Interesting day so far. Helping wrap up preparations for the auction/dinner tomorrow night and getting the rest of the props I need for the raffle games. Spent half an hour in a fabric/crafts store and, for the first time in my life, bought fabric! I need it to cover a game board for tomorrow, so it was kind of funny. Apparently, the fabric/craft store had just mailed out their big sale flyer, so I stumbled into a frenzy of shopping and ladies with crazed looks on their faces grabbing piles and piles of fabric marked 40% off then another 50% off with the flyer!!!! All I wanted was some red fabric and a can of spray adhesive!! You should have seen me wandering around, trying to figure out what to do with the bolt of fabric: do I take it up front? do I take it to the cutting counter and do I cut it myself? What about these scanner doo-hickeys?? Anyhow, I finally got it figured out and laughed out loud when I caught a reflection of myself in the mirror while I waited in line, a 6' 4" monster standing among these 5' tall ladies.

So, leaping from auction/dinner preparations to another topic, I am off to the Seattle Opera tonight for a friend's birthday to see "Don Pasquale" - lots of fun, steamy on-stage sex and intrigue, all of the good stuff. Okie, I need to finish laundry and get the dog hair off of my suit. Talk y'all later.


(start sarcasm)
It was interesting watching the news last night and today. Did you see the news story where the officials were hauling off Pete Townshend's computers from his apartment in London? I reckon that if we applied the same rationale that gun-grabbers use to define "evil guns", the Mac would be the tool of choice for kiddie pornographers, the graphics are superior and good lord, anyone with a mac can sit at home and make their own home movies and manipulate kiddie porn! I bet that if someone did a little digging around to find the preferred computer platform and OS of kiddie porn collectors and distributors, they would find that the Mac is the preferred assault weapon of child pornography. Shouldn't these things be restricted? All of the folks I know that have Mac's are just a little odd......

If there weren't as many Macintosh computers available to the general public and if there was some type of licensing and registration procedures put in place to govern the use of these evil machines, we would definitely see a reduction in the occurrence of child pornography. The only people that should have access to these types of computers should be the people that work for the government. (end sarcasm)

Seriously though. We don't know if Townshend is a kiddie porn freak yet, maybe he really was "just doing research", but it isn't looking good for him based on what I have heard. Bad people will find a way to do bad things, no matter what kind of regulations or rules or laws we put in place and IT ISN'T the gun/computer/vehicle/knife/book/poem/song/game that causes this, we don't need more laws, we need stricter punishment of the laws we already have (and that would just be the tip of the iceberg.)


I have seen two pheasants in the past two days! That is quite an odd site for this part of the country, they were introduced to the east side of the state years ago, and the state Fish and Wildlife program has been introducing them to the west side of the state for some time now, but the closest release site is about 50 miles from here! I am glad to see them expanding into other areas, although the first of the two I saw was a rooster and he didn't make it across the road and the other was a hen flying like a bullet across I-5 this morning.

Not too much else going on. Still pissed off about the dog.