Garlic-y, citrus-y Cuban chicken is in the oven and the house smells awesome. Here is what I made X 2 - Pollo Rancho Luna, which is fitting because tonight is a Harvest Moon, make sure to take a few minutes to go check it out tonight when the sun goes down.
Just got back from the grocery store - tonight is the Cuban Dinner over at T and S's place - I found a web site with some great Cuban recipes and am making a citrus and garlic chicken dish.

On the way to the store I had an interesting incident. As I was heading north on one of the back roads into Oly, there was a Toyota pickup stopped right in the middle of the road. My first thought was that some city-slicker was slowing down to look at the horses in the adjacent pasture and had not noticed me coming up behind them. As I pulled around I saw a young gal sitting in the driver's seat with a coupe of small kids and the gal was looking very white in the face and was waving her arms and hands out in front of her. I slowed down and stopped next to her, thinking that maybe she was having problems with her truck and couldn't get it started, maybe she needed a jumpstart or maybe she ran out of gas.

She rolled down her window and said "Please help me, I need help, I can't see!"

The two kids inside the truck were screaming and crying and all out of sorts so I quickly pulled over into the ditch and ran back to see what had happened. All kinds of thoughts were racing through my head, maybe she caught a bug in the eye or got some dust or something in her eyes and couldn't see.

She was crying when I reached the truck and I asked what was the matter and she said "I was driving and then my vision blanked out and I almost passed out, please help me"

I asked her to slide over, which she did and I pulled her truck off to the side of the road.

I mentioned that it was a 'back road' but it really a busy road, being the main drag north-south to get to the lake where I live, so big gravel trucks were speeding by and it was more than a little stressful there for a bit.

I asked her if she was okay and she started rambling about feeling sick all of a sudden and that she had scraped her wrist on a picture hook just a few minutes before and that her arm was numb, and she was also Type 1 diabetic and I think she mentioned something about having surgery next week for cancer! I got her to lay back in her seat as much as possible, knowing that she may be going into shock from one thing or the other and then I got her cell phone and tried calling her husband. I couldn't figure out how to work her damn phone so I dialed him on mine and told him what had happened and where we were and he said he could be there in about 20 minutes.

After I got off the phone, I got her a soda from my truck and started talking to her and the kids to make sure she didn't pass out and after a few minutes she was feeling much better, but her arm was still hurting.

She and her husband and kids were moving into a house in the lake area I live in, moving from Tumwater where I used to live. We talked about cats and dogs and I calmed the kids down, because they were very very upset and I got them talking about school and pets and swimming and after a while, everyone was okay.

Her brother in-law made it there before her husband and assured me that everything was going to be ok and I made sure that she was okay before I took off to finish my errands.

I have heard of people getting small cuts and having an instant reaction like that before. The fact that all of the muscles in her arm were tight and very sore could mean that she had a tetnus infection that traveled up her arm very quickly and that, combined with the diabetes could have caused the problems she experienced. I am not sure though, I am not a doc, but I am just glad that it happened where it did and not on I-5.

What pisses me off is that 3 or 4 cars in front of me drove right on around her and went on by. It is amazing how small some people's worlds are and they just put the blinders on and go about their business, never pausing to look around at what is going on around them.

Well, that is my day so far. I have some chicken I need to get marinating and some beer to get on ice. Also need to get some of these empty boxes stored out in the garage, do some laundry, dig out the stogies for after-dinner, etc. etc.

Hope everyone is doing good out there and enjoying their weekends! -



Sweet Lou went absolutely beserk tonight after a bad call at first base, it was awesome. The first base ump had a smirk on his face and it just made Lou even crazier, if that is even possible. I think it is the first time in many years that Lou tossed first base into the outfield. The M's have won their last three games all in the bottom of the tenth inning, crazy. Just wish they had started this run about 2 weeks ago. But still, you never know......

Lazy Wednesday, spent the day putting stuff away, arranging and re-arranging. Getting excited about the meeting tomorrow that might lead to some very interesting work. Also putting together a proposal for about 8k worth of web development work, and I have a pretty damn good shot at getting that work also.

So, I need to hit the hay, hopefully I will have some good news tomorrow afternoon. Also, cable internet access is being set up tomorrow morning so I can get off this phone line. G'night.


Furniture, art, books, cds, all the good stuff is back in the house today, finally.

Everything has survived storage as far as I can tell, I was worried about the books and the prints, but they were all packed the right way (thanks Mom).

Meeting with an old acquaintance Thursday regarding some potential work. Not sure how much I can talk about it yet, but the idea is great and he and his biz partner have a line on some funding, so I will fill everyone in in a couple of days. Other news - I may be taking on some web dev work under contract - more on that later too.

Ok, need to get off of the dialup, talk to y'all later.



Howdy -
On the laptop via dialup so I am going to make this a quick update. Have been cleaning like crazy today, lots of vacuuming and sweeping, got the TV set up (that is always a priority), and the surround sound and all the goodies. Did the obligatory surround sound test with the movie Predator, Scene 12 - the huge blast-o-matic shootout where the character played by Bill Duke grabs the GE Minigun from the recently disemboweled character played by Jesse Ventura and mows down the jungle, then he is joined by five others sporting HK's and M16's - it is a beautiful sight and a wonderful sound!

Doing lots of laundry too and bringing my stuff in from the garage and will be trekking to McCleary tomorrow to get my stuff out of the storage unit - you never really notice how much you use a microwave until you don't have one.

I am totally shutoff from news for the day - no cable yet so I will have to peruse the online news fodder and see what is going on.

Ok, that's enough for now, may do some more later. Jas

PS. I noticed that all the colors on my page look different on the laptop due to the fact that the monitor on the Bro's PC is going bad, also, on the laptop, the archives show up - guess they have been there all along, I just couldn't see them for some damn reason.


Taking a break from moving and cleaning, got a full load of stuff taken down to the new house, got the Bro's Monster Desk up the narrow stairs and put in the office, that was a real chore. K's daughters really helped out a lot, I am thankful they were there to lend a hand, it would have really sucked without them.

Today is going to be spent cleaning the house - vacuuming, wiping, sweeping, scrubbing, etc. and I hope I can start moving some of my stuff in. I will need to run out to the storage unit too today or maybe tomorrow and get the rest of my stuff - not sure how long I can last without a microwave, pretty sad.

The past couple of nights have been long ones, last night I got to bed at 3 AM and the night before it was 4 AM, so I am ready for a nap. Seems like I have been going non-stop for about 10 days now with the deck and the shelves and the move,I am pretty tuckered out. The cats are driving me crazy, the Bro will be taking them later today, but for now they are all out of sorts without their usual perches to nap on and I woke up with one sleeping with her cat-butt in my face and the other one had my legs pinned under the covers. The cats are going to have a serious adventure this afternoon when they are plucked up and dropped into a new house with 4 other cats - it will be a real fiasco at first but hopefully they will all get along.

So, off to clean and vacuum, might do more blogging later. Bye.