Wow, flurry of activity here today. First off though, I update the links on the left, corrected the link to Mark's blog and added Bill Whittle's site as well. Go check 'em out if you get the time. Mark's site has been updated and has some cool graphics. Mr. Whittle's site is great too, you might remember him from the long discussion on Rachel's site. Forgive me for not being able to find the link to the original post.

So, here is the word from the front: I just got a call about a job I interviewed for a couple of weeks ago, they want to hire me. Also, I have an interview tomorrow with a company in Seattle and because I have an inside contact, I know I could have that job too, it is a 2 or 3 week contract job that would pay a truckload of money. Plus, had another call this morning with a recruiter in Bellevue about a contract PM job up there.... When it rains, it pours! But hey, I am not complaining!!

On to other topics, the "Peace Protest" aka "Support Saddam Rally" stories around the net are interesting. I think there were more people at our Big Game banquet on Saturday night than there were "Saddam Supporters" in Olympia - a virtual hot-bed of birkenstock-and-sandal wearing, whiny, moaning, liberal pansies. Go figure. For the full scoop, (like you haven't checked already) go check out the various articles InstaPundit has linked to and his comments. This is an especially good one. via InstaPundit (of course) Ooooh, Rachel has a great entry on the "Saddam Supporters" too. Follow the link and check out the pictures!!!


Lazy Sunday here, resting my bones and taking it easy. The opera Friday night was fantastic, one of the main characters, Ernesto, was played by a young tenor and he was amazing, he was able to hit those long, high notes that make tears well up in your eyes, the sound of his voice conveyed so much passion. Don Pasquale is a romantic comedy with all kinds of twists and turns, deception and humor, romance and laughter. Lots of good Italian banter and outstanding performances. Made it home about 3:30 AM and had to get back up at 7 AM to go help set up the auction/dinner which started at 4 PM, and then I was finally able to make it home last night after midnight!

Taking care of some chores around here today, networking the laptop and desktop and transferring files from the laptop which is starting to act a little strange. I have way too many important docs on there and only a floppy drive for backup, so just about everything is moving to the desktop and is being archived on CD. Haven't even had a chance to check the news and see what is going on yet, so no comments on current events. Got my first issue of the "National Review" yesterday - a Christmas present from my mom - Thanks Mom!!! - and am planning on spending some time with that later. Also, don't forget to watch Monte Walsh on TNT tonight at 8 - another good western - we need more of those!!!

Putting this here so I can plug Bill Whittle's site into my favorites later - yes, I am supa dupa lazy right now, bite me.