Michigan 31
Washington 29

What a great fricking game! Got to wonder about that last timeout the Huskies called and then they sent 12 men on the field, hmmmm. Someone is going to get a serious ass chewing and they definitely deserve it! Ugh.

So, I will graciously post the University of Michigan logo on my site for one full week as a result of losing my bet with Lisa. Damn, I haven't seen a football game like that in years! Too bad the Huskies came out on the wrong end though!

Congratulations Lisa!

All kinds of news:

Sage is home, very happy but a little drugged up, got some pills to give her twice a day to take the edge off. She is taking a nap right now after checking everything out,making sure nothing changed.

UMich vs. UW at halftime is 14-13 Umich on top. Second half will be a good one!

New comments are awesome!

Upgraded Blog site to Blog*Spot with ability to upload images easily and to have another page - not sure what to do with that yet.

Got a new pic from my grandfather - him and Granny circa 1969 - awesome picture that I will post after the game!

Ok, Halftime is over, back to the game.
I have a new commenting system, a freebie again by a bunch called Halo Scan. Got tired of waiting on Enetation to get working again and saw this on another site, so here it is.....


Little after noon here, day started off cloudy and misty but is starting to clear up. I am busy checking job sites, the usual and am obsessed with some items I have posted on an auction site, I check them about every 20 minutes.

Sage is still at the vet, recovering, and I will pick her up tomorrow morning sometime. It is awfully strange to not have her here, I keep looking for her and then have to remind myself that she is gone. I will be extremely happy when she is back home, someone has to keep the critters on their toes.

Tomorrow is the big UW vs. UMich game, it comes on here at 9 AM and man oh man, it will be a good one! I am glad Lisa figured out how to post pictures to her site, that will be handy when she has to put the UW logo up on her site!

Okey dokey, need to get a few more things done around here, laundry is piling up, although I realized this morning that the only laundry I do consists of shorts, t-shirts, socks, boxers and the occasional shirt. I don't think I have worn long pants in, what is this, August? It has been since May! That is the true sign of a slacker! Ugh. Ok, off to search for a job......


Sage Update
Just called and checked on her and she is doing fine. She is konked-out on drugs at the moment and has a pressure wrap around her mid-section to protect the sutures. She will be staying there until Saturday morning when I can pick her up and they will send some medication home with her so she will be out of it for a few days. I will take her back there in a couple of weeks to have the sutures removed and she will be fine and dandy. (big sigh of relief)
Ok, Sage is at the vet and I feel like the worst pet owner ever. She seemed to sense my worry and concern and put her head on my lap as we drove into town and as we neared the vet, she started a little whimpering thing that she hardly ever does. She hasn't eaten since yesterday, so I know she is hungry too. In about 15 minutes or so she will start her operation and I will give them a call later this afternoon to see how everything went and I will let you know. I wish I could take any pain or discomfort or fear away from her and deal with it myself, just get me a bottle of whisky and a stick to bite on and do it already.


Just a bit more...
Was cruising InstaPundit and saw a reference to another blog that had an article discussing Senator Carnahan and her Skeet Shooting foray coming up this weekend. As a by-product of all of this clicking around, I found a new favorite site - Midwest Conservative Journal hosted by Christopher Johnson. I will be adding him to the links area tomorrow.

And one more thing, I have no idea where my archives went. I can get to them through my editing tool, but they don't show up on the page anymore, bah. I will keep working on it...
Nice, supa-dupa hot evening - about 95 degrees here but it isn't too bad. Starting to get worried about taking Sage to the vet tomorrow, hoping everything will be okay. Not too much else going on, ran into another neighbor from the Tumwater neighborhood that I used to live in at the grocery store and then ran into Tom's wife with her daughter riding in the basket.

I remember riding underneath the basket when I was a kid grocery shopping with my great grandmother - laying down flat on the cage/cross members with my legs sticking out the back and acting like Superman with my arms out front. We used to walk down to the old Milgrams in the Brookside neighborhood, and if I was lucky, before we went to the grocery store, we would swing by the Five and Dime and I would get to pick out a new model airplane or car to work on - those were the days when model airplane glue was still the good stuff. I was always so paranoid about smelling it I don't think I ever did!

Those were good days at Grandma's place, working on models, playing two-person solitaire, learning to appreciate baseball because she loved to listen to the Royals on the radio or if we were lucky, they were on TV. That was back when George Brett was still just a pup, but damn he was good!

I remember laying in bed at her place and watching the reflection of lights from the cars passing 12 stories below as they passed back and forth across the ceiling, always saying prayers before falling asleep - Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, if I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take, God bless mom and dad and Dan and Gramps and Granny and Grandma and all of the pets. Amen.

Right behind her building was the YMCA where I learned to swim, where I learned Judo and where I shut my hand in the door. Swimming was a hoot, I still remember being terrified of the water and virtually walking across the top of the water to reach the safety of my mom's head and shoulders where I found a safe perch in the middle of the pool. After a while I got the hang of it and progressed through all levels of swimming at the Y. Minnow, Guppie, Shark, etc. I still never learned how to dive the right way and it took lessons from a friend of my dad's (who was the underwater recovery diver for the police department) when I was a teenager. Wow, it is amazing what memories will come back when you dig up just one or two. This has been quite a trip down memory lane.

Today is my grandmother's birthday and it is too late for me to call, I feel like a real heel. We don't call her Grandmother, she is Granny to all of us and she is one hell of a woman. One of these days I will post some pictures of her and Gramps - I think everyone will enjoy them but I know Granny will just be mortified. When I was about 14 or 15, I was in Gramps' office and there were some boxes out that had some old pictures in them that I started to look at. Most of the pictures were from the 40's of this very attractive young couple when they were apparently in Hawaii or some other tropical locale. He was a tall, proud, handsome man and the woman was tall and beautiful and had this amazing hair, you know the style, full-on 40's hair, and she was gorgeous. After looking closer, I recognized Gramps but who was the hot tamale next to him? It is Granny! Holy Moly! I was only able to look at the pictures for just a minute before Granny came running in all in a huff and boxed them up and put them back in the closet.

I know Gramps checks my blog every now and then, so if you check this evening, please pass my birthday wishes on to her and I will call tomorrow. I also got the other deal taken care of too. :-)

That's enough for now. Hope everyone is doing good out there and talk to you all tomorrow, g'night.
Once more I must say that:

JAMES LILEKS IS GOD, maybe I will start the Lilekian Church or something. It is a great read and puts that smarty-pants Brit in his place.

Lisa has more info on her site today regarding the bet we have on the UW vs. Michigan game this Saturday and the bet we have made. Yes, she is probably right in that it will be harder for her to change the colors of her site to reflect UW colors after they give the Wolverines a whupping, so I have graciously located and posted an image below that she can place on her site for, oh, let's say, for one week. Yeah, I know, I am drawing the attention of the "Popping Off" gods and I have almost certainly cursed the Huskies to a loss, but maybe their superior skill on the field will outweigh any smiting the gods may invoke. Good luck Lisa!!!!


Joy in Mudville
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Drudge is reporting on his "urgent" link that "MSNBC'S 'DONAHUE' HITS LOWEST NIELSEN RATING POSSIBLE". Go to the Drudge Site to see the article and the wonderful picture they have of Phil. Oh, it's the simple little things that make me smile.

Report on Sage the Dog:
She received several shots: a couple of boosters, a new rabies shot that is supposed to be good for three years and a shot to help her with her itching, scratching stomach. Apparently, she is allergic to something in the air, maybe pollen of some kind, that has given her a mild case of bronchitis and the allergic skin reaction. So, we will see how that works, plus they gave me some soothing spray-on medicine for the parts she has been scratching. She is going to go back in on Thursday for a three-day visit and will get spayed. Kind of nice that they keep her in there and monitor her for a couple of days after the surgery, but they said I could also come visit if I wanted. The vet actually remembered her from when I first brought her in a about a year and 10 months ago after I found her, so that was cool. She was a real trooper and the shots and the poking and prodding didn't bother her a bit, although the cat in the waiting room got her attention.

So, I need to get some searching, revising and submitting of resumes done, may blog more later.
Another early morning, it is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS here today. As I went in to town this morning, the sun was coming up behind the Cascade mountains and Mt. Rainier, the sky was pink and other indescribable colors, there was a low layer of fog hugging the pastures and fields, it was wonderful.

Not going to be a good day for Sage. She is off to the vet in about an hour or so, she has a rash of some kind, red, inflamed skin on her chest and belly and she is scratching incessantly. I don't think the poor girl has gotten any sleep in the past couple of days. Going to take care of a couple of other dog maintenance things while she is there, get her poked and prodded, get some shots and going to spring to have her spayed. $$ has been tight but I need to get this done before my luck runs out and either the local rottweiler gets her or the neighbor's little rat dog hops on for a ride, either possibility would not be good!

So, think good thoughts about Sage, she will be under the weather for a bit if she gets all of this done today and tomorrow. I will update the site after the vet visit and let you know how it all went.


Promised I would be back to tell the Patio Party story,so here it is.

Could the evening have been any better? Well, maybe, but that is another topic. T and S had the patio looking great when I arrived a little early to help them get ready. I made use of my college education - Party 101, 201, 301, 401, 402, 403, and 404, and helped them lay the place out, arrange the chairs for proper schmoozing, ice down the beer, moved a couple of things around, etc. S had purchased some white Christmas lights and had strung those around the edge of the patio and when darkness fell, it was the perfect amount of lighting in combination with the candles that were strategically placed.

T and S haven't purchased any new music in the past 10 years or so, just kidding, so I brought in about 50 pounds worth of music on CD and we ended up listening to lots of John Lee Hooker, 70's compilations, and I managed to get my favorite Beastie Boys instrumental album played - and enjoyed, by folks that thought they would never enjoy the Beasties.

T and S had many of their friends there and I hung out with Shrimpin' Tom and his wife for a bit and a couple of mutual friends. One gal brought her new BMW convertible so everyone was taking turns going for spins around the block - sweet ride. All-in-all, it was a great time with some really great people and I think I left there about 2 or so, all I know is that the morning got here very quickly.

Tom and I are pretty proud of the patio, it looks awesome, just the same way you would imagine a flagstone patio would look. They have done a lot of additional work, planting beds and lots of plants and a couple of Aspens along the side fence. One of these days, i will have some pictures to post.


Sitting here listening to Wilco doing a radio interview on a Chicago radio station from last year. Found the link via Listen Missy that I discovered on a link from InstaPundit. Crazy how all of this blogging stuff works, pretty cool, huh? Anyhow, discovered the link to the radio interview then discovered that the Wilco film will be in Seattle next week and that Wilco is playing at Bumbershoot next week in Seattle. Serendipity I say.

Ok, I am outta here for a bit.
Up early today. Alarm went off at 5:30 and I actually hopped out of bed and made it to the gym by 6 - had a great workout and then back here to start looking, the never-ending quest. Ugh. :-)

Have made the rounds through the usual blogs and there is some good stuff out there this morning. Brendan over at Letting Loose with the Leptard has a great entry today, made me actually feel like I was right there on that bike excursion through the countryside of Ireland, drinking some good beer, listening to good music and hanging with some good friends!

Getting caught up on the news this morning, especially the sad outcome of the two missing girls in Oregon City. I saw on one news broadcast yesterday (and haven't seen it since) that someone had taped a large poster-board sign to the cement stoop that said "I am under here" or something like that. Apparently, folks in the area suspected this guy and had pointed out the freshly poured cement to the investigators earlier. Only after raping his son's girlfriend did the Piece of Shit admit that he had killed those two girls. Oregon does have the death penalty, so burn him nice and slow. By the way, the 'alleged killer' (don't you love that?) recently visited his father who is on death row in California for raping, killing and burying a woman in California after killing her boyfriend. The father is also a suspect in 26 other unsolved cases. Alrighty then....

So, off to search for a job...oh, I will blog later about the Patio Party - it was a gggggrrrrrrrreat time!


Hello Sunday Blog Readers,
Just finished watching a great movie, Grand Canyon, with Danny Glover, Kevin Kline, Steve Martin, Mary McDonnell, etc. I had seen this movie when it first came out and have watched it several times since then. To read the reviews, it seems that folks have very different perspectives on what this film is about, the Grand Canyon being a symbol for the great chasm that separates us, separates families, friends, the ones you love, others that you may encounter in your life. To me, and what always makes my eyes well up, are the strong messages of friendship and love of family and those around you. Taking the extra step to letting someone know how you feel about them, never assuming that they "just know".

Those of you that read my site every now and then are used to hearing me go on and on about things that are jogged in my memory, sights, sounds, feelings - anger, love, etc. and this entry will probably be no different, but an interesting thing that I have been pondering lately is this: about a year ago I found out I was diabetic and one of the things that I notice has happened to me after I was aware what was going on, is that I tend to forget things, my mind has lost track of things that were important to me, I forget where I left things, at times I have forgotten things that I have said to others. It is a rather strange feeling but with the exercise and watching the diet, I have gotten the blood sugar under control for the past 4 months or so and I hardly ever have to take the blood sugar-leveling pill, so that is good. After reading this site for a while, you are probably thinking that I have no problem remembering and recollecting things, but at times I do, believe it or not. Where am I going with this?

Ok, I sat there watching this movie and I swear to God the tears were actually squirting out on my tear ducts, clearing my cheeks and landing on my shirt. I sat there, watching this movie and I asked myself, "what the f___ is wrong with me? why the f___ am I crying like this?" What came rushing back to me was remembering the first time I saw this movie, who I was with and about 15 years worth of memories, memories of my friend Kevin and the trip we took to the Grand Canyon, memories of one of my best friends Chris and all of the fantastic things that friendship means to me, the years in college and the year afterwards when we shared an apartment after we got our first 'real' jobs after college. Staying up all night to finish whatever Homecoming project we were working on, road tripping to silly places just for the hell of it. I was overwhelmed watching that movie and remembering all of this and it all came crashing down on me like a tidal wave. Damn, I could write for 10 days and 10 nights and would never be able to tell you about all of the shenanigans and laughs and hard times and good times and challenges that I have been through with those guys.

That movie, to me, is about friendship and I miss having those guys around, but I sure do have some great memories, I am glad they came back to me today.


Got an email from my mom today, announcing that my dad and his dog Buster won 2nd Place in the "Look Like Your Dog" contest! I think the only reason he came in second is that he was up against a pair of twins and their dog, they must be related to one of the editors of the paper or something, I also suspect a payola scam. Congrats Dad!

Lisa is back from her work trip to Cancun and it sounds like she had a great time. I posed a question to her last week before she bolted for Cancun in regards to the University of Washington vs. the University of Michigan football game this coming weekend. Seeing how the Huskies are going to spank the Wolverines, I doubt if she will take the bet, but I will let you all know how it comes out. :-)