Friday finally. Not like it is any different from any other day to me! HMS has an interesting question up on her site: If you could be anything you wanted, anything at all, money is no object, no physical limitations, no obligations. . . what would you be?

I have spent a little time thinking about this yesterday and today, that is one of those good questions to pose to yourself every now and then, gives you a reason to examine your life, look back over the years, think about all of the things that you should have done or things that you wish you hadn't, at least that is what it makes me think about, but then..... I start to think that it would be awesome to be Superman, to be able to be anywhere at any time when Justice is not being served, to make things right, to grab those jackasses that tossed the kitten on the BBQ by the scruff of the neck and leave them on top of Mt. Everest or drop them into a pride of lions in Africa. Go over and snatch up Osama and Saddam, leave them up there with the other jackasses. Mt. Everest would become a crowded place and those lions would have some full bellies. Yeah, I know, that would require a huge obligation and you would be busy non-stop, 24/7/365 but damn, it would be worth it. Could you catch enough of the BS going on in the world to make a difference? Would it even be possible to even make a dent? There is so much going on, it would wear you down quickly and knowing that you missed something would wear your soul down to a nub quickly. I think it may be more important to concentrate on the things in your neighborhood or your block or even your town that you can influence and make changes to. So, scratch the Superman thing.

What else? Too much of anything could get monotonous after a while. How about this: being employed by a company with integrity that does spectacular things in technology or human rights, the kind of a job where you finish your day and think "Damn, that was a great day!" and then you get to go home to your craftsman style home or your log home on 100 acres and play with the dogs and the kids and work up some dinner and eat on the patio with crickets and cicadas chirping and humming in the background, maybe a ball game on the radio with static every now and then from the thuderstorm approaching over the mountains. Of course, the job would pay well enough that you didn't have to worry about healthcare or school for your kids or bills of any kind. You have enough good people working for you that you could take a couple of weeks off and go fishing in South America or Idaho - just hop in the chopper or the jet and go. Hmmm, that does sound good, but still....

Ok, how about President of the US? Lots of pressure and undoubtedly you would get stuck with a lame duck Congress and nothing would ever get done. You couldn't even take a break without people harassing you. So, yeah, I don't know about this. Maybe I will just stick with wishing/hoping that I could lose about 40 more pounds and live forever, I would be happy with that. Yeah, that is lame, but what the hell.

On another subject: Hey, what is the deal with everyone picking on business people in politics now? I can't belive some of the BS I hear on talk radio at night. There is this super duper obnoxious gal on one of the Seattle stations who is one of those rude hosts that never lets the caller finish their statement and she just goes on and on and never lets up on how bad things are with business people running the country. Yep, things were a whole lot better when lawyers ran this country.....


Shuffled the archives down to the bottom on the side bar. Ho Hum. Not much going on here today, nice and quiet, the cats seem relatively tranquil, nice breeze blowing in today as I slave away stress-testing the servers of HotJobs.com, Monster.com, SeattleTimes.com, etc. Had a lame-ass work out this morning, overslept cuz I stayed up reading and then Sage was barking at some critters outside, so the last time I saw the clock, it was 3 AM. Ugh. I will post some more later.
Last night I posted a link to the Ezrael.org site and tonight I visited again to see if there was anything new. I gotta say, Matt writes some great stuff and the piece I read tonight HERE was great! Damn, I used to love to read comic books and I am still a voracious reader of just about anything I can get my hands on and this story just paints a great picture in my head and I almost see the comic book panels leaping off the page. Quite the contrast to the wonderful essay on Love that I linked to yesterday! If you are sensitive to graphic imagery painted on the inside of your skull, don't go read this. If you love this stuff like I do, then go ahead and click over there. I feel fortunate to have found this guy's site, it is just freaking amazing what kind of awesome talent is out there in the personal diary/blog/creative writing internet world.

The Bro is off camping for a couple of days with the girlfriend and her three, count 'em, 3 daughters! Out to be a real hootenanny and I am sure there will be some great stories when he gets back.

Me, I am doing pretty good, no visit from the raccoon tonight, believe me, I kept an eye out for him/her. Both of the cats are obviously hunkered down somewhere, I haven't seen either of them in a while. I am sure Kit will drag her stick-string-feather toy in here later, possibly about 3 AM and hop on the bed with it, ready for play time. I have never seen anything like that. I can pitch the stick-string-feather toy up into the loft and she will run after it and drag it back downstairs like a demented trout.

I need to make the rounds tomorrow in the blog world and see what everyone is up to. My Favorites list in my browser is about 4 pages long and requires a 30 second scroll to reach the bottom. Like I said, there is some great stuff out there.

One last thing, did I mention that a few weeks ago I wrote Mike Watt? Watt was the bassist for the Minutemen and then Firehose and now does his own thing and tours the country in a busted old Ford Van. Anyhow, I had a sticker I bought from him the last time he was in Oly and it was on my last truck when I traded it. I wrote to him on his web site HootPage.com asking if he had any more of those stickers. He promptly wrote back and asked how many I wanted and then a couple of days later, they showed up in the mail in a handwritten envelope mailed from San Pedro California. Now THAT is pretty damn awesome. My favorite, all-time greatest concerts both involved Watt. A few years ago a new band called Foo Fighters opened for him at the King Theater and I was just totally enthralled by Watt's work on the Thud Staff. A couple of years later, Watt opened for Primus in Seattle and I was a giggling, slobbering fool when Watt came out to duel with Les Claypool, both of those guys can lay down some serious bass. I have been lucky in that when he visits Oly he now recognizes me and we talk a little before and after his gigs at the Backstage. Interestingly enough, years ago, Charlie Hayden, (about 1/3 of the way down the page) the accomplished jazz bassist, sat in with Watt and the Minutemen. Another interesting fact for those that care, Watt was married to Kira, the bassist for Black Flag for a while and they have collaborated on a couple of albums since then - just two kick-ass bass players getting it on - no drums, or guitars or keyboards, just pure, sweet bass. Check it out Here. Anyhow, it isn't too often that you can get handwritten letters from one of the greatest bass players in the world. I've got a couple other autographed Watt things around here so I will need to put this envelope away and try to explain that someday to whatever gal I can hoodwink into marrying me......

I am reading a very very interesting book right now, Alaska's Wolf Man - the story of Frank Glaser who lived and worked in remote Alaska from 1915 to 1955. We aren't talking run-of-the-mill stuff here, this guy had wolf-dog teams pulling his sled and his entries in his journal are like this: "75 below zero today, walked 20 miles up a 8000 foot mountain in 50 inches of snow to check the traplines, got 2 foxes and saw 23 grizzly bears, 30,000 caribou, not much else happened". Fortunately, the author of the book, Jim Reardon, elaborated a little for us and actually talked to Glaser and read more of his detailed logs for the US Fish and Wildlife Service. It is good stuff though.

Ok, that is enough rambling for tonight. It is almost 1:30 and I have to be up and out by 7 so I better hit it before I fall asle.............


Has been a couple of days since I posted anything, so tonight I might just go on and on and on like I used to. In fact, something interesting just happened that I thought the majority of the folks that read my site would get a kick out of (Mom, Dad). Let me start this off by tracking back a few nights.....

My Bro told me a couple of mornings ago that there was a raccoon that came onto the front porch and looked in the window, oblivious to the two hissing cats and my brother's face stuck up against the storm window on the screen door. He ended up putting some cat food out for the masked creature and enjoyed watching the critter eat the cat food and maintain eye contact with him and his cats the whole time. Anyhow, fast-forward to tonight, I was watching sports on the news and caught some movement out of the corner of my eye and there he/she was on the porch! Of course, the cats were mystified by this strange creature that had no fear of them and they sure got worked up very quickly. The cats are named, cleverly, Cat and Kit, so imagine a low guttural sound coming out of Cat who is all worked up in a tizzy and then Kit comes creeping forward who gets the full wrath of Cat's snitty attitude, meanwhile, I am on the floor with my nose pressed up against the window and the raccoon has his nose pressed up against the window just opposite of me! His little beady eyes finally got the better of me and I had to look away, I felt like I was being hypnotized! Raccoon hands and feet are amazing! He (or she) would slowly ease up to the window and put his little paws on the cheesy aluminum scroll work on the door and peer in and this went on for about 20 minutes or so and then Kit started flinging herself against the door (that was exciting). And no, I didn't give him any food because in about 3 or 4 weeks, Sage the Dog will be spending more time inside after the Bro moves out with the cats and I just know that she would launch herself like a SCUD missile through the door to get at the raccoon - who - I am sure, is the same raccoon that has been tormenting her for so long. Anyhow, it was pretty damn cool to be that close to that critter. He/She is apparently used to being around humans which is not a good thing.

Not sure if I ever mentioned my friend who I will call Linda who lives in a wonderful house perched above Bud Bay in Olympia. Her husband actually has a dog feeder set up in his side yard to feed the 5 or 6 raccoons that live in the bluff and brambles just down the hill from them. When I house sat for them about a year ago or so, one of my main duties, 2nd in importance to watering the plants, was to make sure the raccoon feeder was kept full.

I mentioned Half Mad Spinster a couple of posts ago and that she was closing shop and that she was considering posting some stories every now and then. Well, just to give you an idea of how popular her site is, I get about 20 unique visitors a day according to Site Meter (a tracking tool that shows up at the bottom of this page) and she, the last time I looked, gets over 250 unique visitors a day! She has quite a following and I know that everyone else misses her posts as much as I do. So, yes, this is a plea to HMS to post a little update on Scooter or fill us in on how work is going.

Jesus Christ, I am not even sure how to say this. I just went to HMS's site to cut and paste her url (like I couldn't remember it, but I was hoping there was something new from her) and I found a link to THIS. That is one of the most powerful pieces I have ever read. Please take the time and go check it out, it is worth it.

OK, so I have read that piece by Ezrael about 10 times now, I need to re-group and move on with my posting here.

Well, I can't. I am going to go read some more of Ezrael's stuff and hit the hay. Thanks for checking in on my site.