Well, I was to find out today if I was going to have a "real" job or not, but it has been delayed until mid-next week. Long story short - company re-organized, I would have a new boss, he wants to meet me before they hire me. I can't blame him, but sheesh! I was getting excited to have benefits and getting off of the government dole!

All of my friends are having inordinate amounts of stress in their relationships, makes me feel good to be a single dude with a great dog!!! I have a lot more to say about all of this, but I think anyone in any kind of relationship knows that the holidays and travel put extra stress on the relationships. Enough said I reckon.

Finished some errands today for a conservation/hunting organization dinner/auction I am assisting with and I am pretty proud of myself. Was able to have a rifle, some knives and other paraphernalia donated by a new local gun store. All of these items will either be sold at auction or included as prizes for some of the games I am helping to run. Cool beans.

Alrighty, Sage is giving me that "Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease go throw the ball" looks, I better capitulate. More later.


Wooo weeee,

Have had a busy couple of days and things are going good. Looks like I may have a real job by the end of the day, which is a great thing, but it just might require a bit of a commute. Need to officially discuss my other side-projects with these folks to make sure there is no conflict and to get that on paper from them.

Have been to the airport twice in the past two days and was able to see the "Before and After" versions of the airport with new security check-in put in place. Looked very interesting and looked to be working smoothly but it still doesn't instill too much confidence in me to see the caliber of folks that work there. I am sure there are some good folks here and there working airport security, but I would feel much better packing a Colt .45. When I used to fly in the past, I carried an Emerson CQC7 in my carry-on backpack, never had any problems with security but now I know that would be a huge problem. It is always nice to be able to defend yourself and I just feel naked going to the airport anymore and I don't feel anymore secure.

Speaking of knives and guns! I picked up a copy of Exposure, an excellent movie with Peter Coyote and a great story that dives deep into the knife fighting culture. And gun news! Colt has come out with some new enhanced 1911's that have the heft, fit and finish of some of their products of the past. Also, they are selling brand-new versions of their Series 70 guns as well as historically accurate WWII .45's, accurate in detail down to the packing box, papers, manual and inspection marks on the guns. Pretty sweet.

Ok, I need to get moving and take care of some chores and get a coffee! More later.


Good Bye 2002! Don't let the door hit you in the ass! Hello 2003, I hope you are better!! Happy New Year everyone!!!


What a great day to watch ESPN2!!! Fish*On, my all-time favorite fishing show has been on all morning, I must have watched 5 hours of it and now, there is a show on Anna Kournikova!!! Wooo Hooo! Happy New Year!!


Just watching Congressman Rangel on FoxNews, doing his little reverse-psychology bit regarding the draft and the war, his theory is that if the armed forces are made up of draftees that any war would be cut short as there would be more clamoring from friends and family of the draftees. He also argues that members of the armed forces just joined for a nice, easy career and benefits, not to defend their country - what a bunch of hogwash! What an extreme jackass he is!

Haven't blogged in a couple of days, still recovering from the holidays and the trip, taking care of errands and chores around the house and yard.

As I mentioned, Christmas at my brother's place was a lot of fun. I woke up early and went over to his place about 7 AM or so, talked to my folks on the way over on the cell. When I got there, it didn't look like anyone was up but after peering in a window for a bit, I saw a couple of the girls shuffling around the living room, looking at the tree and gifts. This was kind of surprising to me cuz as we were growing up, my brother and I would wake up as early as humanly possible - the record being 3:30 AM one year! This year, I had to have the girls wake their mom up who then woke my Bro up! My how things have changed!!

The girls all had stockings stuffed to the gills with cool little trinkets and gizmos and the cats even had some little gifts in their stockings. After a while, everyone tore into their gifts and there were smiles and "oh my's" all around the house. My parents being new insta-grandparents, had sent some wonderful gifts that the girls really enjoyed. I think they are going to like being grandparents and they are already doing a great job!

I must have been a very good boy this year because I received some wonderful gifts from my family and friends and, in fact, received another one today in the mail! I still have piles of stuff here in the house that I need to organize and put away!

Sage is chomping on a leftover bone from dinner last night. I think this is her first "real" bone so I am monitoring it at every inch to make sure she doesn't just inhale the whole thing!!

Also on Fox tonight, I saw a news story about Shreveport, Louisiana and the sheriff there who puts on a program after Christmas every year to instruct kids on how to handle and safely shoot their BB-guns, 22 rifles and Christmas shotguns. We need more programs like this for many, many, many reasons! Bravo Shreveport!!!

Ok, I need to get off of here for a bit