Hi Y'all,
Lisa over at Where does the time go when it's not around here? has been blogging all day since 9 AM this morning Central Time as part of a Blogathon to raise money for various charities. I dropped in on her earlier this monring and chatted for a bit, but she had just gotten started. I see that the blog entries are getting better and as the night progresses, it will become more and more interesting! We had a nice chat on the topic of Tongue Scrapers and ended up looking at a web site that sells them as well as little pots that you use to pour warm liquid into your sinus cavities....ugh. Anyhow, drop on by and read her massive blogging effort.

I am going to drop in on her again and see how things are going, I will blog more later.


It has finally happened, we have joked about it for years and years, always laughing at the idea because it is the sign of the Ultimate End of Things. An obese man is suing fast food restaurants. The stuffed crust made me do it....


Ahhhhhhhh! Nice, cool breeze blowing in off the pasture tonight, it feels soooooooo good after the past few hot days! It was a nice relief to get up this morning and it was foggy and cool. Sweet relief.

Great workout this morning. Have been doing this now for 6 months and finally, this morning, I actually felt like it is making a difference. Not quite sure what it was, just a feeling I had, but it felt good. Hard to explain.

Met a friend for coffee this morning and sat at a small table on the sidewalk in downtown Oly and talked and laughed and enjoyed the sites. We were day dreaming about the lotto ($30 Million!!!) and she asked me what would make me happy, what would be the ultimate. I thought about it for a bit and it wasn't a Ferrari or a huge log home or 10,000 acres and a ranch or traveling the world, I will know when I have "made" it when I can come home after work or a day fishing or after running to the store and walk up on the porch, look in the window and see my family inside, sitting around the fire or reading together or laughing. That is the ultimate. Money can't buy that and only a few people have it.

I have added a couple of sites over on the left, João's, as I mentioned a couple of posts ago and also Letting Loose with the Leptard, and I really enjoy reading both of those sites. I read something the other day about borderline personalities and how bad they can be and one of the traits of someone with a borderline personality is that they tend to take on the actions and speech patterns of those they are around. Kind of like listening to Sean Connery for a couple of hours and you find yourself talking with a Scottish Brogue or the time I spent a week in Arkansas at an FCA summer camp and came home saying "Y'all" every time I opened my mouth. Now, I don't think I have that personality type (or maybe I do...), but when I read João's site and Leptard's site, I can hear them talk and I can hear their accents and I can see the world they live in and it makes me wish I could travel to Brasil and Ireland and talk philosophy with João or put down a pint or two with Leptard and listen to some great music. Take a moment and look through their sites, it is good stuff. João is like me in that he uses his blog as his psychiatrist so he lets loose sometimes. Leptard actually has some Nick Drake stuff on his site too, nice to know there are other fans out there.

Ok, need to wrap up and hit the hay. Tomorrow is Tom's 45th birthday so he is sleeping in to celebrate so I may or may not head to the gym in the morning. One last thing....Tom's wife is in Korea and then on to Japan for an economic trip with the Gov so Tom has been enjoying the bachelor life all week, even went out and signed up for digital cable so he could watch hunting and fishing shows sun up to sun down. He told me this morning that when he goes to bed he starts off all splayed across the bed enjoying the freedom but when he wakes up in the morning, he is over on his 6' 6" x 12" slice of the bed as usual. Pretty funny. He misses her a ton and can't wait for her to get back Saturday. Ok, off to read some Jim Harrison (always good) and then off to dreamland. G'night.


It is HOT! And I mean it is a hot mofo outside today. I know, I know, folks in other parts of the world are reading this and scoffing at me, I don't know butkus about hot, yeah, yeah, yeah. I grew up in the midwest and suffered through 110 degree days with 95% humidity and that is one of the reasons I moved out here, to get away from that nastiness! When it is this hot in the Pacific Northwest, people just freak out, there are runs on fans at Wal Mart and K-mart and you can't even find one anywhere. Just a few days ago it was 60 degrees during the day and it was cooling off into the 40's at night - no sympathy for me. The weather is starting to cool off over the next few days though, but jiminy christmas, I have sweat running down my head as I type this! Ugh.

Not much to report on. Sage is moving very slow, I wish I could give her a buzz haircut like I have, I know it would make her feel better, I will give her a cool bath later, see if she will stand still long enough for that. My Bro has a little spray bottle that he spritzes the cats with every now and then and keeps it close to him to spray his head when he feels like it.

I am getting excited about my Bro and his gal moving in together, the house they are getting is pretty damn cool - large, w/5 bedrooms, a couple of bathrooms, and (the best part) a Large Deep Freeze! It is funny to hear him go on and on about the yard and the flowers and the pear tree and the plum tree, and washing his car under the carport and mowing the yard, fixing up this thing or that thing, he is pretty excited. There is even talk of a marriage! Holy Moly! They have sure been through a lot over the past couple of years, ups and downs, back and forth, communication snafu's, child rearing discussions, pet discussions, ex-husband discussions. I told him that he is a lucky guy to have found a woman like her. And honestly, I think she is lucky to have found a guy like him who is a Ying to her Yang, Starsky to her Hutch, well, you get the idea.

Blasted off about 8 resumes yesterday to a Large Seattle-based Coffee company (again) as well as a Large Washington-based bank. It is coming down to the wire for $$ in the bank, going to be pretty tight over the next few weeks as cell phone, truck, insurance, rent bills all come due. Will have to be creative and make due some how. Actually looking forward to (hopefully) getting a job back in Seattle. If it is a good enough position, I will keep this place in Oly, as Jim Harrison would call it, as "My Panic Hole". The place that I can jet off to when I need some country air and some space. Ah, I can dream about getting a job, can't I? They are hiring Fry Cooks at the South Pacific in town, mmmmmmm.

Mom wrote in her blog the other night recollecting her thoughts on the Moon landing and yes, I do remember that. Little B&W TV in the parents bedroom, sitting on the end of the bed, watching Men Walk on the Freaking Moon! Amazing. I was surfing the job sites last night and the Moon was bright outside my window and it made me think about how freaking amazing it is that we could put men on there. It also makes me think of the cheese commercial......"Over 30 years ago, man landed on the Moon.. and discovered it wasn't made of Cheese (dramatic pause).......we haven't been back since".

I am going to go grab the spray bottle and soak the top of my head and my feet. I hope everyone is doing good out there.



Was reading through my mother's blog today and saw that she has a link to the transcript from the Donahue show the other day when he had Ann Coulter on. Phil Donahue is a flaming, unprofessional, inconsiderate, biased, jackass liberal of the worst kind. There are (were) some issues that I agree with the liberal left on but this dumb-ass sure gives the rest of the left a bad name.

I am having second thoughts on posting this: if we acknowledge his existence, he may stay around longer, but if we ignore him, will he just go away??????
Beautiful day here today, Lake Fair wrapping up tonight in Oly with HUGE fireworks although they have drawn down Capital Lake for weed control and it is just a mud flat with the Deschutes River going down the middle! Very attractive.

Have a new website that I am going to add to my Favs/Now Reading list - TINEN>>>pattern written by, João from Brazil. He is a fan of philosophy and Icelandic music and has a very interesting site with discussions on philosophy, life, living in Brazil and the fact that he is Brazilian and doesn't like soccer (football) makes for some good stuff! Go check his site out if you have the chance.

Sent an email off to the reporter who covered the kitten story in the KC Star. I was wondering what types of animal cruelty laws they have on the books back there but she is out of the office until tomorrow, so I will report more later if I hear back from her. I am still spitting mad about this, haven't even been able to tell my brother about it - he has two cats and is very passionate about them.

So, I need to run errands, get out in the sun, hit the gym maybe and get some groceries. May grill up some burgers tonight, or pick up some fish from the Farmer's Market.