I cannot get a decent night's sleep! Jiminy Christmas! Ok, it is 7:20 AM and I have been up for over 2 fricking hours. Guess what it was this time? Dog + brother + raccoon = Jason up at 5 freaking AM on a Saturday. Ugh.

I am awoken by the dog barking - 4 AM. I get up, go to the bathroom to look out the window to see if she is barking at a deer or the wind and talk to her for a bit, tell her to be quiet and that I will be out later (like in 5 hours, after I sleep more) to play with her. A little bit of sleep, more barking and then, I hear a voice outside my window "Jason, come outside and put Sage in the garage", and I am fumbling and leaping out of bed trying to figure out what the hell is going on, why is there a voice outside my window, so I ask, "What the f$%# is going on out there?" The voice calmly replies, "There is a raccoon in the ash tree".

Good fricking grief. For weeks and months Sage has barked every now and then during the night or early morning. At first, I thought it was the new place and she was lonely or the wind was blowing or a cat walked by and I would always ask Sage to please be quiet, it is ok, go back to sleep, there is nothing there. She would look at me and wag her whole body and make these muppet sounds with her mouth closed that I NOW know mean, "Hey! There is a raccoon back here!"

So, I put the dog in the garage much to her consternation and resistance, god I felt guilty doing that and she let me know how upset she was at that, it will take months and months to get her to the point where she will come to me again, ugh.

The Bro is out back and we both look like a couple of trailer-park rejects at 5 in the morning in our backyard looking up into this spindly tree to see Ricky Raccoon peering back at us. He/she is a juvenile, probably out for the usual Disney-movie / anthropomorphized stroll through the neighborhood, raid a couple of trash cans, practice using that damn can opener again, doopty-doopty-doo, stroll around the corner, then he/she is face-to-face with the vicious Sage Dog! Yipes! Up a tree!

Yes, I have seen all the Disney movies but I have also seen "Where the Red Fern Grows" so I know what a raccoon can do to a dog plus several of my friends in high school hunted raccoons and they can be mean suckers, but this one just wanted to go home. With the dog put away, bro and I backed off around the corner of the house and the raccoon made his way down and headed back into the trees and brush along the back fence.

What am I still doing up? Good question. After an entire day of rain yesterday, the sun coming up over the mountains illuminated the clouds all across the sky with a wonderful pink-magenta color. There was no way I was going to miss out on a great start to a day like that! Going to get an early start on some errands and who-knows-what else today. More later maybe.



I wish these two would get their schedules coordinated. When you feel like playing with them, they are nowhere to be found or sleeping the deep cat-sleep, looking like road kill, legs splayed out, head akimbo.

The cat names are clever: Older cat is Cat, younger cat is Kit. Cat comes down the stairs like a bowling ball, da-bump, da-bump, da-bump, da-bump, Kit glides like she is floating on a cushion of air, sssssshhhhhhhhwwwwwwwiiiiiiiisssssssssshhhhhhh.

Cat will typically fall off of her sleeping perch - on top of the TV, the computer monitor, the stereo. She eases into a relaxed sleep - you can almost watch it happen, and then she wakes with a startle as she slides off.

Kit is an amazing acrobat. She will jump from the tv to a shelf 5 feet above her, then to a ledge that crosses the front wall of the main room 9 feet up. She will leap from that perch to the top edge of the open front door (!!!!) and then to the ground, it is an amazing feat. She should be a movie cat, or at least a cat food commercial cat.

They are quite entertaining, but good grief, it is like a three ring circus here in the mornings, galloping and hissing and tackling. As you can guess, up early again today - it is about 7:30 now, have been awake for two hours already. Heading to the gym in a bit to meet up with Tom, run a couple of errands, then back here for the Quest. Hope everyone is doing good and having a great Friday - it is Friday, right?


I am creaking around today. Yesterday it was 90 degrees here, sun, blue skies, nice breeze and it was gorgeous. Today is about 60 degrees, rainy and cloudy. ugh. My back and legs are so damn sore and I am trying to figure out why but I think it is the change in the weather that is kicking my butt.

Not much to blog about today, have been concentrating the last couple of days on getting as many resumes out as I can, making some calls and following up on resumes submitted last week and before. Not much fun but I have to do it. I have been remiss in writing emails to old friends and new, my folks have probably wondered what corner of the planet I have dropped off of, but I am still here, hunkered down, pouring over my bills trying to be creative and cover my obligations.

Saw the kittens that I had found a home for a couple of weeks ago and they are doing great, cuter than cute. They are enjoying their new home.

The water district is getting ready to backhoe part of my yard out by the road, that should be lots of fun. Maybe they can chase off the damn moles that are running subterranean laps under my yard. Can't get mole traps or poison them anymore, but I have a contact who works....well, I better I not say anything. Needless to say, I can have these buggers taken care of as soon as I give the word.

Ya know, I am not even going to comment on the Pledge of Allegiance broo-hah. I just can't fricking believe it.

Update on Springer the Lost Orca:
She seems to be doing very well and is ahead of schedule for her recovery, doing better than anyone thought she would. Amazingly, a gal who works up in the San Juan Islands and studies whale song, heard a bit of Springer's whale call and it jogged her memory, so she dug back through her recordings and found Springer's mom and a recording of her whale song. They are almost IDENTICAL. (EDIT: Typical Jason move here, I forgot the punchline to the Springer whale call bit, her mother's recording is from 14 YEARS AGO!)They look at the pitch and tone of the call and graph it out and just like a DNA sample, they overlaid the two songs and they match. Pretty freaking amazing. The scientists are going to net off a small bay on Vancouver Island and put Springer in there for the rest of her recovery. Her pod will be back through on their migration path sometime soon and then they will be reunited.


Gonna zap this off if Blogger will let me and get back to catching up on emails and other correspondence. More later.


Feeling a little better today, the talk on all of the radio stations and news shows is about the naked guy shooting the police officer and why the officer hesitated and they are digging down into the real issues, makes me feel a little better.

At A Coyote at the Dog Show today, he has an excellent call and response article in reply to a letter that Jane Goodall, (yes, the same one) - wrote to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department regarding mountain lions. Mountain lion hunting was banned here in Washington state so it is a matter of time before we have the same problems that Wyoming and Colorado have. These game departments have managed their deer populations so well that there are more mountain lions in these states now than there were when good ol' Lewis and Clark made their way through.

Since I woke up this morning (yes, at 5:30 again) there has been this low rumbling sound in the house. At first I had pictured the neighbor next door, getting up to go to work, had started his motorcycle and then slumped over the handlebars, victim of some mysterious ailment. Then, I thought it was the neighbors down the road that had left a diesel truck engine running. After looking around outside for about ten minutes and discovering I couldn't hear the sound anymore, I came back in and traced it to a fan running upstairs. That is how exciting my life is right now. Blah.

Have been listening to the Nitty Gritty Dirt band for the past couple of days. Fishing in the Dark, god what a great song. No, I won't run on and on about that again like I did a month ago, it just makes me feel so damn good to hear it.

Back to the Perpetual Non-Stop Job Search, again. ugh. Will write more later, I know everyone is so anxious to hear what I have to say today. :-)



Ok, laying in bed early this morning, the cats are running laps around the house and not being very cat-like, thumping, crashing, hissing, galloping, ugh, and I am listening to the radio and they are talking about the "alleged" killer of a local policeman. Over the weekend, a naked man was stopping traffic up in the Bellevue area at a major intersection. Yes, naked. He was in the road, throwing things at cars and when the police responded, the first officer on the scene confronted the naked man who charged the officer who promptly maced the naked man with no affect. The naked man charged the officer again, wrestling with the officer and getting his gun away from him. In front of over 2 dozen people, the naked man shot and killed the policeman, shooting him multiple times and then shooting him in the head execution style. The "alleged" cop killer goes in front of the judge today. The policeman had two daughters and a wife. His oldest daughter just graduated from high school.

I guess when you do blog entries, you need to have your mind made up on the topic and have something to say. In this case, all I can think of and feel is anger and sadness and frustration because this naked guy, the cop killer, just got out of prison for assaulting a policeman.
Ok, have had a couple of hours to digest this and I didn't want to post the above entry earlier, I messed up and pushed some other stuff and this went with it so sorry for the incomplete thoughts.

What makes me the angriest, and I am sure there is going to be a huge backlash on this in the press and at City Hall and in the Police Department is this: a few months ago there were a couple of incidents in Seattle where the perception was that the PD was acting to hastily. They had a sword wielding looney-toon downtown that they had to shoot after he ran at them with his sword. A couple of weeks later, they had a car chase and another wacko with a machete that they shot. The media and the politicians got all worked up about this and every police officer now carries mace and a taser gun so they can subdue these criminals without capping them. All of these happened right on the heels of the mis-managed WTO fiasco in Seattle - different circumstances but everyone talks about all of them in the same breath. I am sure the PD had to take course on Political Correctness and on how to deal with deranged criminals in a more PC way. So, when I hear that a policeman was shot dead, with his own gun, by a naked man in front of more than two dozen people, I think that the officer had all of this PC crap in his mind and he was worried that there were lots of spectators and innocent by-standers and he worried that he was over-reacting when his first real, instinctive thought was to put that guy on the ground with two to the chest.

Police take an oath to protect us, to put themselves in the middle, between us and the bad guys. My dad was a cop for many, many years and as a kid I never really understood what he did or why he did it but as I get older and understand more, you understand why, when they pull you over for an expired tab or broken tail-light that they call for backup and approach your car the way they do. Every situation is stressful for them, they have one of the highest rates of suicide and depression for any vocation. But they still do it.

Now, with the events happening in NYC and around the world, we are all very wary of the government, of Ashcroft, of the President and others. I myself am worried about some basic rights that could possibly be violated and I will let Armed and Dangerous and InstaPundit and those guys debate that back and forth, but I am really getting sick and tired of the way Political Correctness is hampering us. It makes the FBI look the other way when they should be paying more attention. It makes the schools cater to the lowest common denominator, it affects how our businesses are run. Yes, this sentiment may brand me more of a conservative, but I have a feeling that if Officer Herzog, with 10 years as a King County Deputy Sheriff and 20 years as an Army Ranger, had acted on his instinct and had shot that crazy son of a bitch in the head or chest, rather than thinking about the consequences, his two daughters and his wife would not be alone today. Here is a link to the story in the Seattle Times.


Me again. I have quite a few things to say this evening so I am going to get started.

First and foremost, I implore anyone who happens across my site in the next day or week or because of some crazy search for "porn and naked dogs in international harvester travelall with a porn-o-rama spiderman workout" search (that pretty much guaran-damn-tees I will get some wandering surfers!) to take few minutes, 5 at the most and please please please go read Half Mad Spinster's June 23, 2002 entry on what she did Friday night. If one of us, hell, one out of ten of us could look back at the end of our lives and say that we did something as wonderful and heartwarming and soul-enriching and worthwhile like Mary T. and her friend "Jill" did Friday night, the world would be a much better place. It isn't about solving world hunger or solving the pollution problem, it is about doing what you can in your neighborhood or your city or just on your street, just by taking the time to smile at a kid or tell her she is doing a great job or just paying attention to them for just a little bit.

I am in total awe of her. Thank you for putting things in perspective for me Mary T., you are wonderful.

Edit: Mary had a problem with my saying that she is wonderful and after reading this again, I think I need to make it clear why she is wonderful.

1. Spent Friday night helping her friend Jill with these kids.
2. Had the patience and love to stick with it when others would be uncomfortable.
3. Wrote one of the most moving stories I have ever read
4. Used her words to convey a message of hope for the future
5. Made me cry

And to her friend "Jill", you are an amazing and wonderful person too, thank you for doing what you do with these kids!


Ok. Regarding the movie I saw earlier today....I wonder how much post-production was done on the "Sum of All Fears" after Sept 11? Does anyone know? All I know, is that while I was sitting there watching this movie and the 'big moment' was imminent: I knew it was coming, I had heard about it, I saw the previews, I read reviews - I started to choke up. I am not sure if it was the realism of the scenes or the pain and sorrow and grief and terror I felt during and after Sept. 11 that washed over me or maybe it was the scenes of happy people and life and smiles and friendships that flashed before my eyes in rapid-fire like a freaking Uzi, my eyes trying to absorb these images and my brain trying to process all of that. I am sure the producers and directors of that movie knew and understood the response they would get and I am sure that is exactly what they were gunning for. But jeebus christmas, it hit me hard and has multiple feelings rushing through me. Has anyone else seen this movie? Did it do the same thing to you?

I have made some great new friends over the past week via my blog and I want to tell all of you that I am glad you are part of me now and that you are letting me be a part of you. I feel pretty damn fortunate to be able to say that. It is very interesting and humbling to think of how all of these separate lives scattered all over the country and hell, even the world, are intertwined and intermeshed (did I just make up words?).

I am jumping all over the place tonight, sorry 'bout that, but my mind is acting that way too. I posted a little Shaggy Dog song lyric the other day that my mom sent me and after checking around the internet, there are several really good sites with more of these than you could ever imagine! AND, get this, a whole site dedicated to Spoonerisms, which, and I am going to copy and paste info from the King of Spoonerism Sites here:

Spoonerism (spoon'er iz''em)
n. [after Rev. W. A. Spooner (1844-1930), of New College, Oxford, famous for such silps] an unintentional interchange of sounds, usually initial sounds, in two or more words (Ex.: "a well-boiled icicle" for "a well-oiled bicycle") (Webster's New World Dictionary)

Now, these are especially enjoyable to me because of a major Spoonerism even that occured when I was a kid. A famous Spoonersim is Butterfly - they were originally called Flutter Bys, so you get the idea. Well, and my mom will have to verify the age, I am guessing I was about 4 or 5, we were driving in downtown Lee's Summit Missouri in the family convertible Buick and, apparently, a Fire Truck came down the street and I performed a very loud Spoonerism by announcing that a Trire F@*% was coming, much to the amazement and joy of my parents. Now you know why I like them so much.

Ok, Shaggy Dog stories are also called Feghoots and the "that's a moray" lyric is probably classified as a Groaner. Here is a great site with a TON of these types of stories and the link will take you right to a really good one! There is More Info on this page if you are so inclined.

Ok, I need to wrap this up. I hope everyone is safe out there and talk to you all more tomorrow.

Sunday evening, gorgeous outside, need to get this posted and get back out there! Met up with a friend and his wife and saw "Sum of All Fears" this afternoon and it was great and really made me feel pretty emotional, still sorting though all of that, but it is not too often I get teary-eyed watching an action movie. I will write more later after the sun goes down.
Sunday Morning, up at 6 today due to Sage barking at deer in the pasture, good grief, but I am glad to be up early and to get an early start on the day. Hitting the book store today and need to get online and get busy with the job search. Hopefully this week I will have some good news to report on all of that!

Well, i need to get the day started, blogger has been giving me a hard time, started this post at 6:30 or so, will need to see if I can get it posted.....have some fun stuff to post later on too....