I have managed to thread a long length of co-ax cable to my bathroom and I am now ensconced in my hermetically sealed TERROR ALERT HIGH Protection Bunker aka the bathroom. I figured it would be the best place as there is only one small window which I have triple sealed with plastic sheeting and 3 layers of duct tape and I have given the bathroom door the same treatment. I have my 4 weeks worth of canned goods (and a can opener!!) piled in a corner by the vanity, I have a sleeping bag, bottled water, a couple bags of dog food (for Sage, and, er, me if need be) and after getting that cable strung up, I now have full access to the outside world!! I even left a note by the mailbox so the mailman can hold my mail while I am in the bunker. If I had a smaller TV, I would have brought it in here too, lord knows I have about 20 yards of cable leftover, but that damn TV is too big and there are only so many outlets. As it is, I have the computer, monitor, surround sound speakers, my cell phone, my home phone, my beard trimmer and a lamp plugged into a power strip and I am worried a little about the fire hazard.

This is the best place to hide out though, the toilet is right there (Ridge (doh!) didn't say anything about THAT in his warning, did he?), I have a shower, a well-fed water supply and plenty of room to spread out at night. The only bad thing is moving the monitor from on top of the toilet seat when I need to, uh, go. I just wish I had one of those new Smith & Wesson 500's with me. I put a call into the Gun Pimp to get one ordered up, but I guess the other 24 rifles, pistols and shotguns I have will have to do for now. It was a relief to discover that I could mount the Lee Loader for my 12 gauge right to the sink counter top!! And if I do it just right, I can keep the empties in one drawer to the right and when I work the reloader, it drops the new, loaded shell right into the other top drawer!! I am, however, worried about all the ammo and the 500 pounds of birdshot piled into that corner right by the toilet, that is a lot of weight in one spot so I should spread it out a little. Hell, there is probably enough that I could make a raised platform for my bed!! Now if I can just keep the mice from keeping me up all night!

I hear the neighbors out mowing the yard and every now and then a truck or car drives by, so I am not sure what they are out there doing. THREAT LEVEL HIGH damnit!!!

heh heh

Ok, seriously, I am really THAT bored today. Nothing good on TV, watched some cheesy SciFi movie about giant Komodo Dragons and watched part of Amelie earlier, I was laughing and enjoying the movie until I realized it was French!! (she sure is a cutie though). The usual dread-locked trust fund baby Evergreen College perma-students are up protesting BUSH and OIL in downtown Oly, and I would have mooned them if I could have done that and drive my gas-guzzling 8 MPG V-freaking-10 Dodge Ram at the same time. The single best commentary on the war protests today with a picture that just sums it all up sooo sweetly is over at Little Green Footballs, it is a must see.


Glenn Reynolds hits one out of the park again, go read his MSNBC column on genocide, gun rights and the United Nations. This is why we have guns:

"....not one of the principal genocides of the twentieth century, and there have been dozens, has been inflicted on a population that was armed." (quoted in article, excerpt originally from Washington University Law Quarterly.

And there is more.....



You never realize how important your internet connection is until it is slow or non-existent!! anger......building.......eyes......bugging......out.........!!

Quiet day here, dealing with business licenses and Federal Tax ID's and all of that stuff, the fun just won't stop!!

Working on some XML tonight, woo hoo, not too much else to report but I will let y'all know if anything exciting happens!!!
Ah, what a great dog show that was, last night I knew that the Kerry Blue Terrier would have a shot at the Best in Show award tonight and he was awesome. It was interesting reading that, last year, he was very excitable and that might have prevented him from winning previously but he did a great job tonight. What a wonderful dog!!


What is it about the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show that always makes me so emotional? It is about 8:50 out here and I know I could go look at a news site and see who won, but I am not going to do it. It is absolutely wonderful to see these dogs and the people that love them, taking their turn on the show floor, jesus christ, I start laughing and get tears in my eyes, it is so fantastic. The Brittany just won the Sporting Group and the handler actually said that he has hunted over this dog, and that is so damned cool. I have a fondness for the dogs that have some kind of working background like the hunting dogs and the herding dogs, although some of the micro-dogs from last night are so damned cute and have such wonderful personalities. I reckon most of them have some kind of utilitarian background as well, being used for chasing all kinds of vermin. Hell, dogs are just great, no matter what their background is!!! I'll take one of each. (Sage is actually keeping an eye on the TV tonight, kind of unusual for her, she is sacked out on the couch because we spent about an hour chasing the tennis-ball-donut doo-hickey)

More later!!
eeeeyup, up late tonight. Couldn't sleep last night due to the fact I had some critters running a track meet in the ceiling above my head. Very disconcerting. I don't think they were mice because the sounds of their little bodies scampering around had more impact and resonance than what I would imagine mice would sound like. So, I got up and beat on the ceiling for a while trying to scare them off so I could go back to sleep, but by then it was too late, I was up. Watched a little early morning FoxNews then finally got back to sleep as the sun was coming up. Now my sleep schedule is all out of whack and Sage is currently looking at me like I am a crazy man - why is he up so damned late???

Not too much going on up here, waiting to hear about a couple of employment opportunities and things are looking pretty good. Weather is cold and damp and it is good to just stay inside and have a warm drink. Ok, gonna read a little Ann Coulter and try to get some sleep.


Sunday night, taking care of some things around the house and waiting for Alias to come on in 45 minutes or so. Have had a great day, spent it with a friend, ran some errands, watched The Bourne Identity on DVD, had some pizza and some home-made sugar cookies. Friday night an old housemate of mine came down from Seattle and we had dinner at one of our favorite places and chatted until 1 in the morning over some good wine. She is now working for a yoga place in town that has 4 or 5 studios around the Puget Sound area and she is doing marketing and sales work, trying to increase their buisness and is also heading to New Mexico or Arizona in a few weeks for a month-long yoga instructor course. She is happy to be doing what she is doing, having had enough of the high-stress high tech sales business.


I was getting coffee Saturday at the usual place and as I was waiting in the drive-through, a woman whipped her truck in behind me and hopped out and came jogging up to my driver-side window. At first I thought, crap, maybe I have a flat tire or did I run over a pet or did a rock come off of one of my tires and crack her windshield, but it ended up being a gal I helped last summer. She was the one who had blacked out while driving her truck and couldn't see and had stopped right in the middle of the road with her kids crying and screaming. When I saw her Saturday, she said that everything had ended up being ok and I asked her what had happened. I think I mentioned when I first wrote about this that she had cut herself with a picture hanger on her wrist, and apparently that little cut had caused an immediate infection that shut her system down. She was in the hospital for a day or so and is doing fine now. I also found out that she and her family live pretty close to me. Pretty cool.

Alrighty, 20 minutes or so until Alias comes on, need to get some things in the laundry and pop some corn. Talk at y'all later.

Oh, one more thing - did you happen to see the bull-puckey on 60 Minutes tonight regarding ballistic fingerprinting? Do these news people just NOT pay attention to the facts of the matter? Do they pay attention and then just decide not to report what is really going on because it doesn't fit with the liberal media's ideal? What a huge bunch of jackasses.