Getting a few resumes zapped off today, resisting the urge to just go sit in the front yard. As simple as that. You know those old guys you see when you are out driving around the country side just sitting in their front yard and you wonder what they are doing? Well, that's gonna be me if I don't get a freaking job sometime soon! LOL

Tom's South Carolina team lost today in the first game of the College World Series, and I mean, they just got spanked by Georgia Tech. Tom was on the phone early in the game with his dad in SC who was watching the game too, I think they jinxed it by being to cocky. They have a chance to work their way back in through the loser's bracket but will have to beat the winner of tonight's game, either Nebraska or Clemson.

This weekend should be fun. Last year when I was flush, I bought a set of those damn X10 cameras that show up in all the pop up ads with beautiful, scantily clad women. I am going to dig those out and install them, will be kind of fun to have one outside to check up on Sage. Plus, if I can figure all of this stuff out, I might set up a "Sage Cam Page", LOL. Should be fun. It would be great to get this set up because I knw that my grandfather has a video camera on his PC and we can video-chat. And that just jogged my memory....I am going to put my Grandfather's B29 web site on my Favorites list and I hope interested readers will go check it out. Gramps figured most of the web site stuff out on his own and has a kick-ass PC, video, digital camera, scanner, the whole nine-yards. For the past couple of years, he has put together bound and printed books on the Family History, his Wartime Years and also the Family Gun History, my favorite. The best part in that book is the scan of the original receipt for the Browning Auto-5 that Gramps' mother, my great-grandmother, bought for my great-grandfather for Christmas one year. So, take a little time to go check out SaipanB29.com.

Ok, gonna zip through the want-ads again and then I will go sit in the yard I think and have an iced tea.

This weekend is Father's Day and I hope everyone got their cards sent off already and will give a call to their dad on Sunday!


I have been lurking.

This whole blogosphere is interesting that way. You go to Blogger.com or Weblogs.com and you see a site that has an interesting title and you click on through to it, and suddenly, you are reading the very intimate details of another person's life. I guess if someone stumbled on my site they might find the same kind of thing! I have listed the sites I go to everyday, sometimes several times a day on the Favs list to the left. Every site is written by someone with a keen insight on life, love, politics, family, and work and I think I have a pretty great selection of sites that are written by folks that I know I would get along with if someday we were to meet.

Yesterday I was inspired to email the writer that posts on the Who has nothing better to do? site (now it comes up as "Where does the time go when it's not around here?" so don't get confused. Lisa has a site that has inspired me, has left me pondering her thoughts and fears and hopes and joys and being a lurker, I can sit on the sidelines quietly cheering her on as she makes her way through life. So, yesterday I "got in the game" and emailed her and I am glad I did. Thank you Lisa for your wonderful reply.

Years ago, on the TV show "Northern Exposure", one of the characters tells the character played by John Corbett that she "likes the cut of his sail" or something like that. I feel that way when I read these sites, especially Lisa's and the Life as a Vole site and Half Mad Spinster site. Hell, every single site I have listed is authored by someone whose "cut of their sail" I admire. I just wish my mom would write more!! (hint, hint).

So, Lisa, I like the "cut of your sail" and thank you again for the mention on your site.

In other news, well, at least this is news up here in the Northwest, hundred of thousand of dollars are being spent on capturing and relocating "Springer", the lost juvenile Orca. She has been wandering around in Puget Sound, apparently lost, since mid-January. Her pod migrated north to an area off of Vancouver island and left her behind. She is suffering from hunger, is infested with orca-parasites and is not doing very well. Yesterday, they practiced how they were going to capture her and today is supposed to be the Big Day.

I am having a hard time with this at the moment because I am just getting into the meat of "A Problem From Hell: America in the Age of Genocide." Interesting juxtaposition of thoughts going through my head at the moment: repulsed by the atrocities of the Ottoman Empire and their slaughter of 800,000 Christian Armenians, the gory details of the ovens in the Holocaust and the 10 - 12 million humans that were killed, Pol Pot and his crazy-ass schemers of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, and deciding that I am not repulsed by the acts themselves, as bad as they were/are, I am repulsed by the reaction of the world community before, during and after these things happened. As I type this, every Seattle TV station has reporters live on the scene to document the capture and relocation of this whale. I know, in the overall scheme of things, a few hundred thousand bucks spent on a whale capture and relocation is not that big of a deal. It gives people hope and it makes all of us feel better in these times of terrorism and worry and dirty bombs. The scientist in me knows that this whale will probably not survive. But I hope she does. I also hope that I can make it through the rest of this damn book, as obvious as it is that America turned her head during some critical times in history. ugh. Not sure where I am going with all of this. I guess I would rather see the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on this whale be used instead to create better classrooms and provide better education to our youth. I would rather it be spent on studying the affects of fluoride on the salmon and other creatures that inhabit Puget Sound. Sheesh, I sound like a curmudgeon, but I don't think I am, I am just frustrated.

One of my favorite quotes is "If you believe everything you read, then, don't read". Sounds like something Steven Wright would say but I think it is attributed to a a Japanese scholar. LOL. Maybe I need to get back to reading "Undaunted Courage" or my new Patrick McManus book and stay away from these nightmare-causing books!

Supposed to hit 90 degrees here today in Olympia. Yowsa. Might be a good day to go hit the theater and see a movie!

Sorry about the rambling entry....



What a day. Absolutely gorgeous outside, spectacular.

Great workout, got plans for this coming Friday to go over to Tom's place, run cable and power out to his backyard and watch the College World Series. I had written a few days ago about the many times I had done that in college, watching the Cubbies on WGN and had also mentioned it to Tom. So, he said, what the hell, we should do that! Plus, his South Carolina Gamecocks are in and will be playing.

All kinds of good memories came flooding back tonight. The process of cutting, raking and baling the hay field out my back window is in the raking phase. Luckily, the weather has been warm and sunny and the hay will probably be baled tomorrow. The memories I had earlier were very fond ones. Many times, in high school, I would sign on to help folks out with their hay baling and hauling needs. Mainly the hauling part, as I was a strapping 6 foot 3 farm boy with a whole closet of sleeveless workshirts, and a real need for the 10 cents/bale I got for helping out. lol. The Eskina family had made a business out of doing the whole process and the farm I worked at bought hay from Ed so I was recruited many times to help out. Funny thing about Ed: he had a fairly new tractor with a cab, air conditioning, AM/FM stereo, the whole bit. He would let his Chihuahua ride in the tractor with him, it was the funniest damn thing. Ed had gotten his leg caught in a combine years ago and every now and then, a piece of corn would work it's way out of the muscle and pop through his skin. Nasty. He would always make sure to show us whenever one 'surfaced'. ugh.

The best hay-hauling memories were when I helped my friend Jeff out. He had the quintessential farm truck - an 1980 Chevy 3/4 ton 4x4 with dual exhaust, 4 speed and a 350. We would get that truck lined up down rows of baled hay, put it in granny gear, and then both of us would throw hay onto the trailer as it creeped across the field. One of us would hop up onto the trailer and stack the bales as the load got bigger. One of us would hop in and turn the truck around at the edge of the field, get it pointed the right way and then get to tossing hay bales again. One time, we were trying to beat a thunder storm as it rolled in from the west and we had 5 or 6 guys working the field and two guys on the trailer and we were lucky and got the last bale of hay in the barn as the rain started. I remember sitting there, surrounded by the smell of fresh cut clover hay, listening to the rain pitter-patter on the metal roof of the barn with those guys and it was so awesome. Man oh man, we were stepping and fetching to get that hay in.

Tonight, as the sun went down, I sat in the yard with Sage and enjoyed the smell of the hay, remembering all of these thoughts, reminiscing and it brought a big smile to my face. Those guys I hauled hay with are now NASA scientists, one is vying to get in the space shuttle program and has been flying jets that straddle the edge between earth and space, taking spy pictures, one is an engineer for Boeing or one of the other airplane manufacturers, one is a teacher and a professional Scouter, and Jeff has a huge family of girls and a farm of his own. That was a good group of guys, I met them all through Boy Scouts and we did just about everything together. They were all Eagle Scouts too. What a bunch of great memories.

Ok, enough rambling. Good night for sleeping tonight, slight breeze blowing in (right off the hay field) and it will be nice to get under the covers.


Sacrificed a chicken, bought a rabbit's foot keychain, got TWO count 'em TWO four leaf clovers, answered every chain letter I have ever received, and finally, FINALLY, Blogger allowed me to publish links in my Favs list to Half Mad Spinster and Life as a Vole. wheeeewwweeeee!

I was going to comment on the good porn vs bad porn essay and the interesting dialogue between a couple of famous bloggers regarding string bikinis, Instapundit, Tres Producers, and USS Clueless but, I just can't tell if the blogger that thinks string bikinis are an afront to all that is holy and a step back for feminism, is just being the "sensitive pony-tail guy" and is using reverse psychology and actually wants MORE string bikinis, which I am all for, by the way. Ahh, there is much more interesting things going on out there though.

One of my favorite sites now is Girl on the Right, I especially dug what she had to say about Al Gore, and this is copied directly from her site:

And in the "doesn't he get tired of talking about Florida?" category - our friend Al Gore. He spoke last week at the Wisconsin Democratic Convention - and this was how he inspired the crowd:

"Think about how you felt the morning after the Supreme Court decision in December. Take that feeling you have inside and use it."

Hey Al, I think you got the notes for the speech mixed up with your diary again. Whoops.

That is AWESOME!

off to bed. yawn.


Just watched the moon move across the sun. We had a pretty good view of it here, the moon blocking about 40% of the sun. Set up the telescope and used a cardboard box to show the reverse view of the eclipse. It was very surreal as the light dimmed slowly. I remember years ago, maybe 1983 or 1984 when there was an eclipse and I was mowing the high school football field as part of my summer job. It was a much more pronounced eclipse that time, everything turned a kind of gray.

So, the M's are on again, and I have to go get some hotdogs so I will check in later.
Okey dokey, got some resumes sent out, taking a little break before I head outside to enjoy the amazing weather for a bit. Either going to sit in the sun and drink a beer or two or meet up with Tom and hit the driving range. Sounds tough doesn't it? God I wish I had a job though.

There is a tractor about 10 yards away from my back fence today, they are cutting the hay back there, great smell, lots of good memories associated with the tractor too. They cut and round-baled the adjacent field over the weekend and wrapped the bales with the waterproof white plastic wrap. It looks like a gigantic cargo plane of HUMONGOUS marshmallows dumped it's load over the field. At night when the moon is out, the field takes on the appearance of an X-Files episode.

ok, gonna go. more later

I have tried several times now to put some new links on my favorites list but it is not apparently working. I will keep trying though throughout the day.

Going to hit the job search hard this morning, expanding my quest to the Portland area.....will write more later.