Happy Birthday!!!!
Awww, Dustin Hoffman is against the war now, damn it. I guess we should just go ahead and pull everyone out of the Middle East and let Saddam keep on executing his fun little plan over there, let him continue on with his minor acts of genocide and, hey, is there a way we can broker a deal between Iraq and North Korea? I know that Iraq would be a much better place with new-kew-lee-lar power. (kiss my butt) I have been waiting and waiting to hear what he had to say on this, and well, now I know and it has totally changed my mind. Go ahead and scratch my name in at the bottom of the "Not in Our Name" petition!!!

Jesus fricking christ, I can't believe this crap. People listen to these prancing nancy-boys who make a living out of pretending to be someone else and figure that since Dusty was in "Wag the Dog" and, er, "Outbreak", that he must know what he is talking about!! Dusty, can you please, please, please give us your thoughts on smallpox and ricin since you obviously pretended to be a scientist in at least a couple of movies?

Dustin, Susan, Sean and all of you other nitwits, just go ahead and keep it up.
A funny observation from today - I was picking up some lunch-to-go at a restaraunt in Olympia and saw a fellow trying to pick the locks on a cargo van in the parking lot. Funny thing was that he was picking the locks of a van with a giant logo on the side that said "Lock and Safe Company" and...it was his van. Now........you know..........the...rest of the story... heh.


Here we go.

Has been quite a while since I have really sat down here and blogged. Not too much is happening in my little world, waiting to hear back on the contract job in Seattle and am also interviewing with the Evil Empire of Redmond sometime later this week or early next week for a Program Manager position. Things are starting to look up and are moving right along. I am trying to hold back on being too excited about this stuff because I don't want to jinx it!

So, let's see, what has been happening....spent Saturday evening with the Bro and his family. Mrs. Bro fixed a wonderful pork roast with taters and carrots and parsnips and onions, good gravy too! Afterwards, we sat and watched Gone With The Wind. Let me tell ya, it has been years and years since I watched that and honestly, I am not sure I have ever watched the whole thing in one sitting. What a great movie! I had forgotten more about that movie and the underlying messages than I had ever remembered. Two of the Bro's kids watched and the oldest was working, but it was interesting to watch and listen to the reactions of the 10 year old and 13 year old girls as Scarlet manipulated her way through life, always focused on the unattainable goal of being Ashley's wife and Ashley just being a real bastard and leading her on until it was too late for him, for her and for Rhett.

So speaking of literature and all of that, get this! I checked on the hits my blog was getting and followed one link back to a web site: Barclay Barrios Cyber Lit 2.0 and it looks like MY BLOG is part of a literature teaching curriculum for Rutgers University!!! It is about halfway down on the class schedule, part of the assignment for April 1st, 2003, mentioned right along with Wil Wheaton's blog (the kid from Star Trek: The Next Generation, but of course, he is grown up now) and Yay! it's a Blog!. Who woulda known? Since it is April 1st, maybe it is a practical joke or something?? Kinda cool to be included in a section with William Gibson, one of my favorite authors and the owner of a relatively new blog. This is rather flattering, and the section of my blog that is required reading is from last year when I had just started all of this and used the blog as an outlet for a ton of emotions and feelings that I was, er, feeling and let loose with lots of stories and memories. It will be interesting to see if any of the students contact me and say "What the HELL were you thinking???!!!" I even took a screenshot of the page to prove to myself tomorrow that I wasn't seeing things.

UPDATE: Ok, this isn't fair. I thought the class was going to read last year's blog entries for March, but I didn't start blogging until April!! So that can only mean that they are going to be reading entries for THIS March!! That doesn't put any pressure on me!! Ugh. Can I put that in my resume???? Ok, back to the original entry....

Have been poking around the blogosphere today, reading more thoughts on the shuttle tragedy and I gotta tell ya, we need to just bomb the hell out of San Francisco. Did you read the bit in the Opinion Journal Best of the Web about the letters to the editor of the San Francisco Gate? Here is an excerpt from the Opinion Journal, originally published in the SF Gate:

The outtakes were considerably harsher and more jaded than the selection we printed. One letter writer flat-out accused the government of a secret plot to "sabotage the mission to direct future finances away from NASA to further the military industrial complex." A recurring theme was resentment that [President] Bush would somehow exploit the tragedy for political gain. . . .

For all the readers who asked, we do want to print more letters that pay "tribute to the memory" of the Columbia crew, as we have today. But we can only choose from among the letters we receive.

Are they part of the same country I live in? Have these people lost their freaking minds? And this is a portion of the letter that the above excerpt refers to:

I was wondering if anyone ever considered that God might just well be a kind of supernatural terrorist, intervening in things such as the space shuttle exploding over Texas, President Bush's home state.

Throughout the Biblical Scriptures, God has often acted like a supernatural terrorist, unleashing unexplained calamities against enemies. Could it be that God is trying to send a strong message with this latest tragedy to the lying, two-faced hypocrites in the White House? Is Bush going to declare war on God?

I would like to send them a strong message: HEY FUCKWITS. SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. You know what's funny? In the archive reference URL that the Opinion Journal has for the letter, they refer to the story as "#frisco" and man oh man, that really REALLY pisses people off who live there. You know what though? FUCK THEM. I have been open-minded about a lot of shit in my life, always tried to see the other side of things, I have tolerated liberals and their way of thinking, I have chuckled when folks have poked fun at W and I have kept my trap shut and tried to be as polite as possible, BUT NO MORE.

It just amazes me that people would act like this just because they don't like President Bush. It seems as if it has gotten to the point that if the Prez said the sky was blue, they would argue that it was green.