be missed. Come back as soon as you can and congratulations on the new project!
Another instance of a woman using a weapon to scare off would-be burglars. I love seeing these stories in the paper and actually saw a brief story on the news last night. What the article doesn't convey properly is the 9-1-1 call the woman made while scaring off the burglars - it was absolutely amazing and she yelled with a voice that would have scared the bee-jee-bus out of anyone. She appeared on TV to be tiny and the Remington 1100 semi-auto she pulled from underneath the bed dwarfed her. The thugs crashed and fell through her door after coming in through the garage and looked up to see that shotgun pointed at them. On the TV report, she said that they were running so fast that it looked like their clothes were flying off their bodies and as they rounded the corner at the end of the street, they ran right into the squad car that was responding to the 9-1-1 call! Book 'em Danno!! Excellent.

Not too much else to report here, cool rainy day (aren't they all like that up here?) and the wind is blowing pretty good. I hear that in Seattle the clouds and storm have moved off to the east and now are dumping 2 - 3 feet of snow in the Cascades, but it is sunny and beautiful in town.

Sage is sleeping on the floor behind me after a rambunctious hour or so of running and playing. I had to wake her up last night because she was having a bad dream and shaking the whole bed and she snores so bad sometimes that I have to reach over and wake her up and push her into a different position. Pretty damned funny. She always looks at me with that "What????" look on her face.

More later......


Life is like fly fishing, or, at least, looking for a job is like fly fishing. I have been sending out the same resume for a few weeks after I made some modifications and yesterday, I made some more. It is just like tying a new fly, presentation is everything and the new resume worked because I got 2 calls today from recruiters for a couple different positions with some great companies in Seattle. I will hopefully have an interview in the next couple of days and set the hook. I didn't really even change the content, just moved some sections around and it worked. Just like changing a fly pattern or the length and weight of your tippet, it is all about putting the right set of circumstances together to get that big boss-hog trout to come out from behind that log: the perfect cast, mending that line to take up the slack, the fish gently sipping that fly in, wait, wait, wait, and then set that hook. It just takes a little patience.

And yes, I reckon life is the same as fly fishing, it is all in how you present things and how you mend that line. Damn, I could write an entire entry and use nothing but fly fishing metaphors!!

The first dude I talked to wouldn't tell me what company they were trying to hire for but he gave me enough clues to figure it out so I have spent the evening researching and learning quite a bit about the organization, I even know what kind of hobbies the CEO enjoys! Pretty amazing what you can find on the internet.


Sunday afternoon here, cool rainy day so far, but we need the moisture.

Went to my friend's house this morning and checked out her new Glock 17. She has a gun bag and accoutrements already and is pretty excited to own a firearm of her own. She got a pretty good deal and in fact, bought her pistol at the gun store in Tacoma that the "alleged" Maryland sniper "shopped" at.

The new Glocks are pretty nice, not the prettiest things in the world, but they do the trick. My Glock is the firearm I would grab if I needed something that would shoot and keep on shooting, in the dark, under the water, in the mud. It has never, ever failed me and I have put 5,000 rounds through it over the past 8 or 9 years. Never had a malfunction, no "stove-piped" shells and it has always shot where I pointed it.

I mentioned the other day that this friend was a liberal democrat that graduated from the local super liberal college - the college student body requested cop killer and current death-row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal speak at their commencement in 1999. Nice.

Anyhow, I was surprised when she told me she was getting a firearm, but I am also very happy for her. She has lived on the outskirts of town for quite a while, has a housemate that stays there approximately 10% of the time and a young son who is there every other week or so. Years ago, I tried to convince her to get a firearm of some kind and ended up loaning her a 32 ounce softball bat that has been under the edge of her bed for a few years, it was better than nothing.

She has been practicing for a few weeks and has become a fairly good shot. I didn't help her with her training, her boyfriend did that, but it is always fun to teach a gal to shoot. They tend to figure it out quicker and don't have any preconceptions when it comes to guns. I have taught men to shoot over the years and they tend to bring along the 9 - 13 year old boy-baggage and think that since they handled a Daisy Red Ryder 20 years ago, they can pick up a 45 LC Ruger Vaquero and tap out a smiley face at 15 yards. Women don't have that gun shooting/toting ego and tend to have better concentration and to listen better to instruction.

I am very happy for her and it is important to me that she did this. So many people think of gun owners as truck-driving, tobacco-spitting hillbillies (enough about me though) so it is nice to see a 20-something, professional, single mom take up the hobby, it is nice to see a woman admire a fine firearm, it is nice to see a woman eager to go target shooting, it is nice to see a young woman interested in her constitutional rights and to see her take interest in protecting herself and her loved ones.

Ok, enough of that for now.

Just finished up a wonderful book, Joel Vance's Bobs, Brush and Brittanies: A Long Love Affair with Quail Hunting. I have immersed myself in the current political goings-on, reading everything I can get my hands on so it was a nice to sit back and read about bird hunting and the Midwest, to read these wonderful dog stories and tales of quail hunting, good friends, and the love of the land. I met Mr. Vance years ago when he conducted a book signing at my mom's bookstore and have always enjoyed his articles in the Missouri Conservationist magazine. He is a very nice, intelligent man with a great passion for good dogs, good guns and his family. Thanks for the book Mom!