Spent the day with the Bro at the new house, we got some shelves built and I got to see the new carpet and hang out with everyone for the day. Tonight I am filtering my crap out away from the Bro's crap so he can move the rest of his stuff tomorrow. Take care.



Do you like apples?

The Deck Supremo is complete. Looks great and I will have some digital pics to post up here soon, I was actually surprised that it came out so nice.

End of the Day

This is worth reading. Found through a link on Volokh Conspiracy.


September 11, 2002

Just getting ready to hit the hay and thought I would jot some thoughts down. It is about a 12:45 AM and I need to be up and out at 5:30, so I need to make this quick and to the point.

First, go read Lileks and then come back here.

Ok, I don't even know where to start. I am not James Lileks and I can't really describe how the images that we are being bombarded with are affecting me. Just watched a show on ABC that dealt primarily with a NYFD fireman who was sick that morning so he switched from riding the truck to being the driver or 'chauffeur' as they call it. The fellow that he switched with ended up going in the building before it collapsed while he had to wait with the truck. This kind of thing happens all the time, an Army helicopter pilot feels under the weather so another is put in his place for the training mission and then the chopper goes down. A person makes a right turn instead of a left turn, avoiding a fatal collision. We all go through this every day, we make choices that affect us and affect others in ways that are truly inconceivable.

This fireman has had to deal with this twist of fate every day of his life for a year now. It is on the news every day, every night. The anniversary shows on TV are using the WTC towers as the number '11' in their promos for 9/11. I can't even imagine what this fellow has gone through but I am grateful every day that there are people like him out there who give everything that they have for us, for us to live and go on, for us to grow up and fall in love and get married and have kids and work and retire and send our kids to college and live and love and laugh, their sacrifice allows us to see that secret smile that no one else sees, or that special wink or to feel that squeeze of the hand as you walk down the sidewalk.

The one thing that stands out about all of this and matters to me the most, more than anything is that I have come to appreciate the small things that I have taken for granted in the past. I notice more beauty, I am more enraged by the ugliness of injustice, I hear the coyotes over the drone of the highway, I look up into the sky and notice the clouds and I see the stars, I smile and almost cry when I think of the purity of a child's smile or the absolute truth of love in my dog Sage's eyes.

We will all cry sometime tomorrow and that is okay, lord knows I have already and we are just an hour and a half into the day now. We still need to mourn those that we lost on that day a year ago. But also remember to smile and to do your work and to live your life as hard as you can. Live your life to the fullest, call someone up and tell them that you love them, hold your kids a little longer, smile at a stranger, take your dog for a walk and enjoy the outdoors, tell some perfect stranger that you appreciate what they do or how they do it. Remember what is right and what is wrong and remember that we live in the greatest country in the world. Most importantly, do this every day, not just tomorrow. Tomorrow is a good day to start doing those things if you aren't doing them already, everything after tomorrow can't be referred to as "one year ago I was doing...", everything after tomorrow is brand new, fresh and full of glory and hope and opportunity, don't take anything for granted. Don't let what the folks on Flight 93 did be in vain.

One last thing - the monsters that did this to us are still out there, don't ever ever forget that.


I can't believe it happened. We had been doing so well together, she knew everything that I wanted, she was always a step ahead of me, anticipating my every move.

You think it will never happen to you, and damnit, I know it is my own damn fault, I can still see the look on her face: the shock, the surprise, the wonder and then the understanding of what she was seeing with her own eyes and then the confusion and anger raced across her face like a thunderstorm off of the prairie.

Never in a million years would I ever think that they knew each other, that they were friends! Jesus Christ.

I am not even sure what I am going to do in the morning.

I got busted. Huge.

Do I find a new coffee stand to visit? Do I return to the Old Standard or go to the New Place and see her??

Ok, ok, I am having a little fun with this, but it is a serious thing! Seriously! We're talking coffee here!

Yeah, the Henderson Boys have a predilection for women in the service industry. For my Bro, it was Hotel Front Counter Women for a couple of years when he was traveling. About every 6 months or so he would bring the most spectacular, beautiful women to Washington from Detroit and D.C. and other places. For me, it is Coffee Gals. I have a very weak spot for coffee and and even bigger weak spot for Women Who Serve Me Coffee. Yep, if you are a gal in the service industry and happen to be polite or nice or smile at one of us, our hearts are yours, forever.

So here is what happened: Usually in the mornings I do the gym thing and then once or twice a week, I will get a double Americano or something at a coffee stand on the way home, that I will refer to as New Place. I have gotten to know the gals that work there, one just got back from Europe, the other rides her bike to work, her dad has a jet ski, she used to have horses, etc. New Place Coffee Gals love to talk and I like talking to New Place Coffee Gals. Probably because they DO talk to me. Anyhow, I am getting off track.

For years I have frequented a coffee stand in downtown Olympia, I will call it Old Standard Place, and I have become friends with the owner and have watched her daughters grow up, have watched her expand to a new location. The barristas there know my name, I know all of their names. They see my truck and they start making my drink and it is like a NASCAR pit stop, I just have to slow down a little to throw money at them and they hand me the coffee. Usually though, they ask how the job search is going and I comment on a new tattoo or a new piercing or a new hair color that they are trying out for the day. I reserve a visit to the Old Standard Coffee Place for special moments on the weekends when I head in to town to get groceries or something like that (yeah, I am lame-o)

So, this morning, I didn't work out, I was dragging my ass out of bed at 8 or so after working late on the deck and I was so sore I couldn't even stand up straight. I had promised the Bro I would help him shuffle appliances around at the new pad and I needed to run by the bank and also pick up a hand-truck from the rental place. I was going to be in Olympia Proper so I thought I would swing past the Old Standard Coffee Place and say howdy (heh heh heh) and be on my merry way. When I pulled up, the driver of the car in front of me turned and made eye contact with me and I swear, my heart raced and my pupils dilated and a cold sweat broke out on my face - it was like I was caught cheating on my wife! And not just plain old normal "caught" but CAUGHT IN THE ACT!!! It was one of the coffee gals from the New Place!!! She was friends with the coffee gals at the Old Standard Place!!!! Holy Crap!!

(Ok, for those of you not familiar with the Coffee Stand Phenomenon - in the Seattle Area, just about every corner has a drive-through coffee stand - usually a little 8 x 12 shack with windows, electricity, piped in water and Coffee Gals. Coffee Guys don't last very long, even in areas where most of the customers are women, I think it has something to do with the amount of chit chat and the level of memory required to remember everybody and what you chit-chatted with them about the last time.)

Here is the worst part - when I pulled up to the window, the New Place Coffee Gal had turned her car around and was parking and coming inside to talk to her friend and she looks at me and says "Oh, hi. I told them what drink you wanted already"

This would be ok if not for the fact the the Old Standard Place Coffee Gals always fix me the same thing, every time, the same way and it isn't the same thing that I get at the New Place!!! The New Place just doesn't do it the right way, I gave them a shot at it once and it just wasn't the same so I always get something else from them!! God, the treachery and the deception, the walls are all falling down around me! I feel terrible.

Remember Belushi in the Blues Brothers when he is confronted by Carrie Fisher in sewer? He falls to his knees and removes his sunglasses and says:

"I ran out of gas! I had a flat tire! I didn't have enough money for cab fare! My tux didn't come back from the cleaners! An old friend came in from out of town! Someone stole my car! There was an earthquake! A terrible flood! Locusts! IT WASN'T MY FAULT, I SWEAR TO GOD!"

That will be me tomorrow, trying to get back in the good graces of My Coffee Gals. Here is the hard part: Do I visit both? In the same day??? Do I tell each that they are the only one for me? Do I continue my treacherous act? It feels so good to be bad sometimes......
Just heard on the news: A family was driving somewhere around western Washington and saw a turtle on the road, stopped to pick it up, took it to the zoo, discovered that this species of turtle has been extinct in western Washington for 40 years or something like that. Pretty cool.

I am really really tired tonight. Got up at 5:30, worked out, worked on the Mega Deck until 7 - 7:30 or so tonight and can barely move! Tomorrow is "Appliance Shuffling Day" at the Bro's new place - putting down new flooring in the kitchen so everything int here has to come out, then back in because the carpet guys will be there the next day. After we do that, it is off to finish off the deck - cut more floor decking, nail, do a little decorative work, clean up and then DONE.

Have not been able to surf the usual sites, I am way behind in all of my reading, don't even know what is going on in the news other than Saddam is 4 months away from having nuclear weapons once he gets his hands on some plutonium. Aren't all of us 4 months away from having nuclear weapons?

You know what really stinks about all of this? This being the Iraqi situation, Saddam, etc. The sad thing is that this has happened so many times in the past that people devote their professional careers to tracking and publicizing Acts of GENOCIDE and it takes a f'ing Holocaust, or 100,000 people killed in 80 days like they did in Rwanda after the US and UN wussed out, or years of discounting the stories of those that made it through Cambodia and Pol Pot's regime before anyone does a goddamn thing about it. Those that track and publicize genocidal acts have always been pushed off to the side and discounted and it isn't until it is too goddamn late to do anything about it that anybody ever does anything. The focus has been on terrorism, and I have made my thoughts pretty clear on that, but I am afraid that the fact that Saddam has conducted acts of MASS MURDER is going unnoticed because it isn't as cool as terrorism and nuclear weapons.

Tonight, I am going to drift off listening to the coyotes in the back pasture yip and howl and play, and I will get up tomorrow, I will speak my mind, I will make the world around me a better place, I will display my flag proudly, I will put my "Stop Terrorism, Kill Terrorists" bumper sticker on my Big Huge Gas Guzzling American Truck, I will make eye contact and smile at those around me, I will stand a little taller, I might clean my guns tomorrow, I might read the Koran or I might protest the Columbia River Dam system. Who knows, I can do anything I damn well want.



Dog Tired

Just a quick one before I hit the hay. Got most of the deck done today, the thing is HUGE and it is going to look vera vera nice. A party has already been planned!!

I gave Lisa and extra day of displaying the UMich logo, but need to swap it back out for one of my pup. The pup is doing well, very spunky and happy, but she will get that dour, depressed, concerned look on her face when I load her up in the truck on Thursday for the trip to the vet to remove the sutures.

Countdown has begun on the Bro moving into his new place. I am helping move some appliances and building a shelf unit later on in the week and then the mass migration of all of his stuff begins. Shouldn't be too bad. I am looking forward to getting all of my crap out of the garage and my storage unit and getting it back inside.

Chiefs won today which is great. I need to find some more info on how they scored, because it looks like they came back to win it in the 4th quarter by one point. I am looking forward to seeing what Vermiel comes up with this year and if the Chiefs suprise some folks.

Ok, got to get to bed and get up and out of here at 5:30. I will write more tomorrow PM. 'night.