I need to apologize in advance for this post, I had this in me and I had to try to get it out of my system before it twisted my heart and my soul any further. And no, it really didn't help me feel any better.

I have been avoiding this all week. Rachel blogged about it when it happened and I read what she wrote and I followed the link and I cried and cried and cried and I am sitting here typing on this damn laptop with tears running down my face again. It is the story of the Smoak family from North Carolina and the felony traffic stop and the shooting of their dog. I am not sure what upsets me more, that someone saw a wallet with money fly off the roof of this car and assumed it was a robbery (yeah, it was backwards day, the day robbers give money away) and called the police which then led to the stop and the shooting. Maybe it is the fact that I understand how stressful traffic stops like that can be for the police, my dad was a policeman for many many years and at any time, any night, any afternoon, some dipshit with a .22 pistol could shoot my dad as he pulled them over for speeding or a busted tail light or maybe just to help someone out, and just because he was a pig, a cop, a policeman, they would try to kill him and get away. I always worried about that and over the years it has just gotten worse and worse for police. I try to imagine the adrenalin coursing through that policeman's body and brain and his heart as he stepped out to confront that family that just threw $400 out onto the highway. I try to imagine what it was like for that family to be pulled over like that, to have that happen to them. I tried to have empathy for that officer, I tried to imagine the guilt that he must feel, but I know he doesn't. He was seen laughing about it afterwards with the other officers at the scene. I hope that it was a nervous laugh, that he was trying to cover and hide the tears coming out of his eyes and that he honestly has regret over what he did to that dog and that family. I really tried to understand.

But I can't. I am just a regular guy with a dog and I know exactly how I would feel and what I would do.

I have wondered many many times this week what would happen if I was pulled over and made to get out of my truck like that and had to leave my door open. Sage would jump right out because that is what we do when I stop and get out. Sage hops onto the driver's seat, analyzes the distance to the step-up bar, eases down to it, then following with her back legs as she leaps out away from the truck, finally landing on the ground with all of the joy and glee and happiness that a friendly, loving, happy dog can have. She always comes out like that, carefully, because her hip still bothers her from when she was dumped on a backcountry road. Sage would jump out and automatically run up to any person who was close, she would be confused and would be looking for protection around their legs, she would be trying to ease her body between their knees, leaning against them the funny way that she does, the same way she is with me right now, always with one part of her body against my leg, even when she is sleeping.

She would get shot, they would shoot her dead, right there, on the side of the road, they would shoot a shotgun at point-blank range at her and tear her head off of her body, drop her in her tracks, the same dog that I call Sweetie Pie or Doll Baby, they would kill her, the same dog that has such a sweet loving face, the same dog that was just scared and wanted to be close to someone, anyone - they would blast away the purest love I have ever seen or known on the face of this planet. Then, yes, without hesitation, remorse or regret, I would kill the person that shot my dog, handcuffed or not, it wouldn't matter if that officer had kids or grandkids or beautiful daughters or great sons or a wonderful wife or even cats or dogs of their own, that person had just shot my dog and I would kill him as dead as I could. He would wish that he had never been born, his life would flash before his eyes - the good things and the bad things he had ever done in his short life, all right there in technicolor, he would be begging to God for forgiveness, he would be crying for his mother.

I would use my face and my mouth and my body and my shoulders and my elbows and my legs as instruments of destruction and take that shaved-headed, cheesy-cop-mustache wearing, jack booted thug wanna be out into the middle of the highway and I would laugh and cry as the closest semi pulverized us as we rode the light fantastic down that lonely stretch of Tennessee highway. I would make sure that as my last act in this life that Officer Friendly and I were lined up with 1/2 of those 18 wheels, left hand side or right hand side, either side would be fine with me, wouldn't really matter. The carnage would be spectacular, legs and arms and heads all twisted together, up in the wheel wells, brains and bits and pieces by the guard rails, guts and innards twisted around the drive shaft and axles. They might get a few shots into me before we took that crazy-assed ride on the front of that Mac truck, then underneath that Mac truck, then behind that Mac truck, but I wouldn't feel any of it.

The Smoaks' dog was named Patton and I bet he was a good dog.


Thursday night and I am finally getting around to blogging. Have had a follow-up interview, it went so-so and I wasn't too happy with it. Had another meeting today with a telecom/co-lo company in Tacoma today too about some potential work. Things are starting to happen, just haven't felt like blogging too much.

There is so much in the news that is perfect fodder for blogs this week, that it has been hard to pick something to write about!!! Michael Moore, Hans Blix, Patty Murray, Barbra, Rangel, Schumer, Saddam, North and South Korea - where would I even start!!!???

And THEN!!! There are the jackasses burning SUV's, throwing who-knows how many pollutants into the air when they drive their trust-fund Volvo to the car lot and burn a 7500 pound lump of steel, rubber, plastic and glass down to a molten lump of goo. I wonder if those dim-wits have thought about the amount of pollution they are creating when they do that? All I know is that I enjoy driving my 9 MPG V10 around this wussie-ass liberal town.

The Olympia Brewery is closing down. The Brewery is now owned by Miller, but has been making Oly Beer in this town for over a hundred years, since 1896. Many articles refer to the fact that the brewery was not very efficient and that is why they are closing it down, but in reality, they couldn't afford the $14 million for improvements to their waste water handling facility. Not too many places left in this country where a 16 year old laborer working in the basement can end up being a Vice President of Operations. I will take a little time tomorrow to hit the grocery stores and stock up on Oly stubbies.

The old brew house still sits down by the Deschutes River and there is talk that someone is planning on purchasing and refurbishing it, I hope that happens, it is an important part of the heritage up here. "It's the Water."


Ah, Monday morning.

Have had a pretty good weekend, saw some old friends and took care of some chores. Still feel like I am bushed from the holidays!

This week is going to be busy. I have the final interview this week as well as a "side job" meeting with clients on Thursday and I am going to be busy the next couple of days putting together some promotional material.

So, Seattle has been in the news the past couple of days, those extraordinary TSA employees at the airport are doing a great job! The TSA employee who fell asleep yesterday from anywhere from 8 to 30 minutes and caused 4 of 5 concourses at the airport to be evacuated is getting suspended!!! Imagine that! You cost thousands of people their time and cost who-knows-how-many airlines thousands and thousands of dollars and you get suspended!!! What an amazing waste of time, energy and money! I sure feel safer! How about you??