Had a great time last night, met some friends at a local tavern for a couple of beers. Several bands were playing there last night and the first band was led by a singer/guitarist that I knew. She had hosted the Halloween party last fall and I knew she was in a band, but I didn't know they were performing locally and that she was such a great singer. I met her through a friend from work and I wondered if he and his girlfriend were going to show up for the show and they did, just as they finished their last song! Bummer. But, we hung out the rest of the night and I met some other interesting folks - hard not to in a place like Olympia. It was funny because there were about 5 or 6 other folks from the Halloween party and I remembered them by the costumes they wore.

Spiderman opened last night and I have plans to go see that tomorrow, should be good fun. The movie has gotten good reviews and the fellow that plays Spiderman is a good actor, I have always liked his performances, especially Cider House Rules.

Well, need to get hopping and run a couple of errands. We have lost our nice weather - it is cool and overcast once again. The price we pay....


blah blah blah blog. :-)

It is FRIDAY! Woooo Hoooooo!

Workout KICKED MY BUTT this morning, not sure why, but damn, it was hard on the elliptical trainer. Weights weren't that bad and my arms and shoulders are still in fuego.

Heading out to run chores, hit the bank, get some grub and then to get ready for tonight.

Short posting today, I feel like my brain is churning right now, getting ready to hit the spin cycle and there might be some clarity as a result of this restlessness (lol, I typed restlessmess before I corrected it.). There is some clarity in simplicity, simplifying things, life, work, home, stuff,.....too much stuff. What's really really important to you? To me?

Need to have a garage sale, that would be awesome, except I wouldn't be realistic on prices I could get for stuff...."yes, this is a door handle of a 1969 International Travelall, and I would like 1000 bucks for it, sentimental value you know"....LOL. It is hard to get rid of stuff like that. It only takes up a space that is 2 inches by 2 inches by about 8 inches, but the thing is, I have, like, 4000 things that size! Imagine if you could put everything that really mattered to you in a pack back, wow. Take a few photos, a book or two, some clothing and that would be about it. Hmmm.

Ok, I gotta hit the road, more on this later.



So far so good this morning. Juat about two hours into the day and things are going ok. Tom couldn't make the workout this am so I went ahead and did my usual routine, no records today though.

I am still in shock from something I learned from watching TV last night. Things happen in our lives to shape us, to mold us, that affect how we perceive things around us, that knock us on our butts or give us a kick in the shorts and motivate us to achieve better things, to aspire to be more. One of those things happened to me last night.

I am the same age as Homer Simpson

Good freaking grief. He has a good job, three great kids, a loving wife, a house, two cars, a cat and a dog. He has a weird neighbor in Ned Flanders, but he can always call on Ned to help out. He has two or three buddies from work that he hangs out with at Moe's Tavern. Isn't that what we all want? LOL

So, I am sitting there, watching the Simpson's, and Homer mentions his age and it doesn't really hit me until later in the evening as I am watching the trials and tribulations of the Frontier House participants (more on that in a bit). I had never really even thought about how old Homer is, I guess in the cartoon land of Springfield he has always been 36. Going about his daily life, learning to live with Bart and his antics, mumbling incoherently when Marge's sisters are around. How many times has Homer made me guffaw out loud since I started watching that show, what, 14 years ago?

I can remember when my parents were 36 and it makes me wonder if at that age, did my parents have the same thoughts and wonders and fears and hopes that I have? They had two boys to deal with, to raise and to keep out of trouble, hoping that they did the right thing, hoping that the paths Dan and I took would lead us to happiness. Dan and I both have had times in our lives where the choices we made weren't quite spectacular, but somehow we made it through. I would like to think that we are well grounded with good morals and values, our personalities are infused with the capability to see the value of working hard, of laughing at the silliest things, of appreciating the wonderful and beautiful and sad and desperate things that we encounter in our lives.

I don't know if a son or daughter could ever really tell their folks how much they appreciate the things that they have done for them. The kind words, the smiles, the kicks in the pants, the encouragement. I have been pretty damn lucky.

So, Homer being 36 isn't going to bother me that much. Actually, just the opposite. Yeah, he is a doofus and every now and then lets the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant melt down, but he always getrs back up and keep plugging away. He has good friends, a tolerant and loving wife and kids that love and care for him and his house is always full of laughter, usually at his expense! We should all be so lucky.

Frontier House wrapped up last night. The three families spent 5 months in the Montana wilderness, building cabins, milking cows, planting gardens, chopping wood, building fences, living in close quarters with their families, running off bears, digging root cellars, getting married, getting separated, making moonshine and learning to get along with each other. It was a great show - yeah, the pioneer stuff was interesting and it is amazing what it takes to be self-sufficient and provide for your family in a situation like that - but the human interaction was the best part to observe. Wives and husbands, sons and daughters, newly weds, all trying to work as a team to survive, pulling together, sometimes splitting apart, but most of them regretted having to leave. Tears flowed when they left the homesteads they worked so hard to build. It is amazing how quickly they reverted back to their old ways when brought back to the 'real world' of Tennessee and Malibu and Boston.

I have got to get to work now, I will write more later if I get the chance. Oh, I also realized that I had a typo in a previous post - I wrote that a friend was having a Cinco de Quatro party this weekend - "The 5th of 4th", lol, what I meant to say is Quatro de Mayo.



Howdy Blog,
Lunch time: Instant Lunch by Maruchan - Noodles with Shrimp, peas, carrots. Mmmmmmmmm. I like the peas when they are still a little crunchy. Reminds me of those wasabi covered dried peas you can get from the Asian markets. Must go get some of those.

Plugging away on work today, sent the doc off and that makes me happy and the people waiting for it even happier.

Tom is getting screwed on some cell phone expenses he turned in, like, more than a month ago. Makes me want to go medieval on someone. I know it's only $85 bucks, but jeebuss christmas, it's 85 BUCKS!

Dan is firing up Gran Turismo, the house is shaking once again.

Supposed to be a nice day but it is still overcast here. Hopefully it will clear up by this afternoon.

Boy, not much worth saying coming out of this brain today. All I can think of is VB crapola, even though it is fun. I would rather be somewhere else doing something else though.

Mom is flying to DC for a sheep thing and will be out for a few days. Hopefully she can take some great pictures and I look forward to hearing about the trip.

Got some more pent up blogging in me that I just need to find some time and sit down and write it all down. Have been checking out other blogs out there and there are some real good ones. Very interesting reading and I am very impressed with some of the younger bloggers out there. I might put some of the links over on my favorites bar for others to see. All kinds of teen angst and college woes and worries, lots of great poetry and some very creative creative writing.

Ok, got to get back to it. Catch ya later.


ooooooooooooo k,
Got something new and exciting - the TAG board on the left of the page. It is a cool little freebie that lets you have mini-chat sessions with anybody. Just type in the name, then the message and hit the TAG! button and it gets posted to the little message board. Saw it on another blog and tracked down the site that has the code and hosts the board, it is pretty cool. Just need to get the dog pic back in the right size and place.......

Work wise, I am about up to HERE on document editing, sheesh. I will be glad once this puppy is done cuz we can keep using it over and over.

Weather wise, it has been another one of those days that makes it worthwhile putting up with all the rain and gloom and darkness of the Washington state winters. Sage came inside today for a bit and that was a real hootenanny. Not as bad as I thought it would be but the cats are still all out of sorts at the moment.

Life wise, well, things could be better and they will get better. I am a lucky man to have the friends and family that I have. Just need to get ahead a little bit! Got to keep on keepin' on. Getting close to that place that I want to be.

Looking forward to the weekend and a couple of get-togethers. My friend from Australia is having a birthday party and I believe there is a Cinco de Quatro party on Saturday at another friends place. I hope the weather holds out cuz I got a hankerin' for some BBQ.

Anyhow, I feel a major blogging event coming on tonight, got to purge a little. Oh, if anyone cares, make sure you watch the Frontier House show on PBS tonight, at least out here it is on tonight. 3 familes, middle of Montana, trying to live like it is 1883 with all the modern conveniences 1883 provided, it is a great show. Talk to you all later.

What do they say? Darkest before the storm, or things can only get better? Who are 'they'? I would like to talk to them right about now. Feeling the serious pinch of being unemployed for a few months and trying to get caught up on my bills. Hindsight is always 20/20, ughhhhh, crap. If a person is going to be unemployed, it is highly recommended that you live like you are unemployed, and not go around doing Christmas and birthdays and dinners out and furniture buying and all of that when you aren't sure where the next paycheck is coming from. What the hell was I thinking? Guess I wasn't. The chickens, and in my case, a 500 foot tall one, have come home to roost. Like a gigantic, obnoxious Foghorn Leghorn, "Why, boy, I say, boy, what the Hell were you doing?" More on THIS later.


Stumbled across an interesting essay on raising kids with guns. Good reading. This gal has also published a book on common-sense parenting; bonding, listening and paying attention to kids. Also, check out her regular entry for Friday April 26th....not sure how to link to that other than this. But it may change if she adds anymore entries soon.....
Ok, working at home does have it's benefits. I just had a beer, sat in the sun and played with my dog - doesn't get much better than that. :-)
Good grief,
I think blogger.com is having some problems, not that big of a deal though, but a post I published last night finally got replicated to the production servers this morning after I re-published. Kind of frustrating, but you get what you pay for, eh?

Great workout this morning, another 5200 + on the trainer and I worked my arms and back so much it was difficult driving back home!

The funniest thing, and this is going to sound realy silly but it puts a stupid smile on my face every morning - right by the main entrance to the club, after folks walk in the main door where you swipe your membership card, there is a post from floor to ceiling and on either side fo that post, there are two carpeted steps about 18 inches high, 18 inches wide and about 12 inches deep. After Tom and I finish our workout, we go sit up front for a little bit and cool off and talk about things. The funny part is that every morning, as moms come in to work out and bring their kids for the daycare, every single little kid, no matter how old, 2 y/o - 10 y/o, runs in ahead of their mom and jumps up on the carpeted step with the goofiest grins on their faces. It is so fun to watch them run in and hop up on there, it is a glimpse of something that we all want and we all try to achieve with toys and money and 'things' - pure, simple, raw, 100 proof happiness. It always makes me smile and what a way to start the day off!

Off to work now, I will write more later if I get the hankerin'


trying again to publish.....%^#$@#&*^%#@#$%$ blogger.......


Not much new to report tonight. It was spectacular outside today, Dan and Kathy's girls mowed and trimmed the yard and I got the bathroom and kitchen and dishes all cleaned up, watched the M's lose a good one to the damn Yankees, got some good time in with Sage.

I tried to have one of those nice, quiet Sundays - got up early, had some coffee and a big bowl of Grapenuts, enjoyed the day coming alive, birds chirping, sun coming up. It was what I needed. I feel centered.

Need to find a new book to start tonight as I finished up the last Outlander book I had. The 5th one is out there for sale in stores so I need to go track one of those down. Will probably read a little McManus tonight for some good laughs - I swear he must have been watching Chamblee and me on some of our hunting and fishing 'expeditions'!!

Off to bed now, got another good day planned for tomorrow!