A lot of focus is on the Muslim community but one thing I haven't seen anyone comment on yet is the fact that John Muhammed called a couple of priests during the spree, confessing, admitting and/or claiming to be the sniper. That doesn't seem like something a true Muslim would be doing.
Later, as officials were trying to learn more about Muhammad, a U.S. marshal on the sniper task force recalled that city police had the extensive database and requested that police run Muhammad's name through it.

Well, I am glad that it took a US fricking Marshall to "recall" the existence of this extensive database. Now, I realize that television shows over-emphasize the use of computers in tracking and catching criminals and that some of these tools shown on shows like CSI aren't readily available, but statements like the one above just burn my ass. These tools are there, millions and millions of dollars are spent compiling this information, and they don't get used.

I know, I know, Monday morning quarterbacking, but still, unbelievable.


Now, this is interesting, from the Seattle Times site with a good timeline of the events.

SEPT. 2002:
Muhammad tries to buy a 1965 Lincoln Continental from Old Volks Rod and Custom in Tacoma. Owner Todd Paulson says Muhammad stopped by three times wanting to buy a '65 "Suicide Door" (the back door opens opposite) but couldn't afford it.

I think Congress really needs to take a closer look at these "weapons platforms".....

Update: The weapons platform was purchased for $250. I think that these cheap, inexpensive "Saturday Night Special Weapons Platforms" need to be outlawed! They should be made illegal and priced to the point that only respectable, law-abiding, employed citizens can afford them.

I am tracking down a serious error I have heard in the news this morning. They are reporting, and I think that the court papers charging Muhammed are incorrect as well, that the rifle he used was purchased at a local gun store in Tacoma. That is a HUGE error. He did buy a Bushmaster there in December of 1999 but sold it back to the same gunstore in May of next year. The rifle that he bought in Tacoma is now owned by a private firearms enthusiast. I will post more info on this in a bit.....

More: There is a story circulating that Bushmaster maintains it's own database of ballistic information for each rifle they ship.....going to try and see if that is true or false. Of course, every reputable gun manufacturer test fires their weapons before shipping, it will be interesting to see if Bushmaster kept a round from each rifle it made associated with the serial number.....


Sons-a-bitches. Just read this on Instapundit:


Note that Violence Policy Center's website has a new cover for their "Sniper" report. It no longer is using an "evil bolt-action" and has replaced the graphic with a stylized man holding an obvious AR-15. The tip-off is that the PDF file referenced has been renamed to "snipcov2.pdf" (Sniper, Cover two. Get it?). The other smoking gun is that the PDF has a date stamp of "10/24/02". Pretty recent for a report that was supposedly published in 1999.

I just wrote an email to Bushmaster expressing my support of their fine company and pledging to buy as many of their products as I can and I urge fellow gun lovers-toters-shooters to do the same.
The talking heads keep saying "the gun is off the street" like it was the Bushmaster sneaking around shooting random people.

A buddy of mine asked 2 weeks ago that if he was going to get a .223, what should he get - I recommended a Bushmaster XM15 E2S Shorty AK A3 Rifle with the removable carry handle and the 16 inch barrel with the evil flash suppressor..... He just emailed me and said that there is no way his wife would allow him to get one of those now because of Muhammed and the DC shootings. I wrote back and asked him if that meant that he couldn't ever buy a piece-o-crap Caprice or even a Volkswagon - but wait, he already has a Volkswagon! Just like Ted Bundy!! My friend must be a serial rapist/murderer just waiting for something to push him over the edge, just waiting to snap! Maybe I should call him in to the authorities....

The Bushmaster site is getting pounded. I go there every now and then to drool over their goodies, because besides having fine firearms, they also produce parts and accessories for many of the rifles, shotguns and pistols I am fond of.
Malvo shouldn't have been in the US, someone is going to get a wrist slap when they should get their ass canned. Thanks for the link Mom.

So, and I don't know if I am the only one thinking this, but there have been reports that Malvo was Muhammed's step son, then he was his son-in-law, but I think that Malvo is Muhammed's lover/partner. Those photos they show of the two of them on a couch make me think they are a little more than friends.

And another thing, I think that we should ban all piece-o-crap Chevy Caprices because they can easily be modified into a weapons platform. They are easy to buy at police auctions, they are inexpensive and are fairly ubiquitous. Just my opinion.
CAUGHT like a duck in a noose...here is where that is from.. and here is another version..


Watched the ballgame tonight interspersed with updates on Fox about the events in Tacoma and Bellingham and around the country and now have been watching Fox for a coupe of hours and I have some questions that a couple of folks in the blog-o-sphere have picked up on too.

First one I saw was Asparagirl's thoughts on this then I cheated and went to the Thursday edition of Lileks' site and they are both thinking the same thing I am which is: this guy has obviously changed his name to Muhammed so why the hell hasn't anyone mentioned a terrorist link in all of this? Now they are talking about possible links with a white-power group in Alabama, so it makes you wonder about the Iraq-Oklahoma City bombing connection that has been mentioned several times in Instapundit.

Obviously the connection between the store robbery in Alabama and the terrorist training camp in Alabama and the stolen credit card at the store robbery in Alabama and the (same) stolen credit card that the 'sniper' wants the 10 million bucks transferred too makes the dots pretty easy to connect.

I echo everyone else too when I say "like a duck in a noose" W-T-F? Good grief.

I also think that we will experience a self-induced black hole if the talking heads on TV keep criticizing themselves and making themselves a bigger part of the story than they think they are.

More stuff: John Bono is all over this and I just heard they might have one of the cars tracked down.....
As everyone knows now, they are definitely linking the search in Tacoma to the sniper in the DC area. The local news is reporting that a former Ft. Lewis soldier lived at this duplex several years ago and from what I have seen, he might have used the tree stump as a target backdrop. How could he shoot in his backyard without anyone hearing him? Good question. Did he steal a silencer from the Army that fits the AR-15? Might have. He could have also made one from things found around any house, a 2 liter plastic pop bottle is one thing that could be used. Could also explain why he shoots only one shot at a time then moves on.

The media is going absolutely crazy today and I don't blame them. This is the most activity we have seen so far in this investigation, but part of me wishes that the FBI could have executed this search and forensic evidence collection in a more covert way. They may have wanted to publicize this as well to get the sniper's panties in a bind.

I am almost sure that they know who he is and they are closing in around him. The 10 million dollar thing I think is just a distraction by the sniper and is either an afterthought or something to throw the investigation off - or - just the opposite, he is a moron that has been extremely lucky. As my dad always said, people that are criminals are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, leading a life of crime is the easy way for them to make it through life and like the old Sheriff played by Rip Torn in "Extreme Prejudice" says: "Funny, ain't it, how it comes around? Right way's the hardest, wrong way's the easiest. Rule of nature, like water seeks the path of least resistance. So you get crooked rivers and crooked men."
It is looking like they are closing in on the sniper and the search has brought the FBI to my area. There has been a helicopter over a house all day in Tacoma, about 40 miles from here. They cut a tree stump from the backyard of that house and hauled it off and my guess is that they have an idea who the sniper is, they know where he has lived in the past and have apparently found some ballistic evidence in that tree stump. Apparently they are serving search warrants all over the country. Maybe he practiced he in the backyard with a silencer on his weapon, using the tree stump as a target? Maybe, maybe, maybe...

I am starting to have more and more respect for Chief Moose and I sure enjoy watching him deal with this. There is supposed to be a news conference from Tacoma here in a few minutes....more blogging later.


Wanna know how to catch the "sniper"? Everyone has their theories on who the guy is and why he is doing it, maybe he is a disgruntled AWOL Frenchie, maybe he is the smartest criminal master-mind in the history of modern crime, maybe he is part of a two person team activated through mind control by Osama or maybe they are a Pentagon experiment gone awry. Whoever they are or who he is, they are pissed at the police departments and other agencies and every time they make a move, try to guess his next area of deployment, he strikes.

The way to get him is to be as freaking crazy as this dingbat is and use their ego against them. Stage several copycat shootings in the area, coordinate with only a few people in the involved agencies to stage these. Set up undercover agents with fake blood squibs like they use in Hollywood to simulate gun shots and do one a day for a week. The ego this person has will not let them stand by while there is obviously a copycat shooter out there and they will make themselves known in such a way that he or she or them can be tracked down.

Yeah, sounds like something out of a really bad made-for-tv movie, but something needs to happen and happen quick.
Just saw a harpy from Newsweek on TV going on and on about "flash suppressants" and how, OH MY GOD, you can buy one of those on the internet for $10 and just put it on the end of the gun barrel and you won't be able to see any flash from the gun. I know 5 year old kids that know more about rifles than these dingleberries. I'm going to bed.


Interesting developments with the serial shooter in MD today. All of this is so interesting, I spend a lot of time each day catching up on new developments and as I send out resumes and post Ebay stuff, I have Fox News going in the background. I have my own theories and it seems everyone else has their own too, I just hope they can catch this bastard soon before he takes anymore lives. Ideally, some soccer mom with a carry permit will take his sneaky, weasel ass out and that will be the end of it.

Not sure who said it today, but the comment was that this is all a very good exercise for all of these agencies, to work together and to cooperate and share information. It has been more than a year since 9/11 and many agencies put procedures and policies in place to deal with things like this and they are finding out that plans on paper don't amount to squat when something really happens. I worked for a company that was involved with providing technical tools to what they refer to as First Responders - the paramedics, police and rescue teams that arrive first on the scene - and it was chilling and scary to hear how unprepared many of these agencies were and still are.

Want to spend about 10 minutes on a web site and get so pissed off you can't even form words to express yourself? Go to the Environmental Working Group Farm Subsidy Database and do a little digging around - select your state, drill down to your county with the database tools and have fun! If you really want to have fun, find the Peanut Quota Growers database and discover that hey, you can grow peanuts in Alaska and the US government will pay you for it! Ever wondered why peanut butter costs so goddamn much? Well, now you know. Found this site through Stephanie "VS The Machine" Sailor's web site. She is a Libertarian candidate running for Congress in the Ilinois 9th District. Good luck Stephanie.

Holy Crap!
Truth is stranger than fiction:

Chief Moose - To the person who called us, please call back, the audio was not clear and we could not understand you, please call back (very paraphrased)



Sunday evening and all is quiet. Had some great pictures on the digital camera but my USB port on the laptop is out-of-whack so I can't even unload them.

I was playing with the dog in the front yard and all of a sudden, I heard a loud moo that sounded like there was a cow in my side yard. I walked around back and lo and behold, there was about 60 head right up against my back fence! I quickly put Sage in the house as I didn't want her suppressed cattle dog wants-and-needs sprung loose on this herd of cattle. Apparently, they are running cattle in the pasture that backs my house again. I was concerned because they had dug Very Large Holes to prepare the area for building (new subdivision, ugh), but they have filled them back in. I took several very pastoral photos with curious young steers checking me out and wild-eyed cows quickly shuffling away from me. Oh well, maybe I can get this damn port fixed in the next week or so.

So what is the deal with the cryptic message from Chief Moose? There must be more to it than they are saying because who knows how many scraps of paper have flown out of my truck window with phone numbers written on them. I am guessing that there is a similarity between the new note and the original tarot card, or as I said, there was more to the message than they are letting on. Maybe the shooter is getting frustrated with the prank callers claiming to be him/her and wants to set the record straight. Maybe he will just end up being a garden-variety yahoo. Lots of maybes...

My friend made it back to Texas from DC all in one piece and we chatted a bit today. He was in town for his brother's wedding and spent a lot of time right in DC proper, away from all of the hub-bub. Glad he made it.
There are a lot of things happening back east that are very disconcerting. I had been reading some discussion threads at AR15.com and the Firing Line and I think those of us that own and enjoy our firearms must contact our elected representatives and express our concerns. This is what I am mostly worried about:

A phone call to Gilbert's Small Arms, in Newington, VA- confirmed: ATF has already been in and taken the Form 4473s FROM THE LAST 10 YEARS. I expect a call soon...

This was posted on one of the sites and this seems to be happening all over the area in Virginia and Maryland. I do realize that they are trying to track down a serial killer, but I have a very hard time believing that someone who has been able to shoot 11 or 12 people and get away clean, without witnesses, avoid road blocks, and not have any close family members or friends ID him would be using a firearm that he obtained lawfully and legally. This is a tragedy that is has spawned other tragedies, one on top of the other. When we reach a point where every law and right that the foundation our country is built upon gets tossed to the side and discarded, every single one of us needs to be concerned.

I know there are folks out there that read this site that blog for creative purposes, they use their blogs to chronicle the day-to-day happenings in their life, and based on what I have read, some of them would be considered to be staunch members of the Liberal Left. I have always appreciated creative writing and listening to the thoughts and feelings these folks have expressed. My blog has been many things to me over the past 7 months, it was a place for me to express my feelings about a relationship that had ended, it has been a place for me to jot down things that have moved me to tears, things that made me laugh, a daily chronicle of the weather in Olympia and many other things.

I know that some of these folks don't totally agree with me on lots of things, but when our Constitutional rights are eroded to the point where laws and regulations are pushed aside as if they didn't really matter, when the one freedom that we have that insures the existence all of the other freedoms is violated and discarded, I hope that they can understand why many of us are so passionate about our firearms and why we support things like Ammo Day and why I post things like this. There are many people out in Blog Land that do a much better job of expressing their thoughts on this, but what is happening in Maryland and Virginia has me very concerned and worried on many different levels. Kim du Toit has a great quote on his page today which I think is very pertinent:

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government." -- George Washington, America's first President.

It is late, about 2:15 AM here. Just got back from a dinner and party up north in Renton - similar to the Cuban dinner of a few weeks ago, but this one was Italian, and momma mia, there was some good stuff! Of course, I ate too much, but stayed away from the pasta, but did have just a little bit. Plenty of wine and Fat Tire Amber Ale, and an entire table in the dining room was devoted to deserts, for God's sake! Met some interesting folks and an especially interesting gal from Duvall. Maybe more on that later.

Sent off about 12 Ebay auction items to places around the country. One package I sent last week to Belgium actually made it there before a package sent on the same day to Iowa. Makes you wonder....

Spent part of the day surrounded by a few of my favorite things and I still smell like Hoppes #9, one of my all-time favorite smells, right up there next to "wet dog" smell.

Have read a few articles and saw a couple of news stories about the latest shooting in Virginia that may be linked to the other shootings. I can't even imagine what it must be like to live in that area and to have to think that someone could be ready to shoot you at any moment. I send good thoughts and prayers out to those that live in that area. It is scary to think that the shooter could have gotten on a plane in Dulles and could be making his way to another city, and I was relieved to see that the shell found in the van was of the 7.62 family. I have a very good friend who is in DC at the moment for his brother's wedding and I hope he is safe and sound and makes his way back to Texas as soon as he can!

I told my friends tonight that at any time I have ever moved, there could have been shells of all kinds and calibers that had fallen out of the many, many, many bags and boxes of empties I have been hauling around for years. One of these days I will buck up and place an order with Dillon so I can get some of these reloaded. I wonder if they storm-troop-raided the poor unlucky sap that had last rented that truck.

I also noticed a change in how some of these folks feel about firearms and one of the most obnoxious liberal-democrat anti-gun gals I know told a story tonight at dinner of how she held a man at gunpoint who was breaking into her father's boat years and years ago. She didn't even have the gun loaded. I winced at the thought of what could have happened, but the thief froze in his tracks until the police arrived. I was also asked by another woman at the dinner to help her learn to shoot a handgun and to ultimately hit the gun shop with her for an appropriate sidearm.

Ok, it is really late now, the dog is passed out and I need to get to sleep too. BTW, reading "The Shipping News" at the moment which is a great book and I am fascinated by Proulx's style of writing. Queuing up "Unintended Consequences" for the next book. If you are a gun-loving-toting-shooting fool like I am, you should track down a copy of that and make it a part of your library. Ok, off to bed.