Hello blog,
Has been a pretty slow day, the Sonics got their butts whipped and the Mariners won a sweet game over the dreaded Yankees. Got some quality time in with Sage today, I know, I know, I go on and on about her. She is such a sweet dog though, I have never had a dog that liked human attention and touch as much as she does.

Got a little bit of work done today too, another load of laundry and things have been moving along. Didn't make it in to the gym today, but did some work with the weights here at the house and got a bunch of pushups and sit-ups in. My legs always feel better after a couple of days off and I am planning a run at the record on Monday. :-)

Let's see, what has been going through my mind lately....well, lots of things. I hope everyone that reads this blog took the time to read that article I linked to by Peggy Noonan. I read that yesterday and it really hit home for me. It brought back a lot of memories and emotions surrounding the events of 9-11 and other things that have happened in my life, those things that always make you take a step back and re-evaluate where you are and what you are doing and make you run through an entire checklist of your emotions and your feelings. It has made me take another look around me to see the things that are important in my life. It is so easy to go through the every-day routine and so quickly lose sight of things. You have an epiphany or two, feel enlightened, swear you are going to make changes and you might even make a couple of them and follow through with them, but you go and read an article like Ms. Noonan's and you feel stupid because you realize that you haven't done enough, that your life is right back in the same old groove it was in before.

It makes me want to make some drastic changes to how and where I am heading. What's important to me? I want to make a difference in this world, I want to be immortal as a result of my actions and the things I do or say or the people's lives that I touch. I want to be able to look back on my life and feel good about the things I did, to know that I tried my hardest, that people could always trust me as a friend, as a son or grandson or brother or boyfriend or husband or father. I want the people that are important to me to know how much they mean to me and that I love them. I want to wake up in the morning next to someone who loves me. I want to get a tattoo. I want to earn an honest wage for an honest days work. I want to be able to eat a good piece of meat every other day and not have to worry about my blood sugar! I want to wake up early on a Saturday morning and run errands with my son or daughter and get some coffee and some breakfast to take back to the woman I love and to slowly wake her up with kisses. I want to take classes to be a chef. I want to learn how to paint landscapes like Chatham. I want to be able to walk down the street and say howdy to every person I meet because I know them through school or work or little league or PTA or the neighborhood. I want to be able to sit in front of a crackling fire on a cold night with my woman and my dog. I want a garden with fresh tomatoes year round like Chuck's in-laws have with their greenhouse! I want every Christmas morning to be as exciting and wonderful and magical as mine were. I want a bunch of bird feeders outside my window. I want a huge pile of firewood out back that I cut and that I split and that I hauled. I want to teach someone how to whittle and how to build a fire.

I want all of these things and more, more than I could ever write down. What do they say, the longest journey begins with the smallest step? Well, here I go. I am going to achieve these things, I am going to persue them. Some of these things will just have to happen, things like finding a good woman to share my life with. Relationships can be tenuous, I have at least figured that much out, but they require lots of work and dedication and sometimes pain and hurt, but it is all worth it when you can find someone who can be your friend and your lover and your partner for life. Sidebar: I just read in someone's blog yesterday who was going through a breakup that it is important to remember that being 'in' love requires two people. You can't be 'in' love with someone when they don't love you. The analogy this blogger used was that you should imagine love as water in a bucket. Each person in the relationship throws love, (aka water), on the other person and it is back and forth, a mutual thing. You can care for someone deeply, you can love that other person, but unless there are two people with mutual feelings, you can't be 'in' love. Kind of like respect. You can't make other people respect you, it is something that is given or earned.

Sorry for the mini-manifesto, those blogs I read yesterday have been sticking in my mind for a bit.

I have lots of stuff to start working on tomorrow. Pilot-of-my-own-destiny type of stuff, so I am going to hit the hay and do a little reading and then some thinking. Thanks for reading and I will write more tomorrow.



Just had a micro-waved hot dog and am working on a Cup Noodles, that's right, not cup OF noodles, trust me, I looked and there is no "of" on the label, weird. Maybe this is black market knock-off soup?

So, the reason I am writing a lunch-time blog is this article by Peggy Noonan. Please take a few minutes and go read this and read it again as I did and read it one more time, just because. :-) Damn. Wow.
For some reason, my posting of last night didn't go out, but I just re-published it and it went. Weird. I have had that problem a couple of times, not sure what the deal is.

Just got back from the workout, Wallace set a new record for our morning competition, he did exactly 5400 in 30 minutes on the damn machine. I was pretty close to that a week ago, so I may have to give it a run over the weekend or maybe next week. The workouts are really starting to make a difference in how I feel and how my clothes fit, it is kind of cool. I have always had chicken legs but now they are starting to bulk up and it feels good. Also, I have noticed that my shirts are fitting differently through the shoulders so that hard work is paying off. It has been about 8 weeks or so now, and I feel pretty damn good about doing this everyday, starting to make some friendships with some of the folks at the gym too and the folks that work too.

On the news last night there was a story about state workers at the Labor and Industries Department who were caught sending explicit and/or innapropriate emails around. There was one fellow who they estimated had sent a personal email once every 15 minutes. There is a guy that works there now who used to work for me and I wonder if that is him. He would spend most of the day on the phone with his wife and zap emails back and forth and I would ahve to get on him about every 4 weeks or so to keep him in line. He did a great job on his work but the personal stuff would bother the people that sat around him. I will have to check with him today and see if he still has his job!

Watched a show on Discovery last night that had a bunch of smaller vignettes within the hour show, little blurbs on the Elephant man, the man who made a castle out of coral for his wife - beds, couches, throne, walls, a pivoting 9 ton wall, etc. - all by himself but the most interesting story was one about a dog and I want to relate that story here.

I am not even sure what kind of a dog it was, I will have to check around and find out - ....., he was a Skye Terrier. He would follow his master around, who was a local shepherd or a policeman, there are conflicting versions of the master's occupation. They would walk their usual route in the Edinburgh neighborhood, take a break and swing by a little sandwich shop and the dog would wait for his master and then on they would go. The man died for one reason or the other, I can't remember if it was old age or an accident, but they buried him in a nearby cemetary. The dog would wait by the grave during the day and at 1 o'clock evey day, a canon would be shot off and the dog took that as his que to run to the little sandwich shop, get some food, walk the route that his master walked, then end back up at the cemetary. Every day. For 14 years. When it rained, he would scoot under a nearby overhang and wait. Just did a search and found his name: Greyfriar's Bobby. What an amazing story of loyalty and love. There is a statue there now of him, a tribute of a canine's loyalty to his master. He is buried next to his master, the epitaph on his gravestone reads: "Let his loyalty and deveotion be a lesson to us all".

I will put that place on my list of things I need to see and do when I go to Scotland. "One of these days..." is not good enough any more. How many times do we say that? So, as part of my Master Plan, I am starting a fund for the Official Jason's Trip to Scotland. I can start it off with a buck or two, maybe a little more. I would like to be able to take the folks too, that would be a blast. "If it's not Scottish, it's CRAP!" LOL.

Ok, gotta go get some work done, may write more later, hope everyone has a great day.



Oh my gosh, it has been a beautiful night out! Have run myself and Sage ragged with the raggy doll, raggy bone and tennis ball, we are both tuckered out. Working on a few tricks with her, she already fetches so we are working on the 'catch' and 'staying'. The catch is fairly easy, it is the stay part that she has a hard time with. She did it a few times tonight, so I will need to just keep working with her on that.

On other fronts, let's see, I am just kind of bobbing along at the moment, most of my time is spent concentrating on work and trying to get some things done. I have some big ideas for my office operation here in Olympia, it will require that I poach a few people from a couple of other places, but that is how it goes. muhahahahahah!

For once, Tom is the one that overslept this morning and I got a good workout in, although, him being up all night with a sick Sophie is a pretty good excuse. I think today was "Take your Daughter to Work Day", so Sharon stayed home with Sophie too. Tom's backyard is looking better and better and it will be just fantastic when they get their flagstone patio in. I will take some pictures and post them once it is all in place. I feel a little bit of pride too cuz I helped them with a few things around there when I needed to stay busy late last summer. Still have big plans for my yard here, just need to get som moolah saved up for a bunch of dirt and some railroad ties or landscape timbers. I like what Tom and Sharon did with their planting beds so I might try something like that along the front of the deck, rip out those nasty Dr. Suess-looking shrubs and clean that area up. Damn, I am one domestic SOB.

Well, not really. My office/bedroom is a fricking pig pen and I need to do some laundry. blah.

There is such a nice breeze blowing in the back window, it is coming across the field and it smells great and I can heard birds chirping and there is just a little bit of light left out there. If it was a tad warmer, it would be a perfect night for fishing, the sun would have warmed the water up a bit and there would be a great evening hatch. It is one of those nights where you could sit and watch the water and never throw a fly, giving yourself time to sit back and think about the day and what tomorrow may hold. Speaking of fishing, I am just about done with the "Drums of Autumn" and will be starting on "The River Why" once more. I am kind of amazed that I have read 2800 or so pages worth of historical romantic fiction, lol. I have really enjoyed it though.

Going to spend a little time tonight in front of this window and get up-to-speed on current events and what is going on out there. May read a few blog's too. I have a deep desire to get a motorcycle right now too. Something about these rainless, sunny days that make me wish I could just throw my ditty bag in the saddle bags and hit the road for a long weekend, head down towards the coast of Oregon. Someday. I guess it is possible to be a Harley-riding, philosophizing, book-reading, fly fisherman.

Take care everyone and talk to you soon.

Was messing around with the HTML and some JavaScript and totally messed up my pages there for a little bit! Was trying to move the "Link Opens New Window" checkbox and totally wrecked the code, but everything is back now, minus the checkbox, will work on that later. Gots stuff to do, hope everyone is having a great day. Talk to you later.



Halfway through the week, Hump Day as Dad calls it. :-)

Not too much going on, have been very busy with work stuff all day, working on a Requirements Document for one of the applications we are doing for Camp Pendleton, not the funnest part of my job. Nothing makes me happier than writing requirements docs...not.

Dan is over at Kathy's so it is nice and quiet here right now, when he is here, he likes to start up one of the Playstation games he has and pump it through the surround sound stereo at full blast, sub-woofer shaking the floors! It sounds great, I am not complaining too much - I love to hear the sound of a hopped-up Plymouth blasting throughout the house at full bore. It sounds pretty amazing. One of these days, I will get a convertible Baracuda and get to make that sound for real.

Heard from Tim today, the Navy presentation went awesome and they are heading back there Thursday for more demos and to load up some software for them. He was in Reno the past couple of days at a Marine-Navy-Army Facilities Management conference and got to show off some of the stuff we are doing. One of the gals in the Bothell office said that other vendors were sneering at our booth because we had way cooler stuff to show than they did. That is great. I am working on a conceptual design that would utilize the mapping software we currently use and ship it off to a server that could serve Internet clients and wireless clients. Lots of XML, which is a great tool and I get to putter around with a couple of wireless devices - pagers and handhelds. My idea is that it could be used in a quick deployment scenario for police, fire, anti-terrorist and security needs. Cool stuff.

If anyone noticed, I went and removed references to my old employer by name, simply referring to them as Company X and also the names of a couple of folks that I mentioned. Don't want to get in trouble for bad mouthing those sorry sons-a-bitches....LOL

Back to work for now, may write more later. :-)



Another day, another dollar.

No, it's not that bad, just really really really want to be outside doing just about anything but I need to get some work done. Swung by Tom's house after working out this morning and saw his new planting beds that they put in over the weekend. He is very proud of them and is making plans for a flagstone patio.

Gonna try some things out with the digital camera. I saw some software recently that would let you take a photo of your house, plug it into the software then do "what-if's" with paint and landscaping and stuff like that. I figure I can take a picture of the house from the front and using some of the image editing tools I have, put the short wall in along the driveway, chop down some shrubs and add to the deck, slap some paint on the place and see what it looks like before I do a bunch of work that may look kind of crappy. Should be fun. If I get anywhere with that I will post some pictures.

Got a question for folks out there: What are you passionate about in your life? I used to ask this question to people I had just met and I got some strange looks, then they would go on to tell me very personal stories of their lives and the things they are passionate about. Work, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, kids, saving the environment, living a better, more complete life, music, art, film, photography, sports, and on and on. It is a great way to get to know someone very quickly. Some folks would give me even stranger looks and I could tell that they were realizing that they weren't passionate about anything! It made them think about it though and I really liked that part. Maybe it is collecting snow globes or baseball cards or having the perfect yard, maybe it is pushing yourself to the limit every day of your life, trying new things out, opening yourself to new possibilites.

At times I have felt like I was lost, drifting about without a compass, not being able to see my North Star, and that is the hardest, that is when you have to dig deep down to the foundation of who you are and what you are and that is when you remember the things that have made you 'you', the things that make you happy or sad, the things that are important. North Star, Love, Passion, Trust, Honor, Justice, Constancy, all of those things are so very important to me and, when you think about it, they are all linked together. I need to think about this some more, I feel I am on the edge of figuring some things out about myself. Talk to you all later.



Monday night, the Sonics won and the M's are kicking the crap out of the Angels, it is now 16 - 5! They are spanking them!

Dan is out tonight, helping one of Kathy's kids with some studying, I think he said electricity, like she is studying that in science class or something? I sure don't remember studying that. All I remember about electricity is sticking my finger in a light socket on the elementary school stage and getting the beejeebus shocked out of me! That could explain a lot of things! Damn.

Had a discussion with a friend tonight about my blog. She is amazed that I can put all of my feelings and emotions out on the web like this. She said that she is usually a very private person so it is quite shocking for her to read my stuff. I admit, it is maybe a little too open, I am writing down stuff here that I never really told anyone about, feelings one way or the other, opinions, important stories and scenes from my life. But, I am really enjoying it, it is giving me a sense of freedom that I have never quite felt before. I imagine different folks reading it throughout the day, some laughing and chuckling to themselves cuz they remember some of these things, others probably recoiling in amazement, amazed that someone who has held his cards close to his chest his whole life is slapping them down on the table now for the whole fricking world to see. Maybe someday I will have a readership greater than 4 and those old blogs that I started with will be waaaay back in the archive and I will be able to write like James Lileks and some of the other bloggers out there that I enjoy. Who knows. I DO know that I have some more ideas on a book and using some of these things that I have seen and have participated in during my life will be included. So, this is a good place to archive all of that stuff.

Dad, the book arrived today, thank you! That looks like it will be some good reading, very pertinent. I keep imagining you sitting there with the Hunter book, pouring through the pages, not being able to read fast enough! That is the same was I was with that one, it is a good'n!

Off to bed, do some reading, throw some laundry into the drier. Waaaa hoooooo!

Monday afternoon, taking a quick break, write some stuff down while I am thinking about it then I need to get back to It.

Day started off cool and cloudy, me with no energy at the gym but it got better the further I got on the trainer and then the weights. Going to try something different tomorrow and swap my workout schedule around. Every morning, no matter how much I stretch, my legs feel like they have hot pokers being jabbed into them and damn, it hurts. But, things are going ok.

Started planning a fishing trip for end of May, first part of June. Going to road trip over to southern Idaho and meet my friend Bryant from Missoula. He is still working for ESRI but is strictly dealing with Montana customers, he lives in a log home outside of Missoula, and, he has a gal he has been seeing for quite some time who runs her own fly fishing guide service AND a catering business. She wants to sell the catering business so she can fish more. My kind of gal. Maybe she has sisters!

The sun is out now, took Dan and his bike up to the gas station so he could get some air in the tires. He is going to start riding it for exercise now that the weather is getting better. Also, he and Kathy are talking pretty seriously about co-habitating, going over concerns and thoughts, what to do with all the cats and kids, laying out floor plans, all kinds of stuff. I hope they can work this all out, she is good for him and he is good for her, they are a really good match.

Have been checking out some of the other blogs out there and there are some interesting ones! All kinds of despair and poetry and happiness and sadness and movie reviews and lots of commentary on the war and terrorism and the Catholic church. I will add ones I find interesting to the links at left or may send the link on to someone specific if I think it might interest you. Got to go now, I hope hope everyone is happy and healthy out there. I will write more later.



Testing out some image stuff.........

Please play with me! Come and get me!

Contemplating life as a dog

Some of the first photos I took yesterday. Actually, some of the first photos I took that were not of cats or the TV (Dirty Dozen was on), or of the shelf or of my shoes. LOL The first one is so good I am going to make it a part of my site permanently.

So, Gramps, I got it figured out and can send you the "How To" if you want. It is as easy as pointing the IMG src link in this document, the BLOG posting, or within the source code for the entire web page, like the photo in the left hand margin, to a server where your images reside. I signed up for a free image hosting service that caters primarily to EBay folks. It is free for the first megabyte and $0.99 for every megabyte after that. I think you probably have your own server space to host your B29 site, so you can just use that, create a folder for your blog photos on there and away you go. Anyhow, I will put together a little step-by-step cheat sheet for you.

Kind of a cool, misty day so far. Made a trip to Target for a cheap camera bag and a micro tripod for the new camera. Dan is home now after spending the past couple of days with Kathy and her girls. They went to Snohomish yesterday and he found an old Waltham pocket watch minus the casing, it is just the watch guts and face - and he is out in the living room slowly taking it apart to see how it all works.

I am going to mess around with this site for a while, see if I can get a photo gallery page set up, catch ya later!