Yeah, I know this is terrible, but I just saw some video of Bill Frist and I swear, at first I thought it was Stewart the little whiny kid from MadTV, they kind of look alike.....


Catching up on the news tonight and damn, Seattle is just full of interesting stories this week!

It appears that folks around here are getting fed up with crime and are taking things into their own hands, since the police here, in my opinion, are feeble and have been worthless since the WTO debacle.

A video store owner chased and shot at some thieves that stole video games from his store. He chased them onto the highway in his car and a high speed chase ended with the alleged thieves running off and the video store owner being arrested.....

The other incident happened the day before and involved a man whose car was stolen and he chased, shot and killed the alleged car thief that everyone is crying and whining about now - oh he was a good boy, oh, he had a meth habit but it wasn't his fault, waa waa waaa. Of course, they arrested the citizen whose car was stolen for the shooting. Golly gee, it was just a kid out having some harmless fun!!! Here's the best part:

Court papers say James (the thief) may have swerved the stolen car as if to drive Sims (car owner) off the road during the chase.

But Jerry Costello, chief criminal deputy prosecutor in Pierce County, said that if the issue of self-defense is raised at trial, "We feel we can disprove such a claim.

Isn't that wonderful? The alleged thief/punk had 2 prior car thefts on his record, guess he wasn't very good. The owner of the car may face 6.5 to 8.5 years in jail with an additional 5 years tacked on for using a firearm....

And then there is the wonderful Patty Murray. I swear, with her popping off this week and the crappola that McDermott spewed earlier this year, I may have to pack up and move to Idaho or something, sheesh. I am not even going to link to the article recounting Ms. Murray's statements.

Ok, back to more domestic issues: Christmas shopping is COMPLETE!!!! WOOT!!! Packages are shipped off, winging their way across the country to the Midwest, have a few more to wrap here and ahh hell, just remembered I need to get a couple more gifts....and I am not quite sure what to get a 10 year old girl and a 13 year old girl, sheesh. The usual dolls and makeup sets won't work because the 10 year old is a brainiac and would probably like a chemistry set or one of those old Wankel Engine model kits and the 13 year old, well....I will have to make some phone calls on that one!


Well, kind of a crappy morning so far. A friend of mine has lost custody of her son and I have been on the phone with her and I missed a meeting with another friend for coffee, so not a good day so far. It also just hit me that Christmas is next week! Holy Crap! With the wedding stuff and all of the running around for that I didn't really realize that until now! I even had a note from my mom basically saying the same thing (Holy Crap, Christmas is next week!) and it didn't really hit me until now!!!! Good grief. I need to get stepping and fetching and get some things shipped off today!!!! More later....


I know that many folks that read my site also read Rachel's site and have already read the amazing essay by Bill Whittle. Just in case there are one or two folks that don't quite understand why the 2nd Ammendment is so important or don't understand that I should be able to go to the garage and clean my Vulcan and my BAR's, please take a little time to read this: Guns and Freedom


So, and I am wondering if others have written about this yet and it seems to be just a side-story on news sites, but I think that the bacterial infections running rampant on the Marine Base is biological warfare and an attack by evil doers! Seriously, how often do 100 people get something like that at the same time? And again, what about the cruise ship stuff? Do you realize how easy it would be to put a couple of drops into their water system? And there is the story of the "strange substance" found at a New Jersey water reservoir. From my demented point of view, the sugar at the reservoir was just a test run by terrorists, seeing how far they could go before they do the real thing! I am gonna hit REI tomorrow and pick up a decent water filtration system just to have one around.

Mom has sent a few pictures of the wedding around to friends and family and I picked up the photos taken by the disposable cameras and the pictures all came out good but reminded me that I need to start working out again, sheesh.

Good grief, here is a weird, funny story that I will have to follow-up on: This afternoon a pretty gal came by the house and was going door to door selling siding. I told her the place was a rental and didn't want to get into the whole owner-contract explanation, but, she had a little dog with her and I asked her if the pooch was hers. She said the dog had followed her from a house around the block so I volunteered to walk the dog back around the block to the address on the pooch's dog collar. Before I left, I called the number on the collar and left a message that I had the dog and would walk her home.

I took off with the micro-dog, she was maybe a little short haired terrier, and Sage was just beside herself, trying to come outside and see the little dog. The little dog's name was Maggie so she and I set out and she led the way around the block and down a side street and I found her home and her little dog house and the tie-out she had gotten loose from. Mission accomplished.

5 minutes ago I got a call from a gal in Olympia (10 miles away) asking me if I was the guy that had found her dog and I said yes. She seemed confused because her dog was there - a 50 pound Doberman!!! (imagine my knit eyebrows at this point) I described the little dog I found, read back the phone number I had called and she said that was her number, so I am guessing that I wrote the number down incorrectly. So, everything is ok I reckon, she has her Doberman, I have my Sage and Maggie is theoretically tied up at her house! I will have to drop by there in a little bit and see if they have the right dog!! Pretty damn funny.

Okie dokie, speaking of dogs, Sage is giving me that look with her chin resting on the sofa cushion, so she has to go out and I will wrap this up.
So, with all of the Marines getting sick and virtually every other cruise ship that heads out having to turn back, isn't anyone wondering what is going on here? And the crazy weather? And Trent Lott? Is he a robot?

And another thing all of you internet e-commerce sites out there - if I decide to visit your site, if I enter your URL into my browser, DON'T give me a bunch of damned popup ads that I don't even look at. I see those ads and I go somewhere else and spend my money somewhere else you fricking putzes. And the popups that scoot slowly across the screen? I make sure to tell 10 of my friends not to visit your site, gotta like that viral anti-marketing plan!


Hooooooooo Weeeeeeeeeeee,
Made it through the wedding and the Bro is all hitched up and we just increased the size of our family by a huge percentage! My family is very small, you could fit all of us into a mini van, but my Bro's new family is gigantic and they are some great folks and I really look forward to spoiling my new nieces! The wedding was wonderful and intimate and very special and I was honored to be a part of it. I had a spectacular time with my parents and his new family and today has been spent decompressing after all of the running around and I have been experiencing quite a bit of introspection - I am sure I will write more about that later.

This week is looking like it will be a busy one, another interview Wednesday and I heard from a friend that the company I interviewed with last week had called and was checking on my references, so that is a good sign. Also, a ton of potential work for my new company looks like it may plop on my desk this week too, so I will be a busy dude.

Anyhow, I have not had a chance to read any blogs for the past few days so I have lots of catching up to do. More later.