I woke up this morning and turned on the TV and saw what everyone has been watching all day. I listen to the words spoken by talking heads and the President and NASA program managers, talk of how wonderful these 7 astronauts were, talk of heat sensors and tire pressure and I am filled with grief just as many others are. I think of what it must be like to be that far above the earth, to be able to look down upon humanity and see the progress of our civilization, the empty expanses of wilderness, the network of roads and paths of light, the collections of cities and towns, so far away, yet so close to heaven.

I liked what President Bush had to say but I like it better that we have a leader of our country who felt some of the same emotions that I felt, that he wasn't able to grit his teeth long enough or to clench his jaws long enough to stifle the tears that ran from his eyes. I hope he has the resolve to continue supporting the Space Program, to not let the pansies and nay-sayers affect his decision and the choices he will make.

This morning as I watched all of this, I remembered being a little kid, maybe in 1st grade or second grade, and collecting the bottle caps from Coke or Pepsi that had all of the logos of the different space missions. For some reason, I have a memory of being in the driveway of the duplex we lived in, it was a sunny summer day and I had an entire bag of those things and I was showing them to my dad or my mom. The logos were printed on the little rubber gasket seal in the tops of the bottle caps and I would peel them out with my fingernails and save them. Who knows whatever happened to them, I am sure that after 30-some years they have broken down and are crisp and fragile.

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Debris track from NEXRAD via John Moore.


and another thing, I am not alone when I say that the majority of Washington state is embarassed and ashamed of Gary "Grid" Locke and the fact that he was chosen to give the response. He is pretty much worthless as a leader, manager and Governor but I am not gonna get into that either. I actually kind of felt sorry for the doofus. I guess that the Dimocrats figured that they might as well put someone on for the Dimocrat Party response who would not be around in a couple of years. And this is the same state that proudly offers up McDermott and Murray....ugh.
Not much to blog about lately, so I have been slacking off. Yes, all kinds of politics to write about and the State of the Union speech, but there are lots of folks out there going on and on about that stuff. I could say a lot about the content of the speech last night but the things that stick in my mind are the candid shots of the congress folks in attendance. Christine Todd Whitman elbowing the dude sitting next to her, the stifled guffaw coming out of Pelosi's mouth, McCain hitching up his pants, the snide, evil smile on Hillary's face, the smiles of rapture on some faces. The head-bobs from the armed forces folks when W started talking about kicking Iraq's butt.....

Waiting to hear about a job in Seattle. The bunch I interviewed with is waiting on some software from a third party and until that arrives, I have to wait. Unfortunately, the third party is notorious for shipping software late, they take their time and it has always been frustrating. Not very good customer service. As soon as it shows up I will be helping to write a Web API for some tools that the company in Seattle has. It will be some interesting work and hopefully a foot in the door for additional work.

Well, that is about it for now, I may write more later. I hope everyone is doing good out there.