Yeah christ, it is 4 freaking 15 in the AM and I am blogging. Have had a busy day, too much running around and champagne bottles clanking in my truck and the house is looking better, but jeebus christmas I want it to look better for the folks when they get here.

Had a very interesting trip to the airport this morning. A couple of my liberal friends were heading off to Australia to see kids and grandkids for the holidays and I volunteered to watch their house as well as give them a lift to the airport. Now, when I say liberal, what I am talking about is this: imagine me driving a freaking Ford Windstar mini-van down the road with my teeth gritted and my eyes straight ahead, not acknowledging anybody that drove past because there were stickers on the back of the van that read: "If you can read this, you're not the President" Heee Hawww!!! Funny! The next one said "NO WAR!", and the third was an goddamn anti-gun sticker that someone at the mall had covered up with a Rush Limbaugh sticker which was then further defaced to say "Bosh Dimbaugh". I think I set a record for driving between Sea-Tac airport and Olympia today. It was a breath of fresh air to crawl into my oversized, overpowered, V-fricking-10 Dodge Ram and zoom around town finishing my errands. Ahh sweet relief, sweet justice. To further celebrate my over-compensating conservative feelings, I am going to take the the families involved in the wedding to the local Meat Palace and eat ribs and pork shoulder and slide the greens off to the side to make room for more meat and THEN I will definitely celebrate the wedding and my brother and his wife's new life together by going out next week and blasting off about 500 rounds, you know, for the children. hehehehe.

I know, I know, hindsight is always 20/20, I should have taken advantage of the borrowed mini-van's apparent liberal-ish-ness, and driven past the war protesters in downtown Olympia and mooned them. You know what though? I have access to the mini-van until December 31st, (evil laugh). If you hear on the news that some crazy liberal is mooning war protesters in Oly, you will know who it is.

Yes, I am sleepy and in a weird mood, so sorry for the very odd humor this morning. Off to bed with me.


Yeah, not much blogging from me lately, lots of things going on so I haven't had much time to sit down and really do any writing. Just a quick update on things: The weather is awesome, finally getting some rain down here and much-needed snow up in the mountains. Just today they issued a water use warning because the reservoirs are low, if you can imagine that. It is windy and blustery and rainy and perfect weather for being inside all bundled up or outside with lots of good rain gear. The pooch is staring at me, I can feel her looking at me, she wants to go outside and play but as soon as she gets out in the rain she wants to come back inside. We may have to run some laps in here later, it is quite the show!

Job interview went good today. Afterwards, I was talking to one of the guys that works there who also lives in Olympia and HE has his own company too, doing cool 3D mapping of orca whale migration patterns. The interview went so-so and seems a little more technical than what I have done in the past couple of years but, who knows. I have another interview next week with a local company and it would be a temporary, grant-driven position so that may be the way to go. A friend of mine is potentially buying a coffee shop and has asked if I wanted to work there if she gets the place, so that may be fun too. I am at a real crossroads right now and I need to figure out what I am going to do. Fish or cut bait, like I always say.

The brother's wedding is this Saturday and I think I am just about ready to fulfill my duties. Need a little more house cleaning before the folks get here, but everything is ready for lift-off. Should be a good one and I am really looking forward to seeing our folks when they get here on Friday!

Ok, back to chores - dishes, laundry, etc. etc. etc......


Boy oh boy, talk about frustration! My internet connection has been very flaky over the past 24 hours and it is driving me nuts.

The house is shaping up, I think I am going to like this much better. It seems as if there is more room this way, but it is basically all the same stuff just in different locations. As soon as I get everything settled I will post some pics.

Ok, I need to get some coffee and pick up a newspaper.